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  1. Where did you get that info? From what I can see the legislature hasn't been in session since June 21.
  2. 20 lb flea flicker works great. I never had fleas attach to this line. You don't need 30 lb because 20 is good enough.
  3. WTG Ray! Hopefully, sum one hear will tranlate waht yu jus told him!
  4. Jarrett, thanks for clearing that up. I guess I read it on the 5th? Hopefully, we'll get some good news soon!
  5. What derby is going on now that they lost out on 4000 dollars?
  6. In addition to signing 127 pieces of legislation on Aug. 5th. I also read that the governor vetoed 5 bills on Aug. 5th. Does anyone know if the 3 rod rule was one of those 5? I hope not!
  7. Don't count on it! Lol. There has been so much misinformation about this bill going here, being there etc.... I mean come on already! Libous can't even tell us when the bill will be on the governor's desk! What kind of nonsense is that! I'll remember this when it's time for me to vote. He's from my district!
  8. 20lb test here too and have been using it for years and I never had a problem with it. I never found the 30lb test as necessary.
  9. Thanks for all your help guys. I'm all wired up and ready to go!
  10. Is anyone using backing before spooling wire on your reels? I've heard both ways with and without. What are most of you doing and if you use backing are you using braid etc.....? Thanks!
  11. I'm curious to how you came up with your screen name. Is one of your dogs shy or are you shy of 1 dog? Lol. Anyway, nice report and you are starting to learn well!
  12. From what I read the legislature isn't coming back to session until 2012? Does the governor do the same? If that's the case nothing will be passed until next year.
  13. Probably not since the legislature isn't even in session. Count on the bill getting automatically vetoed since 30 days will pass with no action from the governor. On second thought...No one seems to even know if the bill ever reached his desk?
  14. I have a doctor friend who will be going to Skaneateles lake for a few days and does not have a boat and would like to do some shore fishing for trout, bass etc... whatever he can get... I can't help him out with this lake since I have never fished it. Any suggestions on what part of the lake this might be feasible? Species he can target? Types of bait to use? Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Doesn't surprise me in the least. There are plenty of stupid laws here to go around many times over. That's why we are in the shape we are in in this state. From what I read in one of the posts here the bill hasn't even reached the governor's desk yet. It wouldn't surprise me at all if this bill goes nowhere.
  16. How does this FL lawsuit affect NY marina's? Was it a federal lawsuit? I can't find any info on the net concerning this lawsuit.
  17. I can understand your point if you already have a good job. The poster was just relaying some info for those who might be out of a job. There is a difference!
  18. Then what was all this bull about this bill being on his desk since June 17 or 20th? Where did the person posting that get his information?
  19. I'll attest to that! Almost lost a rigger there several years ago. It can get you fast there!
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