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  1. If you think they actually school ... it would be a interesting idea to send down the camera and GoPro 'em !!!!!!!
  2. Not a ice fisherman but intend to take the skiff out on Seneca for LT & Perch this winter. At my age I get cold quickly so I'm thinking of buying something that is warm & protects yet breathes so that I don't roast. Ice suits are intended for sitting on ice so not sure thats the direction to go. Float suits are way heavy and don't breathe. Any good ideas? Thanks
  3. How would you fish 'em for Atlantic's on Seneca?
  4. OK now we need the corn chowder recipe!!!!!!!!
  5. Can you show a pic of a white Zoom?
  6. I really have $75.00 into it and would not like to sell it for a loss.
  7. Glad to see you found a replacement (or 2) let me know if you know anyone who would like to buy my Victrola motor!
  8. What a damn shame ...... where's the DEC on this? That's almost a "shovel ready project" ....
  9. I don't have any Spin Doctors but I have several different sizes of dodgers from my past days on Lake Ontario, that I used to use with J-Plugs & flies for Salmon. Would they work the same or do Spin Doctors do something different?
  10. PM me with your #. I live in Geneva, can you pick up? Here is the item description: This is a cleaned, re-greased. rebuilt and tuned-up motor that works with antique Victor Victrola windup phonographs. This is a two-spring, single-barrel model, with the speed indicator needle and the three original bolts needed to attach it to the motor board. The nuts and washers (although not the felt washers...they are missing) are included with the bolts. This entire motor was cleaned, removing the old dirt and grease right down to the grooves in the gears. The springs were taken out of the barrel, scraped, cleaned and re-packed with fresh grease, and the governor was adjusted, so this motor is running very smoothly. It is ready to go right in your phonograph or fish box. This motor will also work on numerous tabletop, console and upright Victor Victrola phonographs. Please note the distances between the bolt holes: 5 3/4 inches, 5 7/8 inches and 6 3/8 inches. At some point you should add grease to the winding gears and possibly some additional oil to the other gears because only enough was used to get it running smoothly. There is a small baggie that has the speed control arm and the speed indicator needle assembly. I detached them, so t they wouldn't get damaged in transit. The arm connects into a little post coming out the motor frame on the side of the frame where the governor is located (the thing with the steel balls that spins when the motor is running). Unscrew the outer screw on the post, slip the arm into the hole and tighten the screw. The speed needle gets attached to the post on the underside of the motor. Put the needle on, then the washers, then the little nut. Do all this over something white, so you can find the parts if you drop them! One other bit of direction....the speed control arm, when placed into the post, should face away from the frame, not toward the center of the frame. My pricing is @ $85.00 plus shipping if necessary.
  11. I have a double motor completely rebuilt ....... you would have to build a box.
  12. Dead flat today & bright sun ..... don't feel bad.
  13. Old Vector downrigger company ... was purchased by Jeff @ Traxtech & updated. http://www.traxstech.com/Downrigger_-Vector_parts.html
  14. They gotta go a long way to beat Scotty downriggers.
  15. Yo Hawkeye625, Were they Cabela's brand or SPRO/Sampo ... and were they coast lock?
  16. Just purchased these and I really lik'em SPRO Ball-Bearing Swivels with Coastlock Snap – Black http://www.cabelas.com/catalog/search_c ... 011%207352
  17. Could it have broken at the knot? were you using a floro leader? Thanks
  18. What is it ... ya can only keep one bow now?
  19. OK ... not fernutt'en but what is DW SS & sd/white fly ... ? Thanks
  20. My smoker is charcoal, would love to have an electric but this one's gotta do.
  21. How long do you leave it in and @ what heat? Thanks
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