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  1. Don't know advice to give for trolling, as I am a die hard jigger, but the north end flats are loads right now with bait and lakers. A bonus brown or rainbow would not be uncommon either, good luck!!
  2. Yes some of the deeper finger lakes (Cayuga/Seneca) have lake sturgeon. They are a protected species and I believe it's illegal to target them, but I one is accidentally caught it needs to be released unharmed. Way cool that you caught one, not too many people have that experience! Congrats.
  3. Where is the am located? Can somebody post a link to it, definitely a useful tool to help decode whether or not to make the trip!
  4. Ditto to the first reply! If you leave the marina and he's south there are some good weed beds shallow, just be prepared for a pike! Also across the lake and to the south a little is long point where the kueka outlet dumps in, this can be productive for bass, just stay away from the rig that's offshore they will escort you away if you get too close I've heard.
  5. To be honest the brown was foul hooked in the belly of all places, I think somehow he swiped at the jig and got poked in the belly, so this fish definitely fought much different(very hard), but as for one hooked In the jaw, I really don't know. This is the first time I've ever foul hooked a fishing jigging.
  6. Launched today around 7:30,we had fair action most of the day. I landed 3 lake trout from 20-26" and fat fat fat! brown. My buddy landed a sub-legal laker. Lots of action today on the chart as well lots of follows were marked, I lost 2 lakers near the boat, and lots of hits were had. Lakers were taken in 70-90 FOW and the morbidly obese brown was in 55 FOW. All fish were caught on a white jighead with a chartreuse/white fluke. All fish except for one lake trout were released. Besides some rude speed boat operators it was a great day on the water!
  7. Love jigging for the big Seneca lakers! Probably will be out there tomorrow morning.
  8. Nice ill be moving to canandaigua for school this fall, any way to fish for the lakers there from a kayak?
  9. Out for a few hours of jigging. Got out a little after 7 and marked a lot of fish and bait, spent most of the time fishing 75ft and landed two fish In the mid to upper 20" range. Turns out that the thermocline was more in the 50' range so we may have done better in that depth. Overall a good day, marked a lot of fish following jigs, dropped one, and had some missed hits. Hope everybody had a good holiday!
  10. North end of Seneca 45-90ft you'll be into the fish!
  11. Was fishing in the sodus area tribs and it sounded like a warzone, I think someone had a cannon. It was good to hear all the support.
  12. My boss' friend sent him a pic on Friday I think it was of redheads on kueka in the thousands
  13. I have not, this is my first year waterfowl hunting so I've been toying around at my little spot outside of Addison, and with a guy from work in savona. Cameron is about a 30 minute drive so I might check it next year early duck season
  14. Went over to my little spot on the canisteo river in Steuben county today to build a few blinds, obviously brought the gun "just in case" as soon as I get out of the car two honkers flew over and circled back and droppe right into the small slough. I loaded up and snuck their way in hopes to jump them. I then noticed about 15 geese were there, they jumped but flew away over water I can't wade through so I passed. I looked up the slough and saw there were a few more geese on the water. I couldn't jump then were they were but figured is sneak that way in case they swam down. Got about half way there and they took off flying right to me. Passed right over my head and I dropped 2, didn't even have to go in the river to retrieve them. Good day! <br />
  15. heard a rumor that people were getting some lakers from the docks in hammondsport recently. Just wondering if anyone can confirm this, or give me any advice? if you do not want to make it public feel free to pm me.
  16. Was thinking of doing the same, I hear that it used to be a winter hotspot for LL. Is this still the case, and can they be accessed without a boat, just wading? [ Post made via Android ]
  17. fished the pier today, starting to see some LL coming in. Saw more than a dozen probably, had a few chase in my cleo spoon, no hits or even attempted hits. Man do i want some rain in the tribs
  18. heard! i remember this being a big ordeal now that i think about it. if a moderator wants to remove this thread it wont hurt my feelings
  19. Anything happening in the ithaca area? I want to go Friday, supposed to gget a little rain Thursday night, anybody checked it out recently? [ Post made via Android ]
  20. I know one of the Cayuga tribs was LOADED with landlocks this fall, i'm sure you know witch one i'm talking about, i spent some time there too and caught some nice fish!
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