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  1. I'd give the southwest drop off of grenadier a shot, also the buoy off the lighthouse at tibbetts point. Both can hold can fish this time of year, but with southwest 10-20 forecasted this weekend it might not be a pleasant place to fish. [ Post made via Android ]
  2. Check out a fish hawk TD, gives you temp at depths every 5ft down to 300ft. No speed but it's cheaper than a probe unit [ Post made via Android ]
  3. Ahhh my dream boat....IMO they're just about the nicest lookin boats ever made. Wanna trade even up for a 19 ft starcraft? LOL [ Post made via Android ]
  4. How were the fleas over by the mouth of the river? [ Post made via Android ]
  5. Our 9 ft and 8'3" ugly stiks pull triple duty, planer boards for browns/eyes and rigger rods for salmon. Around $55-60 and virtually indestructible. That said, a fishfinder/GPS should be priority before anything else in my mind. [ Post made via Android ]
  6. Tape the cracked sheath with electrical tape, slide a length of pvc a little longer than break. Wrap that with electrical tape, should hold up at least as a temporary fix [ Post made via Android ]
  7. Ok, here is what I found out, 6pm weigh in Saturday, 4pm Sunday. You can register up til Friday, I'm sure til they close so long as its by midnight. You can also register at spencers in Chaumont if you wanna save on a drive all the way to snug. [ Post made via Android ]
  8. They are closed today, gonna head there tomorrow after work. Ill get all the details I can and post them. [ Post made via Android ]
  9. Never fished it in May, no need to run that far [ Post made via Android ]
  10. Don't know for sure, im guessing it will depend on how many register. Last year we took 1st and 3rd I believe, walked away with $350-400 or so, can't remember exactly. Def not big money but enough to cover costs for the weekend and have a little friendly competition. [ Post made via Android ]
  11. Right at the bar. It's a saturday/sunday derby, payouts for 1st 2nd 3rd [ Post made via iPod ]
  12. For anyone interested, snug harbor marina(cape vincent) will be having an opening day walleye derby. $10 per person. Must be signed up by Friday 5/4 [ Post made via iPod ]
  13. Some of the best fishing to be had is in aug/sept when everyone else is combat fishing the salmon. We usually go for smallies in July when the eyes are in their major transition, any other time it's game on. It's true though that once you find them you gotta stay on them, one or two weekends off and they can play the disappearing act on ya [ Post made via iPod ]
  14. What type of ammo are you using? Have sometimes heard of different brands not cycling as well as others, not sure why it would matter but could be worth a try. Just a thought.... [ Post made via iPod ]
  15. Haha, I believe we'll all be after a 12lber or two. Im gonna be looking to restock the freezer first. My theory would be the closer to the creeks and river mouths, the more you're gonna find smaller males still hanging around. Definitely not the rule, just my thoughts... [ Post made via Android ]
  16. I can honestly say when eating any of the eyes from the lake here that yuck has never crossed my mind. Most definitely the same diet, but as long as it's not a 10+lber I personally don't mind the taste. People seem to love salmon, the alewives worst enemy, which is a taste I particularly don't care for. To each his own I suppose.... [ Post made via Android ]
  17. Haha I wouldn't count on it. I'll be in the same area(s). Good luck, let's hope for some decent conditions, can't wait....... [ Post made via iPod ]
  18. Great Lakes Planers makes a quality product. I can't guarantee their delivery time but are definitely worth looking in to. I personally have the Michigan Stinger triple rod trees(won as a door prize) which I'm happy with, but they lack the adjustability of the GLP'S . They can double as a net holder which is a bonus and if I'm not mistaken can also be ordered with the traxstech base. [ Post made via iPod ]
  19. My buddies 2008 9.8 Nissan dropped down while running in a couple weeks ago, while in gear, and bump started. He ended up throwing a connecting rod(and various other internal parts) through the powerhead and basically ended that kickers life. Seems like you may have lucked out on any major issues... [ Post made via BlackBerry Curve ]
  20. I love my ugly stik rods, great all purpose rod, 8'3"s and 9's [ Post made via BlackBerry Curve ]
  21. Great report! We're headed out this weekend to fish the salmon spectacular. Hope we can put together a few good days like that. Nice work. [ Post made via BlackBerry Curve ]
  22. That is a monster sheepshead! My buddy who owns the chaumont hardware store holds the state record(24 1/2lbs) you weren't too far off...that thing must have buried the board. Too bad about the eyes, been a tough bites the last couple weeks. Glad to see you got some nice perch anyhow. [ Post made via BlackBerry Curve ]
  23. Nice report! Makes for a good story. I've had a similar experience. This guy took the outside planer about 100ft in the air. Can't remember ever laughing so hard as I did that day. Released unharmed mostly, other than a sore beak... [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  24. You'll be hard pressed to find lodging in sackets. I'd recommend the guffins bay resort/marina. They have a website you can check out. Good fishing can be had right from the launch. Chaumont bay is also easily accessible from here. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  25. Landshark, did I run into you at the mexico launch a couple weekends back? I was launching with my buddy geno in his lund. [ Post made via Mobile Device ] [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
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