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  1. 1. TLA90MRG2 9'0" Medium /Medium Tip+9 or 2. TLA100MHRG2 10'0" Medium Heavy /Medium Tip+10 Which would be the better choice? Kind Regards, Don
  2. found this a while ago ..... does anyone do this? I'm trying to visualize it ... probably need a photo. Quote: "wire is way to go, set your drag real light after you have the dipsey at the ft out you want to cover than attach a #3 or so rubber band around the wire to the reel handle. fish hits, rubber band breaks then adjust drag to fight fish. this helps avoid loosing the fish from the initial shock of the strike, silver diver/black diver are my best.. somedays if it weren't for my divers it would be a slow go...good luck " _________________
  3. what size wire & where yo purchase same? thanks
  4. Could you elaborate on the options that wire would afford? Thanks ....
  5. DUH ........ Why is it better to run wire instead of braid for dipseys ? thanks!!
  6. OK.............. Ugly Stik lists the Action (i.e. MH, M. XH etc) but not the tip (i.e. Fast, X Fast etc.) Anybody know how to tell? I need a MH action Fast Tip 6-7 ft. Spinning rod. & I like the price of the Ugly Stik Thanks.
  7. Great Stuff is not a closed cell foam and not a good flotation foam. Urethane foam is what is used for boat flotation.
  8. The picture of your twilly tip looks to be solid metal and not the "spring" that I seem to find online. ????
  9. What Is that a special rod tip ? Do you have to remove your complete assembly from the post to mount a new spool of wire? Thanks, Don
  10. Can't you just empty out the water from the filter cartridge and put it back on? Don
  11. Good video .... what is the wired remote being used? Don
  12. What is the link for Nick's video? Don
  13. On Seneca, Fran & Debbie Barrett carry non ethanol at Barrett's Marine. 315/ 789-6605
  14. I believe it is due to Ethanol in the gas (10%) they now make the bulbs to handle it but they are roughly $20. Check your local Marina.
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    What don't you like about your stock transducer?
  16. Neo1945

    Seneca Perch

    Don't forget to wave & smile!
  17. So it seems you can buy up to 68-72 " or less, is there any reason not to just buy the largest (drifting for pan fish)? Thanks
  18. Is there a launch at Dresden? Roy's is now getting $7.00 per launch.
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