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  1. What a great shoot . All I can say is I'm jealous.
  2. We were out there at the same time but headed in as we saw the dark clouds moving in from the north. Very spooky. It shows how quickly things can change on the big pond and the need to be watchful. Anyway it was good shooting and a neat experience. A good way to wrap up the year.
  3. Just returned from western NY. We spent two mornings breaking ice to get our boat to open water but we had a fun shoot. Limited out the first morning and got ten more the second. longline rigs worked well shooting out of the boat. Season ends today!
  4. Here are some divers taken at Cape Cod over the holidays.
  5. Sorry I didn't get to this sooner but am still away from home. The bays on th eriver all had ice when I left. I'll update you when I get home and maybe we can spend a day on the ice.
  6. Fished a lake about a mile from my house yesterday morning and caught 2 walleyes and a small tiger muskie in a couple hours off tip ups. Had about 3-5" of ice.
  7. I've killed them with a 270, 30-06, 30-30, shotgun, .50cal muzzleloader, 357 Max pistol and a bow. They all work when they hit the right place. Your deer only traveled 15 yards after being heart shot. Sounds like the gun and bullet worked flawlessly. Who cares about a blood trail when they only go 15 yards. That said, I have used Remington core-lokts in my 243 and they seem to work fine. I've also had good luck with Federal Fusion 100 grains. Everything I've ever shot them with has at times left me with deer that left absolutely no blood trail. That's why it's so important to assume a hit on every deer shot at.
  8. Being a bit red/green color blind I prefer the deer to drop on the shot. I've seen deer run a fair (up to 100 yards) distance when shot thought the heart or the lungs. I've also seen many that left little or no blood trail. Every deer I've ever shot with a high shoulder shot has dropped in it's tracks There is also very little meat damage if you are high on the shoulder as the upper shoulder bone is quite thin.Certainly less lost meat then if one runs off into thick cover and is lost, even though it died. We all have spent many hours searching for deer that we knew were well hit and it can be a stressful time. I prefer that they drop in their tracks.
  9. I've been thinking of running to Stoney Creek and trying a blast and cast for ducks and trout. Has anyone ever tried it this time of year?
  10. This has definitely been the best woodcock year I've ever seen. I've personally got 6 limits! My brother and I have taken 31 over his dog along with 5 grouse and 15 pheasants.
  11. Hunted Perch River and bagged some 4 teal and 3 ringnecks yesterday and a whistler and 2 ringnecks today..
  12. My corned goose turned out great . Did some as boiled dinner and sliced some for sandwiches. It's very versatile meat.
  13. Ended our early goose season hunting 5 times and killing 72 honkers. Started a batch of corned goose today using Morton Tender Quick, onion and pickling spice. Never tried it with goose but have made it from venison. Also made chili with Italian goose sausage and small chucks of goose breast, onions, peppers and tomatoes from the garden and kidney beans. Anyone who says they don't like geese should have a bowl! There are many ways that goose is very good. Just don't overcooked the breasts as they tend to be tough and a little livery. Rare is the way to eat plain breasts I also had some smoked and made into goose sticks but haven't tried it yet. Have a bunch of thigh and leg meat to grind for more sausage.
  14. Kevin J Legg

    Night Eyes

    Nice job Mike. I spent the weekend working at a hunting camp on Grenadier Island. Wasn't far from Charity but it was windy and rough Friday and Sat.
  15. Got 26 early season geese this morning. Three were banded!
  16. Two off deep diving cranks and one off a stick bait using a very heavy homemade bottom bouncer.
  17. Fished by myself this morning and limited out in a couple hours. Largest fish is 29" and pushing 9 lbs. Not quite up to Quinte standards but a nice catch 10 minutes from home.
  18. I actually like goose if you know how to prepare it. Needs to be rare or cooked slow and moist. We even keep all the leg and thigh meat and grind it for sausage.
  19. I fished the river alone this morning and caught a decent limit of eyes. Not a lot of people take the time to learn how to catch them but they are certainly here!
  20. We've all had days that we should have stayed in bed. The last few times I've buried a hook I used the piece of stout line technique, depressed the barb and had a friend yank it out. It works great and I was back fishing in 5 minutes. Have use the method several times and it has not failed me yet. I now carry a piece of cord and a piece of dowel in the boat as a precaution.
  21. Hunted with a buddy this morning and the birds decoyed well we killed 12 but he left before I got a picture of them all. Layout blinds in hay lots did the trick.
  22. Goose opened on Sept 1 we got 19 that morning. Two days later we got 12. We are hunting cut hay lots that we've scouted and are using 3 dozen shell decoys and a few wind socks and a dozen silhouettes. Shooting out of layout blinds takes a little getting use to but can be very effective
  23. I used PVC and it couldn't handle the cold weather . Went to conduit pipe and it worked well. Used burlap as covering (I had some) and it works ok but does get wet and is not wind proof
  24. After first fish with riggers your addiction will grow and your wallet will shrink!
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