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  1. NYS regulations allow how many hooks per line for Finger Lakes?
  2. Back to keeping warm ... I am sending back the Mustang float suit, with my arthritic joints and it weighing 10 # I would need a Squire to help dress me .. Major overkill for me.
  3. Good luck ... haven't seen many boats up here yet. (Geneva)
  4. Neo1945

    Seneca Perch

    Beautiful pics /// What size hook works best for Perch (perhaps #4 or #6?)
  5. that would have been 1:00pm here ... may have missed it ...
  6. Spooling up a new Spinning reel for Perch thought I'd use 6# Fireline Orginal fused and 6 to 8 # floro. Waddaya think ... right weights? also What would you recommend for Smallies ( if I ever find any on Seneca) I have some 14# Fireline (Original fused ) would that be heavy enough? What size floro leader? Don
  7. Well guys I found a great deal on the MS 2175 Mustang coverall / work suit / float suit so I ordered it. Thanks! Don
  8. OK I don't have either so it's time to price one our ... but for this year I might have to go with a ice fishing suit or something like it. Don
  9. Thats sweet Hank ... just guessing @ $1200+? Do you fold it down for transport? Don
  10. Yo Chowder can you post a pic of your enclosure?
  11. Well lineman49 I used to be a lineman for the telephone company and learned way back then ( I'm 67 now) to be very careful about what you hold between your legs. Thanks for the good offer but Ill pass on this one.
  12. Neo1945

    Seneca Perch

    Hey Lund SSS Please feel free to PM me the how & where details on all those beautiful Perch !!!!!! Ha !
  13. Is there something you can put on your line to keep them from moving down to the lure?
  14. Is there a "safe" heat source to bring along ? Say Propane etc. Thanks
  15. Hi guys ... my little boat has no where to hide ... how do you stay warm while doing all that March weather fishing? Thanks
  16. Neo1945

    Seneca Perch

    Need more details & pics !!!!!!!!!
  17. You may be correct ... I was just thinking of Seneca where there are no Sturgeon ( I think) at present. I do know that the DEC is not spending much money on anything right now ... seems they have few funds to spend. If Sturgeon would work & not hurt what we now have (Perch for instance) then bring 'em on. In the end we all have the same goals don't we.
  18. For Second Chance 22 (sturgeon to reduce the number of mussels ) Doesn't look like a good solution. see: http://www.uvm.edu/rsenr/emarsden/McCab ... n%20ms.pdf
  19. I read a recent post about what happened to all the Smelt, and it concerned the Lamprey eel control programs run by DEC. Thought that to be interesting.
  20. Seneca is 600 ft. deep, what is the deepest you ever caught a fish and what was it? How caught? Thanks!
  21. Can you recommend a Butterfly jig weight, rod & reel. Thanks
  22. What size Butterfly (& which style) also which rod & reel do you recommend? thanks
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