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  1. TRy the Reidue river about 30 miles north of Ogdensburg. Went there about ten times this time of year and later. The Riedue river Provintial park(camping) is there right on the riverin the heart of the fishing . Caught Muskys every time withgood & bad trips. Good spectum of water to fish . Our biggest was about 30 but we lost a few bigger.At least they looked that way!closest town was Kemptville. About 5.5 hrs from Rochester.If you decide to go there I will give you some Hotspots& Techs to try.
  2. I have a LEI SP-PL speed sensor ( Paddle type) that fits a 2004 & NewerLowrance unit w/ a blue conection. Paid $4 at gander on the clearance table if that helps. Took a chacne & won't fit my unit. Will thishelp? Eagle is made by Lowrance.
  3. I was right there with you. It was Fun on a nice day. Are you the Presidents Fishing Czar?
  4. If I were you I would put Down 2 # 4 J plugs Glo green ladders 125 back riggers 15 ft - 20 ft off bottom in 25 -50 - then as sun comes up us silver bullutts w/ or wo red head . 4 poles max . as sun comes up fish head for bottom & to me you need to have one or two, NOT all close to bottom so keep a n eye on depth. Slow S turns 2-2.5 . Look for fish on bottom as morn progresses & stay on them . Good luck. KISS.
  5. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s):9/19 Time on Water:2.5hrs Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: 64 Location:out front LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 3Total Boated:2 Species Breakdown:Kings Hot Lure: J #4 cut Trolling Speed: 2-2.5 Down Speed: Boat Depth: 45 Lure Depth: on bottom ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS Fished This eve out front. Spotty fish on bottom came alive before dark . 2 rods, 2 fish in 2.5 hrs gives me an EFA of 1.6! Biggest 26. Both females. see you out there in the morn. ====================
  6. Just wondering if anyone has come up with an eficency rating for trolling . Like a pitchers ERA or QB rateing. Ex 8 rods in water !0 hrs fished 5 fish 8 x 10 by 5 = 16 compared to 4 rod 10 hrs 5 fish 4x 10 by 5 =8 or 4 rods 4 hrs 5 fish 4 x 4 by 5 =3.2 the lower the number the more eficent you are. (& maybe better fisherman)
  7. Fished there this afternoon. caught 3 northerns. saw some salmon splashing around.
  8. Fishing Report Your Name / Boat Name: ============== TRIP OVERVIEW ============== Date(s): Time on Water: Weather/Temp: Wind Speed/Direction: Waves: Surface Temp: Location: LAT/LONG (GPS Cords): =============== FISHING RESULTS =============== Total Hits: 5 Total Boated:1 Species Breakdown:kings Hot Lure: J's Trolling Speed: mod Down Speed: Boat Depth: 30-60 Lure Depth: 15-40 ==================== SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS My buddy the Kinger came from Conn. to fish . went out about 3pm yest. Lake was a little rough for my !6 ftr so fished the creek. 4 bass 1 pike & a 3' gar on a rbr worm. Laked layed down & just before dark did well . Glo Green long leads . 2 riggers& just 2 rods. Lost my good # 4 glo grn J . Cauht about 30 fish on that one so if you find it, put it down. The Has Beens loss is another anglers gain. See you out there this morn if not to choppy. ====================
  9. I use to use acid when I left mine In the water.It was a nasty job. Pay the buck & stay home. Sounds cheap to me if you have to travel far to do it.
  10. I have a 21'Bayliner I/o w/ a hard top. It is a great Ls boat for you & a few friends. Cuddy is nice for a nap or Head & storage . Hardtop is great year round for both cold & brutal sun. If you are going to keep it docked I would go 24' . With A heavy boat a big kicker would be needed in my opinion for optimum control. For Family make sure It has Comfortable seating If they will be with you trolling & A good swim platform for wife & kids. You have lots of options with your budget. good luck!
  11. Ihave same boat (1986) but with a 5.0. Great boat for L.O. salmon. With all equip is a great deal if in good shape. Good luck .
  12. Just got back from my trip to my happy place in the mtns . here are the results. About 12 northens Biggest aprox 12 lbs About 25 bass biggest aprox 20 " Fished aprox 20 hrs In 4 days many short strikes, Full moon so best during middle 0f day. # 5 mepps gold W/ blk bktail Black Spinnerbait W/ gold blades, Gold & blk Smithwick twiched on surface, 3/16 oz brn buctail ( mostly bass on this) . I won't tell my favorite lake but there are many lakes up there that have the same or better fishing . if you have never fished up there I urge you to take the trip. A majestic setting with plenty of things to do, From The Olympic center at placid , ADK museum At Blue MTn . Lake ( loved It) or THe Wild Center at Tupper Lk( went this time Loved it ) Saranac Chain , Tupper, Long , Forth Lake Eyc . All have great Fishing& Family things to do. We camp so it is a cheap way to go .Take your young ones to the Saranac RiverIn Saranac lake Behind the police station for fast actin . the fish arse small but there s a lot of them. I fished my lake from a canoe for a few years. Saw my buddy the bald eagle a few times ,actually saw him swoop out of his tree & grab a fish out of the water like the old eagle claw ad. The call of the loon at night is the greatest. The naysayers can say what they wish but there is more to fishing than catching a fish.
  13. Do I Sound like I just fell off the potato wagon?
  14. I have a few . A 1oz & a 3/4 oz . Caught a few fish at Niagra bar on thema few years back . ( lakers ) Don't know how they would be on Pike or Musky. I use to go to the Reidue river in canada & like to jig the brigde s with My hand tied buctails . I would take a 1/2 oz round head jig & file the bottom flat with a rasp. Brought it down to 5/16 or 3/8 oz . Tied it in perch or black or brown & caught Musky Wallys & Smallys on them. Same thing in upper Niagra . Also poured my own head to put a O shaugnesy 3/0 hook .
  15. Heading up to my happy place in the ADK mtns this weekend. It is a small lake 1mile x 3 milles. Big Pike & bass . 2 falls ago landed one apperox 20lbs. Have landed Smallmouths up to 23 " lng . Not a lot of fish but they are big. A couple of bald eagle up there also & not a lot of boats. It is truly heaven on earth to me. # 5 mepps buctails , big spinnerbaits in black & gold , Black& brown Jigs seem to work best. Wish me luck. Will give report when I get Back.
  16. I use to go to Fair haven opening day from 86 till about 5 years agowith 4-5 of my buddies on my boat. drifted my hand tied buctaills in 10 -25 ft . Some days we would boat 200 keeper bass. Their were times all on board would have a fish on. It sucks now . Gobys rapping at your jigs . very aggrvating. VHS did a job on them I think . We fish the bay for Largemouth now.
  17. Everyone that has been on the lake has gone through what you are going through now. Some guys more than they are willing to admit. The fish will show up there any day now like they allways do. My suggetion to you is to keep things simple . Run lures that you have confidence in & are speed forgiving. I have found , especialy this time of year . less can be more. Putting one lure in your set that does not run right will spook them away. When I ran Flashers with cut bait I used only 2 rodsby advisre of a capt out that way. He had a 30 ftr & ran just 3. Point being learn how to use a few things and stick with it. Most important thing in a survival situation is a Positve mental Attitude . Chin up Ole boy & get back out their !
  18. Yes I am talking about Butch . I spent a lot of time with him on & off the lake. He showed my how to lake fish . I showed him how to cacth stream steelhead. ( At least a few tricks he didn't already know). He not only was a gteat outdoorsman, he was a good person. Fished with his Father Zugo once in a while also. Never a dull moment with either of them . They were both a lot of fun. Now don't that open & close your Garage door !
  19. No I did Not Match colors although I Did use ChromeDodgers & glo dodgers by coincidence. It was surface & or loran speed . I dont have down speed. I pulled Dodgers as fast as 3. 3 mph on my surface speed with great success. wind speed , current & direction of troll are all variables .Hard to tell whats going on down there without down speed . My good buddy Shongo showed me how to tune dodgers so they can run at a faster speed. Besides, I think it's good if they spin now & again . Whats a flasher do?
  20. One of my best setups this time of year was this fish shaped flashers for fishing. On corner riggers one dogdger squid 15-25backon each. on out downs 0ne # 4 J plug 125-175 back. I liked Silver bulletts or Glo greens .Put dodgers below or at active zone. Put J's 15 above on each side. Trolled 2.1- 2.5 doing a lot of lazy turns . hits were 20-1 on the J's. This was my go to pattern on nice days ,lake flat or slight chop, bright sun. I would fish inside with the pack with my inside pattern . When the fish dissapered, I ran this pattern on the outside edge of the packfor the rest of the day. I figured it worked becase the dodgers called in active non feeding fish ,triggerd some kind of competive feeding response,they turned away swam away from the boat saw the J bobing just out over their head & just had to hit it.This produced some violent strikes. If I took the dodgers off I wouldn't get nearly as many hits. I suppose you could use flshers instead , i havent been out in about 5 years . Hope this helps
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