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  1. Heading over on Tuesday. Wanting to get into some pike and was wondering if anybody had been fishing there lately and had a report. What are water temps like? Any salmonids or pike being taken?
  2. Don't overlook shore fishing in Watkins itself. Pike and a few LL are being taken from the poer
  3. He is very backed up on work. I have had a steelhead there for almost 3 years now. Dave is a genuinely great guy and does some good work, just not one to get it done fast.
  4. Landlock action is reportedly picking up. From what I've heard laker action is fair. Check out www.fingerlakesanglingzone.com John Gaulke is an amazing guide on the flx and has a reports section that generally has great information!
  5. The perch/alewife correlation is not only that they compete for the same food, but that they are food for each other. Alewives feed on any type of fry they can get, so chances are perch fry are a common part of their diet.
  6. That's a nice bow! Do you notice many of them with few spots like that? I caught one, albeit smaller, out of Naples this spring that had barely any spots on it.
  7. I have a 3 piece Sheffield DRII rod and a Okuma Sheffield reel for sale. I used it twice, just never got the hang of it and lost interest. Would like it gone, it's just collecting dust. Would be interested in trade for a switch/Spey rod, or $250 cash.
  8. I am looking for one or two layout blinds for goose hunting. I don't get to hunt them that often so I can't justify spending the money on new ones. If anybody has any that they are willing to sell let me know. Reply, PM, or text 607-346-1506. Thanks Jeff
  9. I know this is not the classified forum, but I think this will get more attention here. Was looking to buy 1 or 2 layout blinds for goose hunting. If anybody has any they are willing to part with send me a PM, reply, or text 607-346-1506. Thanks!
  10. The north end has thawed out from Canandaigua on down the lake probably a mile about. I haven't been anywhere else along the lake to see.
  11. Very good! Would it be safe to fish by saturday, or is there a chance ice could turn the boat into the Titanic?
  12. Is the hammondsport end, or maybe the state park got open water yet? Id like to get out for some lake trout jigging soon.
  13. I am 100% in favor of shutting down the feeder creeks. We all know the one that gets pounded the hardest, it's a damn shame.
  14. Wish I could see if the pectoral fins were fused together like a disc, if that's the case then it is a round goby. If not then it is a mottled sculpin.
  15. Still people ice fishing on the south end, the whole lake is frozen still as far as I know
  16. Get one with an extendable handle that goes out to 5-6'. It will collapse for easy storage but you won't have to reach for fish. I've lost some nice fish due to a short net, and on wavy days one could easily go overboard reaching for a fish with a short net.
  17. That sucks. I'll record for my own use. See you on the creek dude.
  18. Thanks for the info. I'll be signing up for the tribs for sure.
  19. Thanks I will put a call in when I get the chance. I know the diary is helpful to both the angler and DEC. I fish with John Gaulke at least once a year for lake trout and he is usually recording all of his trips as well, I can definitely see where it could help to make you a better angler.
  20. Just wondering if fish caught in the flx tributaries can be counted for the dec diary program. I would live to cooperate but mostly fish flx tribs, and then target lake trout in the summer. Anybody know if tributary anglers can participate?
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