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  1. BigFish...Had a couple inquiries but no offers. Send me a PM and I'll give you my phone number and send some photos.
  2. Two different people I know fished it Fri & Sat. Jack Squat. Obviously the fish are not in yet. Water needs to warm up a little.
  3. I'm getting my first new boat at age 65 so putting this up for sale. I've had the package about 10 years and have put a lot of work in it the last couple. New marine plywood floor/gray bedliner-like coated surface, 3 brand new swivel seats, new control panel/wiring, new live well and new roller jack stand. Sits on a Calkins roller trailer with fairly new hubs/bearing buddies and tow strap/winch. Also included is an older Eagle fishfinder, Depth Raider surface temp meter and Minn Kota trolling motor. The Johnson runs like a top. This would be a great starter boat for someone that doesn't want to spend a lot of money. Given all the work I've put into it, I'm asking $5000. Located in the Utica area. If any interest I'll try and post some pictures. Thanks, John
  4. Nice, Kev. Still many geese up your way? Our last hunt today (season closes tomorrow) and we were pleasantly surprised that we got birds to drop right into the spread. Stale birds here and its been tough. Great season overall.
  5. Kevin, I've been telling fellow goose hunters for years to take a little extra time and save the legs. Too much work they say. It may take me an extra couple minutes to get the legs. My hunting partner and I use them for soup or to braise them like you do. Excellent eating. To just discard them is such a waste. I too do a lot of corned breasts using the Tenderquick and pickling spices. I've been thinking about the pastrami for a while now and am going to try it with the next batch.
  6. Kev...Happy B'day you ol' coot. How about a 2016 spring perch fling? Send some of those birds down here. We need a fresh bunch as the flocks that have been hanging around here for several weeks have been pounded pretty hard and have become very wary.
  7. Forgot to mention it was a Canada Goose.
  8. Shot a bird with a band yesterday. Figured it was just a local. Wrong. Went to bird band website and entered the information. Banded in KANGIRSUK, QUÉBEC. Look that one up on Google Maps!!
  9. PS I got Lyme this summer. Man, did I feel like crap. The antibiotic worked great.
  10. X3 on the tick twister. Also, agree with Prof T about the spray for your clothes is very effective. First time out to Kansas turkey hunting many years ago I had ticks all over me. The landowner suggested the prmithrin spray and after that I never had a problem.
  11. Kevin...Good luck wilth that & lets hear the results. I hear a lot of negative comments about the Amish but my personal experience is that the overwhelming majority of them are really nice people. Amish or otherwise, any landowner that gives me permission to hunt is someone I respect. Without their generosity I would be resigned to sitting home and playing solitare.
  12. Here you go: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jan/19/scientists-tumor-causing-virus-widespread-in-wild-/?page=all
  13. I've been hunting geese on an Amish farm for several years. Last couple years my hunting partner & I have taken out his oldest son. He loves it. However, he never has hunted ducks. So, a couple weeks ago we hunted their farm pond as alot of mallards were using it in the morning. He shot very well and couldn't believe how fast they were coming, waffling back and forth. Great kid.
  14. Congrats, Kevin. I know what you mean about the old legs. A young friend took me to his secret woody spot yesterday evening. The marsh walk in & out just about killed me. He got his 3 and I only got 1 but what a show right after sundown. How are the goose numbers up your way?
  15. My friend's son owns and operates a microbrewery in Weedsport: Lunkenheimer Craft Brewing Co. I've had their NY Mild & Brown Ale. Both good.
  16. Old Leghumper porter from Thirsty Dog Brewing Co. "So many legs, so little time." http://thirstydog.com/news/images/Leghumper-Sell-Sheet.jpg
  17. Been turkey hunting for 35 years. Worked for DEC in the early 80's live-trapping birds in central NY to establish a population in St. Lawrence Co. Worked pretty well, didn't it Kevin? In all these years I have never see the population as low as it is in my area right now. I'm hoping for a couple good nesting seasons to turn things around.
  18. Turkey population is down big time in my area. Not a bird to be seen or peep to be heard on farm where I've always been successful.
  19. Way to go, Kev. Won't be long until gills on a popper!! Keep me posted.
  20. So sorry to hear of the loss of your best friend. A great looking boy. Being a choc lab owner for a long time I feel your pain.
  21. He's probably up in the Bay of Quinte catching big walleyes!!!
  22. DJ...I have tried several brands of flocking material over the years & I have settled on the flock & adhesive made by Aero Outdoors: http://www.aerooutdoors.com/products/flocking/index.shtml The adhesive is water soluable so its an easy cleanup. Actually, I think the adhesive is a little thick so I thin it down just a little bit. I use a small spong brush to apply it and then put the flocking into a strainer and shake it on. Have a big plastic bucket to work over so you can gather the excess material and re-use it. Make sure you give them time to dry. I take a little extra time when picking up the decoys to make sure I keep them clean. Stack them on or against my layout blind to keep them from getting muddy. Then I load them a few at a time into the carry bags to minimize the decoys rubbing against each other and scraping the flocking off. If taken care of the flocking will last several years before you need a re-application.
  23. Today's hunt. We took the Amish farmer's son & his cousin. True young gentlemen. They loved it and so did we. I had to bust my hunting partner with his light sensitive glasses!!
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