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  1. Same out of Sandy - trolling cranks for browns nabs these guys occasionally:
  2. My profile photo was one of those fish. Dan had an amazing season last year
  3. You'll be good by then. I'm hoping to get my first trip in so it falls during the LOC Derby
  4. Yeah, I saw Wildlife had them listed on Facebook but the packaging was fishy. I used to get them from the source at their hardware store in Naples, NY. No packaging - just a handful dropped in a brown paper bag - old school...
  5. Darn - Scott & I landed one last season!
  6. You've got that right! Every tree and piece of debris that flushes out of the Niagara and the Genny ends up in line offshore headed east - it's Asteroids & you're the target.
  7. I used to live near there - always enjoyed watching for the annual sunken vehicle sticking out of the ice...
  8. Plotting my first return fishing trip
  9. "They're not gonna catch us. We're on a mission from God."
  10. The Raptor FX is adequate, the least expensive Barnett that I'd consider usable for hunting. It's not horrible, just not my preference.
  11. If you're fishing alone and would welcome some local knowledge, then post ahead of time in the Empty Seat topic on LOU. Having a second (or third) person on board, particularly if they are experienced and know the local fishery, will make things easier and much more fun!
  12. I enjoyed being able to participate. Takes ten minutes and did some catch and release bass fishing in the creek between feeding times. Give it a shot if you live in the area!
  13. I deal with crossbows daily and the only one I like for under $500 is the PSE Fang. Use the cash you save to upgrade the optics and you're golden...
  14. Ahhh - thanks. I logged into Vimeo directly, so I only saw the publicly available (1st) video...
  15. Thanks for the heads-up. Sending you a pm...
  16. Captain Larry's offer was a good one. I relayed the information but probably too late due to the holiday.
  17. Chad (BlueEye) can set it up to renew automatically each year. I changed cards and still need to get him the new one...
  18. Thank you - I'll relay your information. Is the only other common charter option the St. Lawrence?
  19. Guys - I know nothing about fishing for muskies. A buddy here in New Hampshire wants to hire a musky charter in 2015 and fish for a day or two, preferably during the summer. Any recommendations for body of water and charter captain for this timeframe? I know Raaven works the St. Lawrence later in the season and I think mostlymuskies said he was ending his musky charters to concentrate on Guyana. Any ideas?
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