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  1. Put a pfd on. Many a people have drowned on their excuses why they don't wear one.
  2. Fisherman out on the Southern end. I could see them from the overlook. Some of the ice looks sketchy.
  3. Great genetics, Glad he took the picture and released it. He is a good neighbor too.
  4. Great advice from Flyboy. Watch the weather and be prepared for all senarios, especially in a sit in yak. And make Sure to carry a pump.
  5. Great way to spend a day with your Dad. Your a lucky man.
  6. Won't have issue with whites at RI. Chowing down on the seals at the Chatham area. We also fish the Cape Beaches from Hyannis West down to Woods Hole. No problems with whites there either so don't buy the don't bring your kayak BS. I am currently on Costa Rica. Yak fished Monday. Some areas you have to worry about crocs but they shy away when a kayak comes.
  7. Fish RI, then you know what a zoo it can be in a Yak in Rhody. Do you fish Point Judith and the East, Center of West walls? Last year my buddy got hit while in his hobie at the outside of the center wall by a 30 ft center console. Caught the front of his yak, took the yak and himself under the boat, Saw the twin props blow by his head 4' above him. Fortunately, he spent 25 years fishing the North Atlantic and kept his cool. If he tried to get to the surface immediately, he would have been dead. He lost all his gear as well as the boat but was physically fine, mentally shaken up. Next day he got in a borrowed yak, some gear and caught an albie. Just be aware of your situation at all times. Never assume you can be seen by the boats. The experienced Captains are not the ones you have to worry about. It is the weekend warrior who run and gun. And a cell phone in a bag is pretty useless in such a situation. Get yourself a good waterproof VHS marine radio. The most important item to have on you besides your pfd. And have fun.
  8. First is a Lake O laker, second a cape albie,third a RI albie.
  9. Basics I would say you need besides a good pfd is a whistle, glow sticks if you fish at night and a waterproof vhs marine radio, beside the light and flag. If you do use an anchor, which I wouldn't recommend, have a knife handy which would attach on your pfd. (as well as your radio.) It would allows you to cut you anchor if it gets caught, and believe me it does happen but also allows cut your braided line in the event it gets snagged. Good luck and welcome to the dark side of fishing,
  10. And you want to learn everything about kayak fishing and rigging go to New England Kayak Fishing. Become a member by creating an account and you will have access to unlimited info. Good bunch of guys. Flyboy and myself are NEKFers.
  11. FYI red green running lights on a kayak is against the regulations. You cannot have one on your yak. The single light mounted on a pole is sufficent.
  12. Lived in Newark, Lyndhurst, Wallington and Hopatcong. Welcome
  13. Welcome yakfish. You will love yak fishing the Big O. Kayak wars....many friends of mine used to do it till it took the fun out of fishing.
  14. Hello Isabella, I as well as my friend fish lake Ontario out of a kayak. From 2-4 miles out on the lake. Big factor is weather and wind. What type of kayak do you use. I also fish saltwater as well as some of the other lakes. I am sure we can be of assistance.
  15. A lot of passionate Esox folks on this thread. I totally agree with their point of view. Having a C&R category for Pike makes sense. Personally, I don't like tournaments for money or prizes anyway but I understand the premiss of having a tournament. It is tough enough to run a tournament in a particular area, but, to have one Statewide....that is a very difficult task. There will always be someone who will try and cheat in order to win the money prize especially when the kitty increases down the road.. And a lie detector can be beat. My daughter's God Mother administered polygraphs when she worked for the DEA. They used to use other information when determining whether an informant was telling the truth.
  16. Warmer than in Sparrowbush.
  17. So I stopped over my friends house for a visit and a breakfast in Bloomfield where I hunt and she had told me he grandson had found 5 deer carcasses lying in an area near a fieldwwhile he was on the tractor . He gathered up the carcasses and piled them in one pile. I asked him about the carcasses and he said it appeared to be one with a bullet hole in it but couldn't see any holes in the other ones. He also said they were all small bodied, probably young of the year. During gun season, my hunting buddy harvested a big male not too far from the same area. There appears to be a pack in the area and howling at night is a a weekly event. Any advice from the seasoned coyote hunters on how I would go about and harvest a couple of dogs. Thanks
  18. Would have love just to watch that.Pretty cool.
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