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  1. Glad to hear you guys are taking the legs. Too many don’t. Great for soup and makes a wicked goose stroganoff. Nice going, Kevin.
  2. It has been a common misconception for as long as there has been panfishing that they are so prolific that you can not fish down the populations. This has been proven wrong by many fisheries biologists and researchers over the past decade. Minnesota and Wisconsin are far and away the 2 states that have been leading the charge in reducing panfish limits based on sound research. For example, one small lake in Wisconsin gets heavy pressure but consistently year after year produces the largest sized bluegills in the state. Bag limit - 5/day. Coincidence? I think not. Speaking of bluegills (my favorite), type in "sneaker male bluegills" on google search. You will find information on how these stunted male genetic clones of the big parental male takes over breeding when the parental males are removed from the spawning beds. End result, a lake full of stunted bluegills. I can name several lakes in NY where this has happened. And, once the sneakers take over a lake the quality fishing is gone, forever. When it comes to managing our panfish populations, DEC is living in the dark ages.
  3. So, the question is, what are they? They look like a common house fly, right? Stable fly, greenhead, snipe fly?
  4. This is just a wild guess but the brown glop may be what's called "rock snot" algae. Bad stuff.
  5. Muskie....curious what lodge/cabins you fished from.
  6. White perch and white bass are very similar in appearance. The most notable difference is that the white bass has a number of parallel lines on its side whereas the white perch does not. Also, white bass in Oneida tend to run larger than white perch, up to 17-18". Not tryinying to be a jerk but if you were catching lots of them and they were running 8-12" i think they were white perch. I've caught tons of them right were you were and never landed a white bass. The place to be for white bass this time of year is the extreme west end near the Route 81 bridge.
  7. Trophy.....White Bass or white perch? I know this time of year the white perch load up there.
  8. Oneida Lake, west end.
  9. Kev....You have what both my wife and I had earlier this year. That cough just doesn't want to quit. I was never diagnosed but my wife went to ER and Dr said she had bronchitis.
  10. Had a great Goose hunt this a.m. First flock that came in, blam, blam, blam. Done. My partner got 2 and shortly thereafter got his 3rd. Then, we laid there as they rained down on us. What a show!
  11. Not trying to b a smarta## but you can get new ones from Amazon for $72.
  12. Went with my buddy yesterday evening from 5 pm till dark and went 4 for 6 in 90-100'.
  13. Went with my buddy yesterday evening from 5 pm till dark and went 4 for 6 in 90-100'.
  14. Interested. That include shipping?
  15. sandwick50

    Cross Lake

    The fish he mentions is the white perch. Some people call them silver perch. I love to get into a school of bigger ones vertical jigging with an ultralight.
  16. Probably a stupid question but why doesn't anyone use stick baits when trolling for salmon? Also, no one seems use j-plugs or dodger/squid anymore. Why? Is it just that spoons and spin doctor/fly have proven to be more effective?
  17. Will it fit any terrova or is it size specific? I have the 55.
  18. Kev...I, too tried for crappies today. I don't know if it was bright sun or that its just starting, or both. A good day, none the less. 10 keepers for dinner at my sister's this weekend.
  19. The price is reduced to $3500. 1 person is going to take it out for a test run this weekend. If he declines, contact me by PM & I will send photos.
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