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  1. Gottcha !!!!!! Thanks again!!!!
  2. But this is the 10" MH Rod ... will it work? Thanks
  3. I just purchased a 10' Ugly Stik Dipsey rod and am wondering if it will also work as a downrigger rod in the future (when I get a downrigger). Thanks
  4. What is your preferred Hot sauce? Thanks!!
  5. What are the active ingredients? Do you have an MSDS sheet? Thanks
  6. This is a better picture of the lure in question
  7. Soooooo do you troll these behind a dodger ? And where can they be purchased, also do they make 'em with a single hook vs. a treble? again thanks
  8. What is a Peanut (lure)? Thanks
  9. Details !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We need the cold hearted facts!!!!!!
  10. Hermit, I would love to see or read anything you might have on jigging fresh water. Have you ever tried Shimano Butterfly jigs? Thanks
  11. Help an old man ... what is a jug rig?
  12. Has anyone tried the Slide Divers ( http://www.slidediver.com/ ) ? Thanks
  13. Anyone ever seen one of these?
  14. The Power Pro is (=-) .011 inchs or .285 mm @ 150 yds. The 20# test mono is .018 or .46 mm Hope this helps
  15. My casting reel holds 205 yards of 50# Test Power Pro. I have a 150 yd spool. How many yards of Trilene XT 20# test do I place on the reel prior to the Power Pro in order to have the Power Pro ( 150 yds) then fill the reel? Thanks
  16.  See: http://www.roemerrelease.com/Roemer%20R ... iption.htm
  17. Does anyone know of any rod that comes with Fuji Silicon Nitride II guides? Don
  18. they (Torpedo) advertise that the 19 strand is easier to handle ... well I have no idea if that is true, so what do you folks who do know have to say about that. 7 strand or 19 strand ?
  19. I see 3 types / Mfg / of 7 strand wire: 1. Malin Wire Line 2. Mason Multistrand Wire Line 3. Torpedo Wire The Torpedo seems to be the lowest coast and advertises as follows; Torpedo Wire is more flexible than other wire lines used for fishing. Crimps are not required, you can use normal fishing knots. Being more flexible than other wire lines, this wire line is less prone to kinking. Torpedo Wire is less prone to Spiny Water Fleas than some other wire lines. The diameter of torpedo wire is .015 inches and rated at 20, 30, or 45 lb test. Available colors are Bright Silver or Smoke. What works best in the real world? Don
  20. OK ..... but is the roller rod still the one to buy if i started out on braid?
  21. Thanks Wes, If one decided to go with braid instead if wire, would you still recommend a roller rod? Thanks again
  22. Is the wire single strand ? Where to buy? How much does a 47LC hold? Kind regards,
  23. 1. TLA90MRG2 9'0" Medium /Medium Tip+9 or 2. TLA100MHRG2 10'0" Medium Heavy /Medium Tip+10 Which would be the better choice? Kind Regards, Don
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