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  1. Damn, those are some expensive boards! I would hope they would hold up.
  2. We use the otter boats. They don't call them boats for nothing. Lol. Easy to retrieve and can take the waves with ease. Disadvantages are large size and they are non collapsible for storage. I'll take those trade offs, but that's me.
  3. +1 Best unit I ever had and I had a few good ones. I wouldn't hesitate getting another one. I have the transom mount transducer and it's fine, but I'm considering a thru hull in the future. I've never had a problem with frequency interference from other boats with the 50 and 200 of the Furuno. I also have never heard anything negative about a Furuno which is why I chose it. I can't say that about other FF's. Not saying others are not good or anything so I hope no one takes that the wrong way.
  4. Thanks Chuck. Very interesting and informative report!
  5. Growth....Caught.....See....that's (x2)
  6. I'd be all over this boat if it had twin inboards. Maintenance on twin I/O outdrives scare me a bit though. Tough to beat a Sea Ray
  7. Hope you took care of that squeak in the steering wheel you've been meaning to do for the past 4 months! LMAO
  8. Just goes to show you that it's not the boat
  9. It's 3 rods per fisherman freshwater only. No change for saltwater fishing. New legislative rule allowing this change was signed by Gov. Cuomo on 8/17/11.
  10. Fished from about 1:30 pm until 4:00pm today in that heat! Managed 2 nice keeper salmon out over 350ft of water. Fleas and weeds were a little nasty where I fished today. One of the salmon had one of the largest lampreys I ever saw attached to it. It wouldn't even let go while in the boat. I had to practically cut it off the fish. The poor salmon had the nastiest hole in it from that lamprey that I ever saw so I had to keep it. The other was let go to bite another day. Needless to say that monster lamprey won't be feeding on anything again
  11. That would be your only option unless you're fishing in the the north end of Cayuga. Bass Pro in Auburn carries wire and copper and is only about 20 minutes from Frontenac Marine which is in Union Springs.
  12. Same here. It's nice to have the option especially when fishing alone. Even if I had 2 others aboard I would only run 6 rods anyway. This won't affect charter captains much either because they are usually running as much as they can handle anyway since most have 4-5 clients on board. A big thanks to all those that kept us updated.
  13. You can actually fish 3 rods now if you want Through Labor Day! That's a lot of fishing! Good luck to you on landing that big one
  14. I fished out of this boat. It's surprisingly quick. Very nice boat in excellent shape and trolls well. Someone is going to get a nice boat.
  15. Hurry up and sell that thing already, will ya! Lol
  16. You can actually fish 3 rods now if you want
  17. I would like to go bigger too, but the price has to be right
  18. You're correct sir!. You can just about guarantee that this bill will not be signed by this governor or it would have been already. This is basically what I said a while back. If you did any research on this bill the DEC head was always against passing this bill. It's amazing how 1 person can influence against signing. This state will never cease to amaze me.
  19. How long have you lived in NY? You shouldn't be surprised at all. Unless you're lining the pockets of this legislature the average man or woman doesn't stand a chance.
  20. Still doesn't say if the legislature is in session or not at this time? Where did you see that they are in session?
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