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  1. Thanks! I've caught a few in the PA side of the Tioga using an X-rap but never really tried the chemung anywheres
  2. Several factors contribute to large walleye. I am no expert but am taking 2 classes in fisheries right now at FLCC. One is all bait the management aspect; population dynamics, size, growth, and carrying capacity. The other is a hatchery class and we will actually be capturing walleye from honeoye and spawning them then releasing the fry back to the lake. The biggest mortality factor that limits wallet from reaching large sizes is from angler mortality. The legal limits is 14"? From the scale samples I've looked at a 14" fish is 2-3yo as a male and 3-4 as female. Females are not sexually mature until 3 males are at 2. Once a walleye reaches maturity it's growth level drastically slows. A few of scales we've looke at from 20"+ fish are 7years old or more. So what I'm getting at is that time to grow is probably the most crucial factor to a large walleye. Forage and healthy habitat is also important. I would love to see a slot limit in place on walleye, an honeoye, which has no naturally reproducing walleye, needs some real help. Hope this info is useful to you. Ps. I live in Corning and would love to learn some walleye techniques if you feel like sharing. Best wishes. Jeff
  3. Where could somebody launch on Seneca tomorrow?
  4. I was out today and of the state park and there was plenty of ice still 8"+ you should be fine tomorrow, but use caution around shore and honeycombed areas. Good luck!
  5. Sounds just like jigging them from a boat really, any tips if I don't have access to a vex, I think his finder only does depth, but I could be mistaken.
  6. So once my buddy gets back from his trip to The Caribbean I want to talk him into targeting some lakers on Keuka. Thing is, I have no idea where to start or what to use. I think we have access to a decent depthfinder, any help would be very appreciated, feel free to PM me, thanks!!.
  7. Sounds intentional for sure. I hunted a horse pasture at night for coyotes one time and if I remember correctly, their eyes don't shine from a light, but I could be wrong.
  8. She was supposed to be. Her mother was a champ, but the guy I bought her from never sent me the papers and I couldn't get ahold of him. I can't remember his name, from PA, Charlie W maybe? She's a great dog though, and a pet before a hunter.
  9. She loves it, usually doesn't even notice the dead rabbit in my hand right away.
  10. My dog ran this rabbit by me twice. On the first shot I just grazed him (I could see hair float in the wind). After I looked for any blood I was sure the rabbit was unharmed so I waited right on the road hoping Remi would bring him back across the road (they seem to love to cross that road). The second shot was true, the rabbit decided to stop right on the edge, where I smoked him! Watch in HD, enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbm-ULg0eOA
  11. I am looking for a new or used stock/forend for a 20 gauge 870. I currently have a gorgeous dark walnut youth model stock on and, while it fit me when I was 12, now 12 years later it does not. I would really like to keep it wood and am willing to buy a forend as well to keep the pieces matching, but I would consider a synthetic set as well. Must be a 20 gauge though, I tried a 12 gauge stock and it did not fit. Any leads are appreciated. PM me here, reply or email [email protected]
  12. likely you are on a downward side of their cycle, cottontail populations experience cycles, with peaks very several years. Coyotes, hawks, feral house cats, and other predators will also affect the populations, especially if there is a lack of habitat. Hares must be fun though, I'd love to shoot some of them!
  13. Haha, I didn't realize I linked it to my playlist. When there aren't people swimming there it is a great spot to fish.
  14. An embarrassing miss off of my beagle.You can't hit them all, especially when they're slowly loping through the wide open. Sorry Remi. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgYBcqNP0TI&list=UULtU8ZFsqiI-zDwHqM6Ug9g
  15. Heard good things about Canavan from local guide.
  16. Any news on how much ice is there now?
  17. Hope to get some ice on this lake. I will be back in town for school shortly and need something to do wednesday mornings. I went ice fishing on my buddy's pond for the first time a few days ago and really enjoyed it!
  18. I too was wondering the same thing, thinking about a Thursday afternoon trip.
  19. You hit the nail on the head! It's so easy to blame the coyotes and other predators, when our habitat (or lack thereof) is the true issue.
  20. Very cool! Today may have been my last hunt as well, but I have no birds to show!
  21. Let's hear/see some of your favorite recipes. Do they vary depending on the species? Here's my go-to for mallards. Duck gumbo!! Start by making a medium roux: Equal parts flour and oil (1 cup each should make a pot of gumbo for about 4 people, 2 if you eat like I do ) Put the oil in a pot and hear till almost smoking, add the flour little by little, whisk it thoroughly. Cook over low heat for about 1.5 hrs.It is CRUCIAL to Stir this mixture constantly, if it burns it is ruined. When your roux is the color of dark peanut butter add 1 small bunch celery (chopped), 2 green peppers chopped, 1 large onion chopped and cook them for about 10 minutes. When thu are soft, add 32oz chicken stock and stir well. In another pan, lightly brown 4 cubed duck breast, then add to the gumbo pot and stir. I like to make my own creole seasoning, but many can be bought pre made at the store. Add about 3-4 tbs of creole seasons depending on how flavorful you'd like it. Brin to a boil for about 10 minutes then reduce to a Simmer on low for about an hour then add 3 links of smoked andouille sausage (sliced) and 1 clove of garlic (diced or pressed). Simmer on low for another hour and serve over rice, preferably with a dark beer. Here is mine, paired with Embrr from Ithaca Beer Co. Enjoy, let's hear some recipes!!
  22. I see what you're saying and am not offended by it. I think stupid is the wrong word to use though. It is near impossible to use the word "stupid" without I being condescending. I admitted to making a foolish mistake, but by no means was what I did "very stupid". Thanks, for chiming in. And thanks to everybody else for backing me.
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