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  1. Kevin J Legg. That's a lot of driving. Were you in gill harbor on Sunday? I venture out there from time to time. It would be nice to know the other guys that do in case something goes south.
  2. I was out of fair Haven for the first time in 30 years. Took something on an orange hot N tot that spooled my Cardinal spinning reel in 15 seconds while trolling for bass and I've been hooked on salmon ever since. This morning we Passed up Oswego because of the Harborfest Headaches. Started in 140-180 with everyone else just west of the chute. Didn't see anyone doing anything so we pushed out to deeper water took a king on a mag dipsey 330 on a 1 setting. White flasher ultra green glow atomik fly. By 10 I switched out the meat on the riggers with flasher flies. Ultra green glow went twice on the rigger, black and purple nk mag on 500 copper and cheated sea sick waddlers and nbk down 120 and 125 took multiple hits.
  3. I have heard some good things about hunting above and below the falls. I just got a seaworthy boat and don't want to have it go plunging over the falls. I would like to exchange a couple trips with an experienced niagara River guy (misdemeanor, Kevin j legg) for a hunt anywhere else..... Lake Ontario, thousand islands, finger lakes, Long Island after the second split.
  4. Lots of great birds! I saw a White Wing in The Little Salmon River, apparently there are more where you hunt.
  5. My experience fishing in a foreign country has not been good. You should expect them to stop the boat in the middle of the ocean and ask for a tip. Also keep an eye on the back of the boat, I was out on a slower day and they took a fish out of the cooler, hooked it on a line and let it out while trying to keep our attention on the front of the boat.
  6. Pete, After a couple beers if you didn't get the urge to get out the chainsaws and clean up the yard; your friends are probably right, you aren't a redneck. Leaving the tops of the trees in the yard should help your dinner come into range.
  7. I was duck hunting. Poorly. Had fun though.
  8. Denial. Possibly the most important stage in the transition. Soon you will be reciting affirmations such as "well at least I don't like NASCAR", "I have all my teeth", "I say clever words like 'affirmations' on web forums about fishing". Then one day someone will share their opinion of what a redneck is; and every sentence will be an indictment of you and the way you have been living your life right down to your favorite beer. You will realize that your neighbors don't find your male dog as interesting and harmless as you do and his urinating on their bushes isn't ok with them. People who aren't rednecks smile and wave to stay neighborly. Your dog starts to head into the woods and at the top of your lungs in a gruff commanding voice you yell at your dog until he returns. It doesn't matter that its 10:00 on a school night, you don't need your dog running away again tonight. When your dog returns you have him jump over your lap and sit in the passenger seat of your truck while you go to the Quick Check to get a case of beer. After you worked all night under the hood of your truck, rippin camo cans of Busch that you only bought because Quick Check finally got the camo cans back in stock; You wake up the next morning and put on the same sweatshirt and sweatpants from the night before; you see the oil stains but decide no one will notice. You go to the deli in your nicest newest untied sneakers for breakfast at 11:00 am not having combed your hair, shaved, bathed, or tucked in the draw string on those sweatpants. The girl in front of you in line is pretty cute, and if this was 10 years ago she would have been all yours. You get your double bacon double egg and cheese on a bagel with extra ketchup to go because you have places to go. You get back on the road and no sooner do you take a bite of your bagel does a giant glob of melted cheese fall onto your sweatshirt. You grab up as much of the cheese as you can and let your dog who is leaning in to investigate lick up the rest. You still don't think the stains are that bad. You look up and see the car in front of you has an Obama Biden 2012 bumper sticker. The Church Bell scene from Blazing Saddles immediately comes to mind. You want to buy more guns. You get to your destination and the gentleman who placed the ad on craigslist comes out to greet you. He is missing a hand. This will be the second camouflage boat you bought from a man with one hand. This gentleman is much more pleasant than the last guy. That last guy was screaming at his grandpa the whole time you were in Toms River looking at the boat and the motor blew up within a mile of the boat launch! You quickly agree to a price and give the man a check and hope there is enough in the account to cover it. You had $500 in cash, in case he had something else you could make a low ball offer on but all he had was an old Stella Artrois tap that you got for $20. You like the finer things in life. Driving home with your second camouflage boat in tow, that $500 is really itching a hole in your pocket so you stop back in Quick Check and get $100 worth of scratch offs. You are sitting in your truck using your lucky red dock key on your fifth Cashword Doubler, when a loud muffler catches your attention. You see an unattractive couple of larger proportions struggling to exit their vehicle. They crumple up their pack of Sonomas and throw it on the ground. Their cigarette butts hit the concrete, but the burn holes in their #3 Dale Earnhardt shirts point to a time when the ashes didn't fall far enough. As the rusty car door slams you think to yourself, "look at these freaking Rednecks."
  9. Don't usually see sea ducks until November. Don't usually look for them until then either
  10. Thank you BS Master and JDM 130 for your words of encouragement on the Striper fishing. I live a little south of Newburgh and have fished from shore picking away at shorts, cats and white bass. I like interacting with the local community and letting my dog get a good swimming workout between bites. I had some guys tell me they saw a shark in the water, which made me immediately want to catch it. If it works out I will post my results here first. Chances are they just didn't want a dog swimming near their baits.
  11. I live a mile from the hudson and would really like to learn how to get out after them. I have a boat for it and everything.
  12. Kevin, Kind of Jealous that you are all over the place hunting like this. I was in Plymouth/Kingston MA for work the first week of December, there were 100+ blacks in Plymouth Harbor just outside the breakwall. I've never seen anything like it.
  13. Thanks for the mudline advice Paul. That will make things really easy.
  14. I saw some of the posts on here last week or the week before with nice bags of scoter and oldsquaw. I have pretty good success going out into the lake after my morning hunt on shore with a dozen oldsquaw decoys on a long line behind the boat. I've never ventured deeper than 40 fow. Do you go out first thing in the morning? If so, How do you know where to go? do you scout the day before? Do you end up in 200 fow or deeper on some days? Do you anchor your boat and decoys?
  15. Wow! That looks like a nice spot. I have been hunting ducks for 3 years and Pintail is at the top of my list of ducks to shoot before the end of the season. Great job guys!
  16. Seasquirrel, My dad is chomping at the bit to get out there on Saturday. If you are coming solo, you can jump in with us.
  17. I had pretty good luck the first two days of the season and have managed 4 geese on 4 hunts since. The highlight was my trip after work last night. Canoed out to my spot, got my rig set up and checked my watch, it was 7:06. I checked the weather channel for Sunset in my town. 7:09. I decided to ignore the mosquitoes and enjoy the sunset on a calm evening. Didn't have anything fly until 7:30. The birds are scattered all over the Hudson Valley with all the flooding, they have a lot more roosting and feeding options.
  18. What time were you out? Sounds like a fun day. Did the east wind mess things up for you later in the day?
  19. Am I the only one that doesn't know what a Seth Green rig is? Sounds like you guys did great for it being your first trip. Hope it was your first of many successful trips on Lake Ontario.
  20. First question, that is what I do. Its a good approximation. Second question, Black, Kelley Green, Clear The ring adds surface area to the diving surface. Without the ring you will lose your 3 feet out to one foot down ratio. The length of the rod with 20lb flurocarbon is a good start. Some times the fish want it shorter some times they want it longer. Don't forget a clear snubber.
  21. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: Play Pen ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): 6/4/11 Time on Water: 5:00 Weather/Temp: Overcast occasional rain 55 Wind Speed/Direction: NNW ~7 Waves: 1 foot Surface Temp: 61 in close to 56 in 75 fow Location: Alcan to Fitzpatrick LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 16 Total Boated: 13 Species Breakdown: 11 Browns 2 bass Hot Lure: Gator, Frog, 42nd spoon Trolling Speed: Down Speed: Boat Depth: 40 to 80 Lure Depth: 20 to 35 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS ==================== I wasn't able to get the boat out of my yard with all the rain we had this spring, so I missed out on those 30-40 fish days, but the last three trips out of Oswego have been outstanding for Brown Trout fishing and today was no different. Several charters that fished in different water had similar results with each boat bringing 10lb+ fish to the cleaning station. We started off the day in 20 fow in front of Alcan, took a Brown on a Ultra Green Glow DW Super Slim. Our next two fish were Smallmouth, so we pushed the boat eastward and into deeper water. We fished the bouy line and east almost to the High Rocks, then turned the boat around and fished west the rest of the morning. We used dipseys, riggers and leadcores to present our lures in 20-35 fow with 22-28 being the best. Frog, 42nd spoon, Gator took multiple fish. Also caught fish on Michael Jackson, Green Glow Alewife, and PK special.
  22. Hookem, They look hooked! Glad you got one for your efforts.
  23. Im seeing Gadwall, Shovelers and Ringnecks all over Rockland Lake State Park. Why can't those ducks ever seem to find my decoys? Awesome footage, thank you for sharing
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