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  1. Far be it for me to say the farmers corn aint yellow, but I got a bulk of these flies when I got my boat. Seller said they were atomik, but maybe all of them arent. Between what I picked up at Nancys in Pulaski and pre order delivery at LOTSA, they are in there. Like the Green hammer glow #107x. I will double check the and adjust accordingly. THanks for the heads up.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I really want to get rid of the lot, so dont want to separate. The slide divers and release are brand new. I figure like if you bought new it would be $175. How does $75 shipped sound?
  3. I have some extras as I thin down my salmon stuff. Includes a bag. I think I fit it all into a priority mail flat rate box. Will not separate. (2) slide divers, (3) Blacks releases(2-rc95,1-rc100), (5) snubbers (4 short, 1 long), (2) 40 Jets, (5) Dipseys - (1) 0, (4) larger, (1) Big John something or other, (1) cannon release.
  4. Dreamweaver and michigan stinger. 45 pieces larger spoons, mostly unused (though die hard and NBK really produced). With Mega Spoon caddy.$125 shipped. Paypal preferred. Will not separate. Die hard, grn gator, monkey puke, mag cwg, 42nd, green dolphin, nbk, crazy ****, and others. Will be shipping from Illinois (got relocated last year)
  5. A TOM MIK frog, squid, suishi, wild bill, glow bloody nose, Big Red, Mirage, Green Silver, Blue Maggoo, Grn krinkle and others. In case and separate containers. Paypal preferred. $125 shipped Will not separate.
  6. A couple of things at play here. Its a god awful great boat...probably the best one I ever owned ( Ive had a few). My fishing partner (my 12 year old boy) is in the midwest. Granted, the kings on Lake Michigan aren't as beefy as Lake O, so thought about getting back to my roots. A mid range glass would be good.
  7. 2007 Starcraft 2100 Fishmaster, 2007 250 Mercury Opti-Max with hour/rpm range readout, new impellor and fresh dealer tune, 80 hrs (est, got it when it was 28hrs). 2010 Mercury 9.9 4-stroke Prokicker (1 yr of transferrable warranty) with steering linked to big motor with Troll Master Digital Speed Selection, 2 new Sears Diehards Starting batteries, HDS 5DX (color), HDS 5DS, LCX 104C, Fishhawk 400, 5" Traxtech racks mounted on gunnell, including (1) 3 rod Tree Holder, (4) Traxtech Rachet Rod Holders, (1) Traxtech Drink/Tool Holders, and (1) Traxtech Rodholder, (1) Traxtech 6 inch base , (2) 3†Traxtech bases for handlining, 3 Big John Electric Downriggers with stops , A/M F/M stereo with MP3 jack, Ship to shore radio with Shakespeare 8 Foot Galaxy Antenna, Perko Battery Switch, auto bilge, full navigational lighting, wash down pump, livewell, stand-up Fishermans’ top, with sides and backs, Custom cover, with spare canvas cover (white), and snap bow cover. Total foul weather operation, thanks to the windshield, sides, and bow cover. Includes anchors (navy and richtor), anchor line (250 Foot),throwable, fire extinguisher, side lines, 4 white boat bumpers, drift sock, boat hook, 100 gallon Coleman cooler, 4 Downrigger (Okuma) Rod and Real combos, 4 Leadcore (Okuma) Rod and Real Combos (1-5, 1-7, 1-9, and 1-11), (2) Wire dipsey rods, (1) Copper Rig,, ( dipsey divers, (2) 15lb Shark downrigger weights, (2) 8LB Downrigger Balls, (1) 16lb pound “creeper†downrigger ball, (2) Cabelas Life Jackets, big salmon net, miscellaneous salmon equipment, and lots of storage. $27K, call Mark 716-994-4693 for more info and pictures. Or visit http://www.markkomo.com, Available now, Excellent big water salmon or walleye boat. It will be tough for you to find a max HP starcraft, but this is one of the few. Downgrading to 18 ft glass. Boat is SOLD!
  8. All my games are in december. I got 3 of them. They better win. jacksonville, st louis, and jets.
  9. I think a fat old smoker like me can have a career day against the bills. Whats worse is I am not sure they realize its a big problem. I thought wannstedt would have done a better job.
  10. Well the weekend was wicked evil with weather. We did get out today, swells were certainly different. No waves, but swells. Got rained on quite a bit. Seen 2 other boats. larry was that you in that tracker? Anyway, fun time on the water. Got 1 -6 inch perch on a dropshot jackall. Go figure. Navy brother couldnt make it to fleet week a few weeks back. We still seen the ships from the water which was nice.
  11. Nice story larry. Yep, I keep a close eye on things
  12. Nice to hear. Not encouraged about the wind report this weekend. Had a buddy of a buddy caught a 1.6lber off crystal beach on Saturday.
  13. nicely done. I have the utmost respect for oneida. I see the same tactics I used in the midwest will work here. Its a big pickle!
  14. Big tournament this weekend right? Weathers been fairly stable. Rods gonna move?
  15. Wow, some nice steelies! I know I only been in buffala a few years, but being perched at top the tower at the 22 floor, and having some of the finest kai-yote hunting field glasses (from my midwest days), I see a few folks working the drift from the orange roof, down the canada side. Looks like 3 ways with spinners. I think it was mentioned, current edges, like the midwest rivers, may be the key.
  16. This time of year I got a few trips set up to hit Huron, OH. The reef runner bite is pretty good out there. Good limits, decent fish, great possession limit (keep a bit of skin on though...new law this year). The 4lb cookie cutter. So the big school is out there. I bet if you go deep off sturgeon and west, you should do ok trolling. Probably not fast fishin, but youll get a few nice ones. A rigger 5 feet off the bottom may still get a fish or 2. I think the resident legal fish (less than 20 inches) are still lurking by the south gap and windmills (water before senaca). Cranks should do ok, but I wont discount meat. One board way out there (500+) on the line counter, with a reefie 5 feet below the surface, can be exciting at times. Run 5 naturals in glass, the upper last one should be an off the wall color. Nothing maintstream. Pick the crank you havent used yet, and slap it on. I miss my jiggin/riggin days of the midwest. So spoiled with river fishin, and shallow water, wind blown, natural reefs of Lake winnebago. Perch fishin should heat up, so don't just focus on walleyes. This will be my first year workin the muskie bite out of the harbor. Excited to try that kinda fishing. Well, off to the game. Go bills!
  17. Jimski, do you look for the same blooms, or are you looking for smaller pods structure oriented, eg, mud to rock transition?
  18. Mark Komo


    I dont remember fishing quinte in Sept/oct. I usually take the boy to quinte thanksgiving week with Sheldon, but we are gonna do muskie this year. We did have 5 trips in January this year (ha still 2012) and smoked em good. Lake was still open. Weekends are a sheetshow out there. Weekdays are better.
  19. not happy about the moorman cut. There must be something else going on.
  20. Good deal. This has been a poor September with the blow and my travel. Hopefully October will be better.
  21. Caught up with a couple of salmon peeps on lake michigan this evening. Offshore buoy at 5 was 9.9, buoy at 9 was 14.4. Calling for 20+... YIKES.....its must be coming this way.
  22. Yep, we are gonna be going out also. Sunday looks great, tomorrow should be ok too.
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