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  1. Looking to fund new gear so some of the old must go. This is a great mid level steelhead combo for great lakes tribs. Has very little use and is practically brand new without a single blemish on rod or reel. Rod Specs- Orvis TLS Power Matrix Fly Rod 10' 7wt 4pc Tip Flex 9.5 Brand New in Plastic - 5 3/8 ounces with fighting butt Rod retailed for $300 before it was discontinued last year, I paid $400 2 years ago. Reel Specs- Our Battenkill Large Arbor reel series is machined from 6061 aircraft barstock. This is the best value, high-performance large arbor fly reel anywhere. Your fly reel of choice when fishing any hard-fighting gamefish—from trout and panfish to bones and reds on the flats, snook under the lights, and stripers in the surf to steelhead and salmon in the harshest freshwater fly fishing conditions. Plus, with backing capacities to handle any spey-fishing situation, this fly reel's smooth, strong, proven drag and fast retrieve rates help control and land big fish more quickly and effectively. The Battenkill Large Arbor Reel is available in black, titanium. Reel is on sale right now at orvis for $179.00 Reel is loaded with Scientific anglers Sharkskin wf 7wt steelhead flyline and fresh 30lb orange dacron backing. This line loads this rod perfect and casts amazing. Paid $99.99 for the line alone and imo its worth every penny. $325 obo shipped and its all yours Rod and reel case included Will also throw in a free bead kit I put together today with some of my 50 million beads!! If anyone else would like a bead kit thrown together 20 bucks and you got it! Cost me more than that but I have way to many of these things!
  2. Put together a great little package to help fund my gear addiction. Wish I would of found a deal like this when I was building my arsenal. http://www.lakeontariounited.com/fishing/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=34973
  3. Gotta fund a new rod after blowing up one of my musky innovations rods Tuesday. I have one rule, "Old toys must fund new toys", so I put together a great little package that is a great value for any beginner or deal/lure addict out there. Package Includes: -7'6" Bass Pro Shops Musky Angler Rod(pete maina rod) - rated 2-10oz with fast action, great all around rod that has great feel for jigging, just don't use it enough to justify bringing it each time. -Abu Garcia 5600ab - I gutted the anti backlash features of this reel years ago, brand new drag washers, brand new handle, brand new spool bearings and clean perfect teeth on all gears. Reel is super smooth to reel, casts a mile and drag holds for hooksets but pulls perfect even when cranked down hard. Even a vet will love this reel. I maintain all my gear throughout the season. Thing is built like a tank. Also spooled with fresh 80lb power pro. -Lures are a bunch of stuff I pulled from backup boxes, all great lures, some don't get used, some I have doubles of, some just aren't my style. Lure lot includes: -2.5oz firetiger spinnerbait -Twin 8 firetiger silicone bucktail - Firetiger Topraider - Perch pattern muskie mania burt - Perch 8" jake - sucker jointed shallow raider - Gold w/orange belly slammer deep diver - white 2.5oz spinnerbait - Pumpkinseed Krave - Firetiger Giant Killer - Bagleys Clown DB08 - Perch Ernie - Firetiger Bucktail w/gold tomahawk blade - black with silver blade size 6 vibrax bucktail - orange with black blade bucktail - no name firetiger deep diver - blue and silver baby girl - Halo perch krave jr. 18 lures in all, some made by me, most purchased for $15-$20 each. Rod was purchased at bass pro for $150 at the beginning of last season, reel is worth $100 plus easy, $50 of improvements in it in the last year to make it bullet proof. Its a pleasure to fish and will outlast any Abu Record and probably Revo out there. If this goes to a true beginner I'd be happy to take them out and show them the ropes. Even throw in leaders and a couple tubes to get them started on the Niagara. No rookie, no free trip!! lol $275 takes EVERYTHING Local pickup or meet up a must!
  4. Glad u tore them up man. Now u know I wasn't exaggerating when I said we did at least 30 of them last time out. They are loaded in there!! Once a year is plenty of gar fishing tho. And I might skip next year.. lol [ Post made via Android ]
  5. Untangle the fly enough to get the mouth open and then put a stick or pencil in the back of their mouth the thin way. It will keep their mouth wide open and then u can go to work on them. Be patient because sometimes it may take a few minutes. Basically one tooth at a time til its out. Holding them with a towel over their whole body seems to help. [ Post made via Android ]
  6. Make sure ur rope fly is a tangled mess near the tips, they will slip free when new but after a couple fish and get them knotted up they won't slip free. Also I know its hard when u can see them hitting but ur not supposed to set the hook. Let them grab it and twist then reel them in. Me and a buddy did it a couple weeks ago, bet we landed 30 of them. I have their stupid algae covered scale stains all over my boat carpet. [ Post made via Android ]
  7. That's a slob... How long was it??? [ Post made via Android ]
  8. Was on conesus yesterday and again this am. Yesterday am was smoking hot, boated 20 + pike and 3 tigers by 10 when it slowed to a stop. Today was almost as good with a much shorter window, started with a double header right off the batt and managed to land 10 or so between the 2 of us before it quickly shut down. Hot lures were a perch crave, shallow cruiser and perch hellhound and full size firetiger depthraider snapped thru about 10ft smoked em today. Wind was fun, rain not so much today. [ Post made via Android ]
  9. our little gar are almost impossible to sink a hook into, their mouths are like 2 pencils covered in needles. Youtube the rope fly thing, it works. I simplified it by using a split ring, heavy thread and white nylon rope. Unbraid the end of your rope and cut free 3 or 4 strands about 6-8 inches in length. Pull the strands through the split ring and leave even amounts on each side. Then wrap your thread around the rope at the base of the split ring, tie it off and glue it up. The split ring is where you will be tying your line, you can put a couple split shots a foot or so above the fly to help cast it with spinning gear but the actually cast pretty good once they are wet, especially when you tie them longer than 4 inches. Take the time to find where the gar are hanging out, its not hard to find them surfacing, many times they will be sitting in the shallows sunning themselves. Make a long cast to their general location and twitch the fly through the water on your retrieve keeping it near the surface the entire time. When they hit they will be stuck good and will take a good few minutes to get untangled so be patient. A towel and small jaw spreaders definitely make it easier. I've doctored the flies up with bunny fur collars, crystal flash, dna, maribu, etc etc. Honestly unbraided white nylon rope has amazing action in the water and the gar seem to prefer it bare most days. I decided to give this a try after sight fishing them for hours one day with flukes. I would work the fluke across the surface and they were smashing it non stop but hookups were short at best. Read about the fly thing and tried it a bunch of times last may, june and july and it always worked. Some days they are crazy aggressive and right at the surface and some days they just come up slow from the depths trying to grab the fly from below. We caught a ton of them but they were all pretty small, had some length but no girth whatsoever. Doubt we got a 4 lbr out of 100 or more gar caught and most were under 1 lbs.
  10. They must be pretty territorial this time of year, they were like bass guarding a bed. Absolutely hammered those baits, t-boned, half inhaled, anyway they could get them in their mouths. All were caught in the same area twitching stickbaits and all were BIG bullheads, 12-14 inchers for sure. They may have been bigger than one of the tigers we caught that am!! lol. Only one we had follow chased in a bucktail. If you want big bullheads, throw musky lures!!! I can see the In fisherman article now, "Bulldawgs for Slob Bullheads".
  11. Was there Sunday also, 2nd boat in at dark thirty. When we pulled the boat out at 1 we had to wait in a floating line for almost an hour. The lot was full and I bet there were 15 boats waiting to launch, crazy busy. Pike were definitely in follow mode, hit 1 30 incher and a couple bass Saturday and 2 little tigers, a 4+lb large mouth and 5 gangster bullhead that wanted to kill my 6in grandma and perch flat rap on Sunday. Water at 60 sat am and surface temp at 67+ when we left Sunday.
  12. My 2 cents..... 1. Take a page from the bass regulations. Push for a catch and release artificial only season from Dec 15th to the 3rd Saturday in June in STOCKED waters only. 2. Work on extending the Upper Niagara River and Lake Erie season to the 15th of Dec to match that of the Lower Niagara, Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence. Personally I'm not sure I could support the idea of an earlier opener on waters that rely on 100% natural reproduction. I'm uneducated on how angling pressure would effect the spawn in these areas and I'd rather not take the "fish now, find out after approach". 3. Gain support from current organizations. A speaking engagement at a NMA meeting laying down the NY Musky Inc agenda, introducing the organization not as a competing group, but as a supplemental organization to help improve the fishery as a whole. This could only help give the organization and initial jump start and with feedback from other local organizations that have already come together to make changes to the regulations of their fishery, a united front could only help. If the organization can come together, set goals and in short time make these changes to the fishery it will present NY Muskies Inc as a solid group that can set out to make changes and reach their goals. With this, additional support will follow and bigger and better things with that support. (Additional stockings, new musky waters etc.)
  13. I'm in for sure. Whatever I can do to help from Niagara County I'd be happy to do anything needed. I'm sure I'd be able to scrape together a few other Musky addicts that like to "stay off the radar" so to speak, to help support the cause. It would be great to help make some changes that really help this fishery reach its potential. Seems to me it's been foolishly underutilized for way too long.
  14. Well what needs to be done and how do we go about doing it. These are man made fisheries created for sport, why should they be wasted for months each year. Those small lakes would actually get utilized if they opened earlier before they boil in the summer heat. Has this been discussed or attempted to be changed in the past? What are the hatchery's thoughts on such a change. The trib and lake salmonoid groups and bass anglers have been able to come together and make regs changes I really don't understand why an organized effort couldn't make this change happen. A catch and release musky season in STOCKED waters would be amazing in nys. [ Post made via Android ]
  15. Seriously what do we need to do to get the season opened up year round on our lakes that are stocked fisheries? Cassi, Bear, Chautauqua? It just really seems unreasonable that they are closed now and are bath water for a good portion of the season when they do finally open. Is anybody truly against opening the season year round or earlier on these bodies of water? Rant over, sorry, Nice fish.
  16. Planning on attending one of the musky shows this winter to help alleviate my musky withdrawals and scope out some new gear. Is there a particular show I should try to get to over all others?? Are some of them not worth the drive?? Was thinking about hitting the Ohio show later this month but I'd hate to drive 6 hrs for nothing. I've done the Harrisburg sportmans show a couple times but I'd love to spend a day surrounded by bulldawgs and bulldawg accessories.. ; ) [ Post made via Android ]
  17. I have this system brand new in box and It is really way more than I need for my 18 foot tracker deep v. If you'd like to upgrade the electronics on your boat to a top of the line system this is it. MSRP on Raymarine website is over $1900 and the 1st $1200.00 offer I get takes it. Includes navionics map pack that covers the entire US and all the bells and whistles you could want in a gps/fishfinder system. More info can be found here... http://www.raymarine.com/ProductDetail. ... ODUCT=3364 includes everything that is seen there. $1200 takes it...
  18. higdon shells stack perfect, look better than any other shell out there and are virtually indestuctable. We've thrown them around in the trailer for years and they still look great. Can't say that for some of the big brand full bodies that I've paid 5x as much for tho. http://www.higdondecoys.com/products.asp?cat=10
  19. yea if you look at the link now there is an update that confirms its a bowfin, but why bother doing any research when you can get a good scare story on tv first.
  20. not good, but its great that she ate it!! That pic looks a LOT like a bowfin tho... I thought snakeheads had crazy savage like teeth.
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