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  1. ok what the F, really going to freak out out. so like there is nowhere to launch at the river anymore aside from lewiston. thats bull ****!
  2. wait so is this all about the whole closing the parks thing?
  3. Ok I went to put my boat in the river yesterday down at the fort and they had the launch ways closed anyone know whats up? kinda pissed!
  4. I can tell you right now what the problem is. I'm an accountant and I have and do peoples income tax's and some of the stuff i see makes me sick. I had a lady who was 23 making 20000 a year with 3 kids all from different fathers got a refund of over 10000. I've had people get more in refunds from the gov't that are greater then the total amount of money they made during the year totally rediculas!!!
  5. i'm planing on going to maine this summer to fish for Tuna and other fish like Cod. And from reading this Cape cod is the place, but what time of year did you go, cause i would like to go in july.
  6. I'm with you! they can't tell us what to do and not to use the parks we piad for! Hey i don't really care if they stop maintianing the parks but not letting us use the boat launch is ridiculus. O and the park in wilson WILL never be closed i gureent it to many ppl with big money you watch.
  7. O i forgot tbromund your totally right about the way ppl in new york city view us. its just like the carp problem and why they wount take serious action. They just think we are all crazy red necks and don't care about us, all they want to do is sit at home drink and do drugs, Hey i don't see what else there is to do in a city.
  8. Wait Wait Wait ok is there anything on the lake ontario that isn't being closed like where are we supposed to launch our boats? like if they close the parks are we still going to be aloud to launch are boats, like you can go in the park it just wount be maintained? Also this is really stupid like ok you shut all of these parks and yea you save the money it takes to run the parks but then you lose all of the money that ppl spend to use them like I don't think i'm going to buy an empire pass if this all happends.
  9. Well i'm thinking that maybe if the carp totally destroy michigian it actually maybe a good thing for us. cause first of all they are going to have to take over herion after michigain, then they have to come down the detriot river which maybe by then there will be a way inwhich to stop them cause i don't think there is anyway for them to get around from going down the detriot river but i could be mistaken. also like you siad they have to get around that cold water but from what i read in the paper the other day them things are in waters in china all the way up and into sebria. Also i don't think the die zone in lake erie will effect them they will totally destroy lake erie being shallow like it is.
  10. The carp may not neccesarly get into say honeoye but trickle down effect in the money which as we all have seen is very important is going to greatly effect everything more then anyone can predict trust me they want to cut back on this all the time just think of whats going to happen if these carp do, do what we think they will, bright side though here is that atleast we get to see what happends to Machigan first sorta like a ginny pig. As far as enviromental terrorism goes sounds a little crazy in alot of ways but you never know. On of the big reasons other people around the world hate us so much is because of what we have so hey ruining our fishing is one taking something away that we enjoy so hey yea very may be possible and really we would never truely know. And i think your right i dont think the the shippers and Polititians do realize what harm these fish can do. I mean if your not a fishermen you first of all don't care about what happends to the water and you more then likly don't reallize the effects that this carp can have.
  11. Well its like HAS BEEN siad, its either going to kill us or its not, but if it does which we will know by what happens to Michiagan. But i'm telling you Gambler its going to devestate the DEC lake ontario and erie are two most fished bodys of water in new york state by a long shot you lose them then there is a huge amount of people not buying licences, also anywhere there is zebbra AKA the finger lakes the carp will get to them to. Plus the DEC doesn't lose all of its money from doing tests on lake ontario it loses all of its money because the state takes it and sends it to welfare and stuff. trust me I'm an accountant so i know how money flows why do you think that the DEC can make a 3% profit every year yet have no money. by the way the walleyes in honeoye are stocked. Trolling82 thats actually a great idea to do that with the boats, in principle I believe that they couldn't do a thing just like other protests but then agian they would probably find a justification to shoot us cause we are just a bunch of crazy fishermen and we don't mean a thing!!! which has been shown to us by the way they have handled the carp situation. I've been woundering though has anyone else been thinking like have been how the heck they let the carp make it even this far they've been moving up the missippi since the 90's I mean I don't see how hard it would be to have stoped them when they where just in a river thats like a mile wide. On the other hand i here that TUNA are kinda like salmon and fight unbelievably hard so hey if all goes bad here see you guys on the ocean.
  12. GAMBLER I hate to break this to you, but a if they get into lake ontario they will get into everything!!! And there is another BIG thing everyone is over looking if we lose the lakes we lose everything!!! you have no idea how big of a trickle down effect this is going to have. everything that has to do with boats of any kind will go down, also you may think walleye fishing and stuff is a good idea but i hate to break it to you this will KILL the DEC that means lakes like Onidia and Chatachua (sorry about the spelling) aren't going to have walleyes in them because the dec want have enough money to stock. All this is going to effect the goverment of new york big time, there is going to be ALOT of money that is going to be taken out of the system.
  13. GAMBLER if they get into the great lakes they will destroy the walleye fishing as well and even if they don't starve out all of the walleyes you woun't be able to fish for them cause every time you try to say run up river you'll get hit in the face!! like shade siad Check Mate!! I'm moving to the ocean if they get in and take over thats what i recomend. Also i would recomend getting out of new york state because if the carp take over no one is going to buy fishing licences and without that money new york state will collapse in on itself, cause remember the DEC makes a profit its just that they take all of the money and send it to welfare and new york city and govermental peoples pockets. Sorry RangerRyan but i'm just tierd of heiring that it wount destroy the fishery its just going to decrease it, but hey we are going to charge you even more for a licence anyway.
  14. Ok getting really tiered of this. let me break this down to you RangerRyan 1. asian carp eat 40% of there body weight each day in plankton. 2. the bottom part of the food chain is Plankton which means if its gone everything dies. 3. Invasive speaces like zibra muscles have eating a huge percentage of the plankton in the lake already. 4. I really don't want to get head by an Asian carp IKD maybe some people get off on that. 5. This is america we don't eat carp! 6. trout and salmon are basically the most sought after game fish in the world. 7. decrease in the number of salmon effect charter capitans lives, and the DEC because no one is going to want to buy a licence to catch nothing. 8. if the carp aren't stoped now they could every well infect many other lakes. 9. Whos great idea was it to bring this carp in O yeah it was the so called experts, thanks. I hope this list makes my piont clear! We don't want some F'd up fishery we want the fishery we have and these carp will destroy everything.
  15. I caught one of these perch fishing in wilson harbor years ago, and holy **** are they ugly!!!. why in the world would anyone what to restore them? Theres no fishery for them aside from the commercial one that is mentioned here. Hey I don't know about the rest of you but i'm not going to 20 miles of shore to fish for eels. And i can totally see the canadian goverment doing the things that are mentioned here by Capt Vince Pierleoni, thats the problem with a socialist goverment.
  16. xdbcx Thanks for the info on fishing both ends. in my opption if your going to move to this end and stay here season long you want to concentrate on the Bar usally the most productive spot do to the stable water and all the influx of water from the river.
  17. yea I've cought way more lake trout then I ever care to admitt and fish from them alot sometimes in the fall in the river. I didn't know that the lampaside was starting to lose its effectiveness, i do know that one time i fished the Catt in may and them things where coming up it to spawn like crazy never seen so many of them and there where some seriously big ones to. I didn't know that Ontario stoped stocking salmon in the lake, how long ago did that happen and why? I also know that if you catch a salmon look for a yellow dot somewhere on its stomach if it has one is a canadian fish. I know all about the ideal temp to catch salmon in the niagara river but I also know a bunch of charter captians fish the river and say the same thing i do, that you don't see as many salmon down there as you used to so i would say that the walleyes probably have something to do with that. Also how long has the pen rearing been going on? and how many salmon are being riased in them because i think i remember reading something where it was only like 25% of what was to be stocked. I have also noticed a decreas the last 3 years in the number of steelhead in the area creeks like say 18 mile, like 07 was i noticed there numbers where down but then in 08 it was really bad, seemed like they made a rebound in last spring though anyone know what thats about? O and last question is there anything that isn't doom and gloom like maybe a bright side or something?
  18. A-TOM-MIK what is the 1000 per day that your talking about? And yea i understand that to run a contest like this it must take a huge amout of effort.
  19. so wait its only going from june 19-july18 thats not enough time for me to make it worth it consedering june is a real down month at this end of the lake
  20. So what are the dates for this contest? I' seriously considering doing this contest just want to know how long it is going for and if one can enter into the contest late or after may 15?
  21. Ok woow there are alot of good points in this discussion. Capt Vince Pierleoni you have made some exalent pionts. I would like to say first and formost the big message here is we all need to stick together to support salmon in the lake. Also I can tell you from personal experence that there isn't the number of salmon returning to spawn in the creeks because i know many charter captians that don't even like taking clents down on the niagara river for salmon anymore, but us boaters in have suffered far less in the numbers we catch AKA greater info on how to and where to catch salmon is diffently cutting down there numbers alone with the decrease in the stocking for back in the day. But one big point that was brought up is the lower population of lake trout over the last couple of years has brought greater predidation by lamprays on salmon I would have to say we have all seen the scares on the salmon we have cought in reasent years and thought man it seems like alot of these fish are getting hit my lampreys which needs to be taken into concideration like Capt vince siad, and i agree to greater stocking of salmon to offset this. Walleyes, bass and such yea they do have there place, but even though i myself and father have won our fare share of walleye contests we both would much rather fish for and catch salmon, and i'm sure from what all you charter captians have seen so would most clients, and with saying that salmon bring in more far more money then walleyes and bass could ever bring in. So that kinda goes back to my first and MAJOR point we all need to stick together and fight for these fish, cause unfortunatly the people that run our goverment really don't care about what has become our lives aka salmon fishing, which has been shown by the riesent asian carp contraversity. Ps. yea i'm never going to say get rid of lake trout but really at the end of the day, but if i had to couse between them and the pacific salmon i couse pacific salmon by a long shot!! cause really lake trout are pain in the [email protected]# they don't fight very good off down riggers, and they damn near make you throw up if you try to eat them. O and well i'm at it our govermental bodys are to buzy doing drugs, womenizing, paying for prositues and really at the end of the day don't want to use the money that we are giving them through our licences to stock fish cause they just want to line there pockets. Yea sorry about the rant all just to say we all have to stick together and fight for the stocking of salmon but fishing for salmon is my life and I can't begin to imagine what I would do without it.
  22. The bar is diffently the best place to be in the spring no dought in my mind about that at all. But what about in the fall Capt Vince Pierleoni would you say that more salmon stage out in front of the areas around owsego then here?
  23. I'm with trolling82 on this close the locks and kill everything!! i mean its that simple because no matter what all the fish in the missippi are totally screwed anyways. the carp already make up 90 of all the fish in the river so what is really going to be lost by killing the whole thing. Plus it's got to be way less expensive then what there going to do anyways which isn't going to work knowing how the goverment is at actually acomplishing things.
  24. Its ridicules how they won't close the locks, I mean I don't see the need for a discussion here, its a total no brainier, close the locks off completely and then turn around and kill all of the carp in the canal by any means possible. O by the way anyone that disagrees about taking imitate action to stop the asian carp goes out for a boat ride and gets hit in the head with one!!
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