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  1. Found a 4 lb skipper king when we pulled lines Saturday morning and had it for dinner last night. Treated it like an oven-baked trout - head & tail cut off, stuffed with fresh lime slices and a spice blend I like. Sealed it in tinfoil and baked it - delicious! They're all terrific fresh, cleaned properly and out of cold water. I've never eaten one that was running the river - usually too busy chasing steelhead!
  2. Nice job! I was hosting friends, out fishing with Jolly and we had to give up early before they turned inside out. Have to stick to flatter water for them next time!
  3. My grandmother loved carp carcasses for her rose bushes. Her neighbors were not amused...
  4. Doesn't look like it. I'll close the listing tonight if I sell them to Puffintuff...
  5. Still good for 5pm? I'll throw the poles in the car before I head to work...
  6. Katadyn Steripen Adventurer water purifier 1 Steripen water bottle prefilter 2 mesh water bottle prefilters https://www.katadyn.com/us/us/36835-ADO-MP-Adventurer+Opti Cash or Paypal accepted.
  7. Saturday after 5pm or anytime Sunday works for me.
  8. I'm in Liverpool, NY (Syracuse area) but get around. I'm dropping off some poles Saturday evening at Bald Eagle Marina in Kendall.
  9. Sorry - didn't get a notice for some reason... Yes, I fish out of Bald Eagle for Chris Jolliff on the Small Fortune so I'm out your way often. Could deliver this coming Saturday or Sunday.
  10. SALE PENDING Daiwa Sealine SG47LCA and Daiwa Heartland HL-D962HS-G 9'6 wire combo, twilly tip and spooled - $100 Okuma Convector CV 30 D and Cabela's Depthmaster DM-DD-90M 9' wire combo, twilly tip and spooled - $100 Local sale, cash only - can deliver from Kendall to Pulaski if needed!
  11. I'm in Liverpool too, at least for now. Hell of a drive to Bald Eagle Marina from here...
  12. Ditto. Started using it for the biting flies in New Hampshire and found it works well on Lake Ontario too. Just have to respray every few hours.
  13. That's what working at Bass Pro was like for me!
  14. This topic pops up every once in a while since the DEC posts advisories on what and how much to eat out of New York waters. This is a pretty good take on the issue: https://www.themeateater.com/cook/butchering-and-processing/eat-fish-die-happy-clarifying-consumption-advisories
  15. SALE PENDING... The "Trolling Bible" in Mint condition. Depth data for Divers, copper, lead core and snap weights. $70 cash or Paypal, delivered to your door or trade for a Summit Viper climber in good condition!
  16. Well, at least you kept your hair!
  17. Any trades for fishing or hunting gear before I pull the listing? Organize your trolling tackle at the back of the boat or attach to your wall in the off season! These haven't been made in years and are hard to find - I got them from Legacy a few seasons back but no longer need them. I have four and they do not come with individual storage boxes but will fit most brands, can deliver from Bald Eagle Marina to Pulaski.
  18. Bump. Getting about that time...
  19. Never fished. $100 firm, cash only, local. Live in Syracuse, work on a charter out of Bald Eagle Marina (Kendall, NY) & can deliver anywhere in between. Okuma Convector 45D Ugly Stick 1101 Medium Heavy 200 feet Blood Run 45# copper remainder of the copper - 100 ft
  20. Really windy Sunday am in 8M and no movement. 5pm and a pair of doe came through with a six point trailing closely behind, hot for the larger of the two. They passed eighty yards out but the smaller came my way and gave me a shot, tracking right to left in my blind. Looks like she stopped about five feet too far to the left...
  21. Set a blind yesterday afternoon. Had a few doe coming in but got chased off by a buck, then two hours later got to watch a small 4 point for 45 minutes. Too small to shoot but got some crappy video at 30 yards. I'd like a crack at this old warrior...
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