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  1. Finally got permission on a field I'd been watching all season. Got out for my first time successfully being able to decoy geese and was very pleased with the results (though not as pleased with our shooting). Bird dropped right into the decoys, some even landed after we shot....guess that's early season geese. Me and my old man ended up with 11, but could have definitely had more of we shot better or had stayed longer. We even had birds wanting the field as we were picking up. 22 goose breasts is enough for now anyways though! Was a lot of fun and great to spend time with the man who got me into hunting!
  2. It was great fun, and they were actually really good eating, I was pleasantly surprised. Marinated the breast meat and stuffed in a jalapeno with cheddar and bacon, grilled till the meat was medium rare. It was tender and delicious! Ill have to try those decoys out, just have to find some feeding birds.
  3. Off season fun Well I couldn't get on any goose fields this weekend so I had to resort to another feathered foe. Tried decoying them in but they wanted no part of the spread. Flushed a barn in the evening and hung out by the silos and traded shots while they came back. The 3 of us shot 16 birds. Each one was loaded with chopped corn, they should be good eating!
  4. Nice! I am struggling to find birds too. Only field I patterned I could not get permission on. Hoping to find some tonight for the morning. Great shooting!
  5. I remember that too. I think they got onto a nesting island and smashed a bunch of eggs also.
  6. Goose Decoys Looking for some goose decoys, preferably full bodies. I have post in the classified section, and have scoured craigslist, but thought there may be some guys here who had some to offer. Let me know, thanks!
  7. Looking For Some Goose Decoys Looking to buy some full body goose decoys, I would consider shells also. Looking for about 1 to 2 dozen. Reply here or PM, thanks!
  8. just read this report on his page. congrats!! John is a great dude.
  9. I heard something about it too. A friend of mine at the Ithaca wegmans works with either the guy that caught it or somebody who knows him. Supposedly it was from shore...
  10. any chance you have an imperial switch or spey rod up for sale too?
  11. I am looking to get a mount that I already have done repainted, I am not happy with the colors on it and was wondering if anybody could recommend a taxidermist that would be able to do this.
  12. Cool! I would try it if the market for coons was a little higher. Congrats
  13. Great stuff here, this has become my favorite thread to check in on. I love these dogs! Definitely hooked on the houndsman lifestyle. Keep it up!
  14. Does anybody have tips on how to prevent/treat cuts and abrasions on the little rabbit hounds. My dogs brisket is tore up and I was wondering how to care for it. I have tried the vests they make, but they get hung up or pulled off in the briars. My dog had a minor skin infection recently and is on an antibiotic to clear that up, but obviously I can't always keep her on that. Any tips or tricks?
  15. Thanks! I am actually working on a frame for this photo, made with board from the barn in the background. Taken in the same spot but this was just the other day
  16. Not much happening in the FLX either. Been hunting Canandaigua south end once weekly since the season opened, a few call/deke wary mallards and some large groups of buffies or hooded mergs, Not a whole lot of action
  17. I think I got the idea to prepare goose breasts the same way you would corned beef from a topic on this forum. Finally I had a successful goose hunt and was eager to try it. I bought a pack of instacure #1 from The Sausage Maker and some McCormick pickling spice. I had 2.5 pounds of goose breast (only 3 breasts, they were big birds!). I used the ratio on the package of instacure and about 2 TBS of spice to a with a half cup of brown sugar and a 1/4 cup salt to a gallon of water. I let this brine/pickle for 7 days in the fridge (use a gallon zip top bag and place it in a tub to catch leaks): I took it out of the brine and rinsed it this morning before work and put it along with carrots, potatoes, and cooking onions (no cabbage for this guy) in the crockpot on low for 8 hours while I worked. This turned out great! Tastes just like corned beef (a little beefier). Finger lakes goose paired with a pint of the black from a Finger Lakes brewery, does it get any better?! P.S. If you mentioned something about serving corned goose at a wild game dinner on this forum, thanks for the idea! If I saw it on another website I'll blame it on the hops and barley over the last year for clouding my memory
  18. Looks like a great hunt, congrats! We seem to be lacking birds here in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes where I hunt.
  19. we need cold temps and a migration!
  20. My beagle is more of a lap dog than anything, but she's got a good nose! I did quite well last winter with her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbm-ULg0eOA
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