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  1. Had the same thing happening this weekend, been squealing at start up for awhile now actually. Belt seemed a little loose so changed it out because it looked a little glazed also and installed the new one with proper tension, problem solved Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  2. My guess is a cisco, that or the biggest alewive I've ever seen, haha nice trip buddy Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  3. Thanks for the heads up, 280yds seems pretty sufficient. Fleas weren't to bad last weekend out of Henderson, but I figure if I like the performance I might just use them all season long instead of just as dedicated flea season reels. Thanks again. Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  4. What size class reel has everyone been using with the sea flee? Did you put the whole 300yd spool on? Just wondering if my accudepth 47 would be large enough or if a size 57 would be better. I see the 57 is rated big enough to take the whole spool. Not sure if I want to have a couple hundred feet left after filling the 47 and have nothing to do with it. Thanks in advance..... Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  5. I've got a a Lowrance 7in. HDI that I've been very happy with so far Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  6. The launch us closed till noon today due to a triathlon, I found out the hard way. Plenty of water at stony launch though, that's where I'm headed.... Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  7. I don't want to start a bunch of arguing on here but all due respect Adam, I find lots of holes in this theory. I believe you experienced everything you just said but the reasoning behind it I disagree with. I fish this end of the lake exclusively, year round, almost always for walleye. Granted maybe not as long as others but for the better part of a decade it has been my passion. I entered only one fish in the last derby in henderson, there were only 4 fish on the board and fishing was tough. It was also the opening weekend of bass so not alot of attention was put into walleye fishing by the majority of anglers. My friends and I have had our fair share of "hero" shots but to say that us and charters have caused a population decline is crazy. Ask those same people how many charters even attempt to fill a board of walleyes for their clients outside of the month of May. Who wants to pay $500-800 a day to not be able to guarantee their clients fish. These are walleye after all, not salmon that put on 30lbs in 4 yrs eating almost everything they can track down. I believe there are plenty of fish around still, heck even got a report this morning of a catch of 8 eyes from yesterday. I do however agree the DEC needs to step up, maybe for starters they should have been more cautious when dumping a bunch of lampricide into a known spawning creek in April a couple years ago trying to kill lamprey, which in turn also killed a dump truck load of spawning eyes. That has to cause a bad year class or two I'd think. Or do something about the guys on the ice in mud bay or chaumount walking away with at least their limit or more of big, egg laden spawners. And a side note, the 4lb eaters eveyone preaches about keeping are actually the more successful spawners in the system, not the 8lb+ fish. Some of these big fish never drop eggs at all anymore.To close this rant I'm not picking at you, or anyone for that matter. Walleye fisherman are notorious for being tight lipped, just because you don't hear it or see it doesn't mean they aren't being caught. I'm all for tighter restrictions and a healthier fishery, but for now I'm just gonna keep dragging lines and hope to catch, and eat, my favorite fish that swims. Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  8. I'm only 2 trips in with my elite 7hdi but so far so good( probably just jinxed myself). Fished walleyes wednesday night(40fow)and the 3 panel screen with the reg sonar and dsi side by side was great. Seemed like I could count the number of alewives I was marking on the dsi, whereas on the traditional screen it was just a colorful blob. Sent from my C771 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  9. Well the opener finally arrived and tough fishing followed right behind, partially anyways. Saturday we had lines in the water by 4am. After hooking boards with another boat and only landing one eye by daybreak we were ready to leave the circus and try something different. We started to work some bait pods away from all other boats. Turned out to be a good move, finishing the day with 10 eyes, 4 browns, 3 northerns, a giant smallie(6 1/2 lbs) and a cisco. We were also sitting in 2nd and 3rd place in the snug harbor derby. Not a bad day after all. Sunday was a different story, the weather again was making fishing tough and our spot that was free of boats the day before was no longer a secret. We did manage to land two, one even coming from the rigger but we never found the big bite to keep us on their board. All in all great weekend and I hope everyone else enjoyed it the same....
  10. Ok so this is what I came up with.....payout is top 3 fish, all entries must be in by 10pm on Friday. Weigh in time is 6pm Saturday and 4pm on Sunday with prizes to follow at 5. Hope to see some of you there to kick off the season!
  11. The snug harbor derby is this weekend, registration can be done at the bar itself or at chaumont hardware. $10 per person, I'll post more details tomorrow when I get them
  12. Looking at a lowrance unit on this site, prices seem pretty reasonable. Just wondering if anyone has any experience ordering anything from this company. Thanks in advance..
  13. Darn! Im sure shes a beauty but I gotta buddy who's got his heart set on a 26ft+ Penny. Thanks anyways (and nice looking baha too!)
  14. What kind of penn yan are we talking about???
  15. EYE SPY

    Walley Fishing

    I completely agree with this statement and I for one couldn't be happier lol. Don't get me wrong, tuning up on the browns early is a blast. And I chase a few kings when I can, but having most of our trolling done without competing for territory (after May anyways) is definitely a bonus. Different strokes for different folks, either way its always good to wet a line on lady O...
  16. EYE SPY

    Walley Fishing

    Yup, very few walleyes in Ontario........lol
  17. +1 for sealines and ugly stiks, very versatile [ Post made via Android ]
  18. This spring browns were loaded up around the bays (black river bay especially) more so than I have seen before. On a typical year we start around stony creek in april. We tend to catch back up with the salmon in the summer after the walleyes leave the bays, usually out in front of sandy pond area... that's my routine anyhow [ Post made via Android ]
  19. I currently have a fish trap pro that I've had for about 4-5yrs. I'm not completely dissatisfied with it but my next one will be an otter hands down. Heavily built and more user friendly features than any other brands IMO. The only downside I can see is they are a little heavier(if you're dragging) [ Post made via Android ]
  20. I knew it was to good to be true, been following this story since opening day when I got the pic. I heard the real story printed here last night. Been hunting this area for over 13yrs and a deer of that caliber just doesn't seem feasible, especially in the manner this guy described. Fail.... [ Post made via Android ]
  21. *degrees, haha sorry for the confusion [ Post made via Android ]
  22. Heard it was 70 top to bottom out to 130+fow today..... [ Post made via Android ]
  23. Launch out of Henderson, go through the cut and head southwest. The trench is just around the corner. I'm sure there will be plenty of boats in there by to help you spot it [ Post made via Android ]
  24. I've got a superfisherman 191 w/ a 3.0L mercruiser (rated around 130hp) that only does 30 mph loaded with gear. A buddy has a 196 with a 115 merc that easily pushes it in the high 30's. Its plenty of motor for that boat. [ Post made via Android ]
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