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  1. great video thaks for shareing. heading up next wendsday.tight lines mr clean.
  2. HEY FELLAS ! If u happen to stop into in the little sodus inn tell mary and the gang elevatorman said hi and we will see them on april 24th. have a and tight lines keep the reports coming.
  3. nice job did you try by the pontaiac or moon beach generally do well there it is east out of the chute.congrats again.
  4. nice job food looks great.heading to fairhaven for browns april25. looking forward to some brown fishing.
  5. nice fish and great report thanks for sharing looks like you guys had a heck of a day a again congrats way to getem! .cant way to get up there.
  6. thanks andy is the fishing better there?
  7. ==============heading to fairhaven on wendsday for some brown trout fishing. wanted to see how the fishings been any input would be appreciated.
  8. defiance heading to fair haven next week any tips thanks. i prefer to go west out of the shoot. have donewell in front of moon beach.thanks.
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