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  1. Can you recommend a Butterfly jig weight, rod & reel. Thanks
  2. What size Butterfly (& which style) also which rod & reel do you recommend? thanks
  3. Has anyone tried adapting the Shimano Butterfly Jig method used in salt water to freshwater. Looks interesting. Thanks
  4. What rod would one use for this much lure weight? Regards & Thanks !!
  5. If I want to try jigging for larger fish in 60-120 FOW, say LT, LLS, Rainbow etc. how much weight should I plan for in a rod .. to 5/8 or to 1 1/2, or 2 oz ? I read that the rod should be chosen according to the lure ( or sinker) weight along with action ( M, MH ) tip (fast. Mod fast) Length (7 -9 ft.) Thanks for any help.
  6. Yo Chowder, Thanks for the reply. Wouldn't a line counter reel help with the jigging or do you see the jig on your sonar? How does Fireline work for rigger fishing as compared with the mono you mentioned or is that something for another thread?
  7. So the model 1101 Light would also work for a Dipsey also? I was thinking that a Dipsey might need a Medium Heavy. That would be good news. Thanks
  8. I need to make a compromise on the rod for my new Sealine SG-LCA reel. I like the Ugly Stik idea but they sell one for Downrigger 9' light, one for Dipsey 10' MH and I would also like to use it for jigging for LT on Seneca. Which one to do all three or is that not such a good idea? Thanks as usual.
  9. How do you hook a Oak leaf grub what size hook for Perch & how do you keep them alive? Thanks
  10. Likewise & thanks for helping an old dog learn a new trick.
  11. That is soooooooo good .... many thanks!!!!!!!
  12. ".if its a fixed slider you drop the rigger down to 10 ft or so and clamp the barrel swivel to the main line, put on a rubber band with a half hitch and also clamp the ball swivel to the rubber band so it will not slide freely when you drop the rigger to the desired depth"... 1. what "device do you use to "clamp the bbl swivel to the main line "? 2. what do you use to clamp the bbl swivel to the rubber band"? Can you steer me to a diagram? Thanks
  13. Can you tell what is a slider? Thanks
  14. There was not a boat on the Lake .. to be seen up North. HNY
  15. When you install a single SS hook as a replacement for the original treble (on a spoon) do you recommend that the hook be installed so that the barb rides pointed down or pointed up. I was just over thinking this and thought it might snag more if pointed down. Thanks
  16. Yeah ....... whatever happened to the smelt .... used to be something I looked forward to every spring....... remember all you can eat smelt @ Captain Yogies in Canandaigua ........
  17. Very interesting ... love to know more .... thanks for the imput!!!!
  18. I have heard for years now (I'm old) that there are more fish in the South end than in the North. Is this true, and if so is it seasonal? Also if it is true what would be the real reasons? More streams feeding the lake, more baitfish, better structure (boulders, wrecks, hills, valleys etc.). How about that under water inlet that used to be rumored that fed Seneca from other lakes. I know the current is South to North ... would that have any thing to do with it ... or is it all just a pantload? Thanks.
  19. Neo1945


    thank you & Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
  20. Neo1945


    Thanks for the pic. When you go to collect them are they in the stream beds or along the sides? I have heard of using some sort of a screen ... can you say more about that & how it's made (size of mesh ? 1/4" or window screen?) Thanks again .....
  21. Neo1945


    Someone please post a picture of an Oak Leaf Grub ... I need to pass it along . thanks as usual .....
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