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  1. wrongrod

    Kicker motor size

    I have 9.9 Yamaha high thrust on a 91 pennYan pro hunter 265 with tr1 gold it will push the boat in any thing u want to fish. I have fished into wind waves in 5 footers plus and kicker hold course and speed of 2.5 to 2.7.
  2. Sent you pm Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. wrongrod

    Grill set ups

    I took the post that came my grill and cut it down to about 5 inches and welded it to piece of aluminum that fit in track I test fit be for cutting been using for at least ten years that way never take it off except to store in winter Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. wrongrod

    Sold / Closed Dipsy Divers

    I am interested in divers live in westerlo ny 518 365-9055 matt
  5. wrongrod

    Thank You Tall Tails

    Nice job Brian a class act by a classy guy
  6. wrongrod

    Loc derby

    I had a youth place on my boat two years ago in the fall. He received a trophy was interviewed by Dave, we were in the spring loc paper as an article I would go its a great time. Chances are that that it will never happen again in the youth division. Good luck
  7. wrongrod

    Subtroll question

    You need to strip of the coating so the wire part of cable touches the metal shaft that goes though the center of spool. Poke the cable though hole in the side of spool and crimp. I go three wraps around spool with bare cable and wrap with electrical tape so the cable stays in contact with the shaft. Your short stop won't work if you don't touch bar cabe to shaft.
  8. wrongrod

    Necessary in the tackle box

    I would start with greens and whites and branch out from their in 8 inch version
  9. Caught one ten pound laker off rigger down 25 over 38 in catfish on Sunday. Slow picking last weekend all over the lake, think it had to do with full moon. This weekend should be better
  10. wrongrod

    Setup/ Leadcore questions

    The best thing that I have found for sea sickness is motion-eaze. It's all natural, you place two drops behind each ear. Works great in my experience. You can find it at Walmart if your lucky or google it. Works even after your on the boat,if you get sea sick.
  11. wrongrod

    Dipsey Question

    Mike If your using regular dipsey rod you should put a twilly tip on the rod will keep wire from cutting the end guide. 1000 feet of wire fill the spool. I recommend using the same reels if using multipul dips eyes as spool sizes are different. To hook swivel to wire tie a simple overhand knot with loop big enough to get swivel through. Take loop and pass though swivel ring then push the swivel though loop and pull tight. Don't pull with pliers or kink the line!!! A kink in wire is bad it's a weak spot and will break. Good luck
  12. wrongrod

    Venison Jerky

    I find that when we do jerky I use whole roasts and slice them with a meat slicer this works best when frozen,slightly thawed the slices are much more even and slicer doesn't pull pieces down in side it. Then I soak in brine over night in fridge moving pieces around to get even coating on meat. When I put jerky on dehydrater I run pieces between fingers to get extra brine off. Then dehydrate 165degrees and watch it usually takes a few hours
  13. wrongrod

    Rod Slicks

    Well worth the money for the slicks no more tangled mess in the cabin. I color coded mine so I know the different rods ie copper lead dipsey rigger. Got mine online I think colestackle.com spinning rod slicks fit over roller rods, and large eyed copper rods.
  14. Enjoyed the sale like big dave said it was great to every one from the lake and got some really awesome deals on a lot of lures wife bought a painting and other things well worth the trip thanks again to the club officers and members who put this together looking foward to next year. [ Post made via Android ]
  15. not a good idea the twili will cut mono and power pro. the end of the tip has a sharp edge fine for wire but nothing else.