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  1. 6-2:30 is my normal work schedule so I’ve got 5 afternoons and the weekend to get it done. First accumulating snow in my area is falling now so this afternoon should be nice (apart form the wind)
  2. Cold sit this evening. Damn that wind was brutal. Lots of squirrels, no deer. First hunt with my CVA optima
  3. Thank you to everybody who took the time to relpy, I love the hunting section of this forum! Was able to sight in at 60 yards in my side yard after work after a getting the scope mounted. Dead center shot was the last one I took after adjusting, I’ll take it. I think I’ll like this gun. Hang fires were no issue today, switched to cci primers and “popping a cap” after swabbing. 100 grains of 777 pellets, and a 250 TC shockwave. The weather is shaping up nicely and working 6-2:30 doesn’t hurt
  4. Several years ago I bought a used ML off a friend and had the same issues you mentioned. Couldn't get groups to save my life. Got impatient and sold that gun. Well, I got interested again and bought this gun hoping I would have better results. Gonna play with it today after work and see what I can do. All is not lost, if I do not get it dialed in I will hunt either with the bow or my dad's TC that is dead nuts.
  5. I don’t even remember to be honest, they are old, my dad has some CCIs I will yoink. Field of dreams didn’t have Except for their 209 shotgun primers in the reloading section
  6. Tried with 100grns of 777 and a 250 TC shockwave today. For some reason I was experiencing hangfires after the second shot even after cleaning the breech hole out. Was trying to get the open sights dialed in but the shots were all over, back to the drawing board tomorrow. A local Wallyworld is out of black powder stuffs so I’ll have to make a trip back to field of dreams.
  7. Thanks guys. Since my dad gave me a bunch of shockwaves, I’ll try them first, just gotta pick up some primers, powder, and cleaning supplies!
  8. So I just picked up a CVA optima v2 from the local shop for a great price. Wondering if anybody has this gun and what their load/bullet preference is. I’d like to get it sighted in for the late season, but will be bowhunting if I can’t get it shooting nice groups at 100. Any suggestions or tips are appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Tough hunting in the Southern Tier. Not many birds around on my scouting and the majority of them seem to be in spots where permission will not be granted. Hoping for a freeze up for the late season to get the birds on the rivers I hunt!
  10. That is awesome LongSpurs!! I would love to find a flooded field some day, don't get much flooding here in the hills though. Lots of corn in my river valley so ill just hope it keeps raining
  11. I've already got one on the wall, but my good buddy is trying to get his mounter woody. I'll send him your way when he connects!
  12. I don't really care for Tim Wells as a person. He just seems to be too fascinated by the act of killing and just a little "out there" so to speak. But he is damn good shot....
  13. It is rather tedious, I use a propane torch to get the stubborn feathers and the hair-like ones. Hank Shaw is a great wild game chef and has a method I will try next time (hopefully next weekend). He boils water and melts a hunk of paraffin wax in it, dips the roughly plucked duck in that and then cools it in cold water. The wax hardens and peels off like a scab taking all feathers with it.
  14. I wish I could get the day off for weather, especially when said weather is good for ducks. Nice shoot! Can't wait to get back out there myself. Got a beautiful mallard and a HY drake woodie on opening day.
  15. Beat me to it! Good luck all, stay safe and have fun. Looking forward to seeing some pictures.
  16. Looks like things are starting to heat up. Saw 3 does and two fawns last night, heard a buck grunting and chasing as I was walking out in the dark. Will be in the blind in about 3 hours. The work day drags on.....
  17. Slow weekend for me. Hunted both mornings till around 11 with no deer sightings. However, on Saturday morning right at first light I had a nice bear come through right under my stand and actually sniff my ladder steps. Too dark for the phone to record and I have no interest in killing a bear. Was a cool experience though!
  18. Woops, I meant to say Western Zone...musta had geese on my mind Been seeing lots of woodies, just gotta get permission on the spot I find them or do some hoof work on public land...
  19. As a new waterfowl addict I guess I will have to make this Northern trek sometime, by the time the Southern Zone opens I feel like a good majority of the woodies are gone, yet no mallards have moved in yet.
  20. You'll have to really do something spectacular to beat a morning like that! Congrats on two great bucks (and a perfect shot too, nothing better than seeing pink bubbly blood!)
  21. Get Sawyer Permetherin and use it! It is a clothes treatment, not to be worn on the skin, that kills and repels ticks. It works great though, the first two days of turkey season I didn't use it and picked several ticks off of me. I got it after that and treated my clothes and never found another, actually watched one crawl up my boot and fall off dead. It is cheap and available right at Walmart or Field of Dreams. Just make sure to follow the directions, it is potent stuff and you don't want it to contact skin.
  22. I had a very similar experience to that last flock you spoke of last weekend. Took my dad on his first field hunt, my first time actually successfully decoying geese too. But we had a flock of 30 or so stat land, I called the shot and nothing fell out of the sky. Thankfully a few stuck around through the shooting and we were able to take 4 out of that group. Ended up with 12 geese total that day.
  23. Finally got permission on a field I'd been watching all season. Got out for my first time successfully being able to decoy geese and was very pleased with the results (though not as pleased with our shooting). Bird dropped right into the decoys, some even landed after we shot....guess that's early season geese. Me and my old man ended up with 11, but could have definitely had more of we shot better or had stayed longer. We even had birds wanting the field as we were picking up. 22 goose breasts is enough for now anyways though! Was a lot of fun and great to spend time with the man who got me into hunting!
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