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  1. Agree. Out front of Mexico launch and salmon river has been a wasteland for me to say the least. From the north dunes up is a better bet. Not sure out front of Oswego but I heard that has been slow unless you go way deep. Then still only a few
  2. Is there any laker action out in front of the plant?
  3. Are there anyaccess points on the lake to fish from shore this time of year to catch trout of salmon?
  4. Hermit I placed the order yesterday. Thanks to you and everyone here for your help!
  5. Thanks guys for the response! Excellent material in that read. Im getting ready to place an order, what size 3.25", 3.75", or 4.0" do you guys find works best? Is there a particular pattern?
  6. Im looking for some info on tackle and techniques to jig up some lake trout on the finger lakes. What are you guys using for lures? What kind of line...braid? Do you need a line counter reel to jig? Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Not really. Fished yesterday eve and this morn with only a small coho to show. Pretty empty screens too.
  8. Trolled around for about 3 hrs today. Got one small coho....18 inches or so? Nobody was out on lake. Is it that bad?
  9. Headed out for the long holiday weekend. I'm new to this lake trolling game so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Would like to put a fish or two in the boat, even if they are lakers! Thanks in advance
  10. If deal falls this, I'll take pro trolls
  11. Awesome!!! Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  12. I was wondering the same thing! I was going to try to head out this weekend. Hoping the coast guard launch may be open a little, it only a short jaunt to the big water from there!
  13. Temple Fork Outfitters Deer Creek series spey rod. Rod is a 13' 6" four piece rod. Its an 8/9 weight with lifetime warranty. For those of you that aren't aware, Temple Fork is owned and operated by Gary Loomis. Gary started the Temple Fork rod company after Shimano bought out his Loomis rod company. Top quality. I bought this rod with the full intention of starting to spey fish, but it never happened, therefore this rod has never seen water .Rod case and bag included. Will ship on your dime.
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