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  1. Thanks Egoody, Can you walk me thru the rubber band setup on the Roemer? Is it similar to the Black Release setup where you just place the RB on the fishing line and tuck it on to the release?
  2. For the Finger Lakes (mostly Seneca) Does anyone actually set their Roemer stacker or Chamberlain to release at a given weight? So far I think that the max setting is 2# for the Roemer ( by lifting a 2+ # weight). Please advise & regards to all. Also do you use a rubber band with either? Don
  3. Designed to prevent prop and skeg damage, this gravel deflector/bottom plate enables boaters to negotiate tricky shallow water where they dared not venture before. The straightforward design is easy to install and offered in four sizes to fit most outboard and inboard/outboard applications. Not designed for human protection. 304 stainless steel One year warranty Sizes: A - 9.9-30 HP This item is listed As New It was mounted on my 20 HP but never used ( traded the Motor prior to use ) Geneva, NY. $105.00.
  4. I have a 2008 F 20 HP PLR Yamaha with only 25 hours and would consider a trade. But I am looking for more power therefore I am looking for a Yamaha 40 HP. That way I can keep the remote in place and just switch the Motors.
  5. When a Fish Hawk X4D is reporting its "depth" Isn't it actually reporting its distance from the transducer? Therefore if it is attached to the downrigger weight and there is blowback, you are not getting the actual depth in the water column?
  6. I'm in agreement, too bad that red plastic slide couldn't be re-machined out of SS.
  7. Does anyone use their Scotty booms in upright position for side planers ? Thanks.
  8. Have you found any success using a dodger in place of a flasher?
  9. Have you found any success using a dodger in place of a flasher?
  10. This came as a PM to me today: ebbypuma Joined:Today, 5:08 PM 0 posts Sent Today, 5:43 PM Hey Neo1945, saw this thread as I was searching for places to buy lamprey eels. Was wondering if you or anyone else you know who might be interested in catching some of these for me? I own a wholesale bait business here in California we use lampreys to catch sturgeon. If you are, we`d pay $2.00 a piece for them, and we`d buy every single one you could catch, and we`d also pay the shipping to get them out here. Don`t need them live, just fill up a 5 gallon bucket and freeze them. Anyway, hopefully you see this and get back to me. Here is a direct email you can reply to. Thanks, Scott [email protected]
  11. Check out my Ebay item. I will include a newly refurbished double motor if purchased by anyone from the forum and picks up in Geneva, NY http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=321075592279
  12. Bought this at auction today in Geneva. Is this a 4 motor ... I'm not sure. Also does anyone know what the screen door thing is for? thanks!
  13. ifishy, Thanks for that advice ... I will. If it's not too personal ... how & what did you run them on Seneca i.e. how fast .. how far behind & how far from the SD also what ... flies ... spoons... plugs... etc? Thanks for anything you can do to help a 'old man. PM me if you wish.
  14. so then you can go faster with flashers & spin doctors? What does the speed do for you ... must be a Coho / Chinook thing ... probably not as important for me on Seneca?
  15. Can you make a dodger act like a flasher ? thanks!!!
  16. Now this is what we need ... ( I'll wait until the $ comes down tho ) HydroView ($4,000) Scuba diving isn't exactly easy, and it's even harder if you're trying to shoot any sort of decent photos or video. So why not let the HydroView ($4,000) do it for you? This underwater vehicle shoots 1080p video and high-quality stills, which it beams back wirelessly to the same iPad that you use to control it via the accelerometer and touchscreen. Other features include on-board LED lights, the ability to reach speeds of five knots going forward and one knot in reverse, and the ability to collect data on water conditions. Just think of it as your very own remote-controlled miniature James Cameron.
  17. Has anyone done this ... I hate trebles, so I'm thinking of substituting them with SS Salmon hooks. I believe a 2/0 would work for almost all. However when it comes to the suggested bead chain I'm thinking of using Dacron line (50# ?). Is there any reason this wouldn't work? Bead chain ( 003 & 004 ) is costly. Thanks
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