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  1. I'll attest to that! Almost lost a rigger there several years ago. It can get you fast there!
  2. Wow! There's something you don't see everyday. Something more expensive than in our great state of NY!
  3. I have 3 Tite Lok rod holders for sale. One is brand new with a new base. The other 2 are slightly used, but have no base. Make me a reasonable offer. If interested, let me know where you live and I can give you a shipping price or you can pick up in the Endicott, NY area. You can pay me through Paypal or with a postal money order.
  4. I hear you short. I'll be right behind you. They don't call this the most dysfunctional group of lawmakers in the country for nothing! Don't hold your breath waiting for it to pass since Stang isn't for it.
  5. I'll take the 22's in Sutton's and Clark's. PM sent.
  6. I got one of "THOSE" calls also , but atleast I was in my boat....................................in the barn !!!!!! Silly RABBIT!
  7. Don't know if anyone told you yet, but you're not supposed to use that "S" word around here!
  8. I presume that you are a Rush Limbo fan. I love NY and I have a cottage on Owasco Lake. I would love to get natural gas out of the ground and into the pipes in NY,but there is one big problem.In 2005 during the Bush administration a law was passed that took away the Environmental Protection Agency's power to regulate gas drilling.In that law there is a loophole that allows the gas companies to pump whatever chemicals they want into the ground without having to publish what sort of chemicals they use. This loophole is called the the "Halliburton Loophole" and was created by vice president Cheney who used to be the boss of Halliburton. Whatever chemicals were pumped in during the fracking process seep back out later on together with the gas. That is why people living on top of the gas bonanza in NY are very worried for very good reasons As for politics, wake up man and turn off Rush Limbo. Rush is selling you a lot of hot air that makes him a millionaire and keeps you misinformed. Below is a link to the NY Times article about this loophole http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/03/opinion/03tue3.html If that's the case the Obama administration had 2 years to reverse that law? Why didn't they? They had a democratic congress and senate. The EPA now has too much regulation power. Wait until you can't run your boat or grass mower etc... because of the ungodly alcohol content that keeps getting higher in our gasoline as 15% ethanol has been approved. The way NYS is run it won't be long before the only gas you can get will be 15% ethanol. Why not have some regular gasoline for those whose older motors can't really run very well on all that ethanol content? God forbid not in NYS! The EPA doesn't care about you or me they have an agenda at all costs endorsed and created by this administration. Unheard of subsidies being paid to corn growers which is affecting food and gas prices along with the ridiculous speculation allowed to go on with these commodities. Have you gone to the grocery lately? The Fed and this administration is a joke! It's getting downright ridiculous. I agree with Old Tex about what has happened in NYS. Unions and special interests run this state and I don't see it changing anytime soon. I think you need to wake up man because you don't need to listen to Limbaugh (which I don't) to see what's going on.
  9. I thought it started at 9:00am? Can someone confirm the opening time? Thanks.
  10. Fishdawg, thanks for posting this info. It's always good to know whats going on with the northern L. Ontario stocking from our northern friends.
  11. ttt... until this weekend only before they go on the "bay"
  12. I have 4 New Cannon Low Profile Swivel Bases for sale. I have them already put together and discarded the boxes they came in but they were never mounted or used because I decided to go with the Traxstech system and their swivel bases. I prefer to sell all 4 together but will entertain selling them in pairs. I'll sell all 4 for 250.00 (62.50 each) plus shipping unless you live near the Endicott, NY area and want to pick them up. If you only want 2 of them the price will be 140.00 plus shipping unless you want to pick them up. This is a good discount from new which is about 92-93 dollars each. I will accept Paypal or postal money order. Cash also accepted if you want to pick them up. PM me if interested. Thanks!
  13. I'll second the Black's release. That's all I use these days.
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