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  1. Awsome thanks! No I do not , the shaft fell out with the paddle.
  2. Lost the paddle / Wheel in my probe tonight. Any one have one or an old probe that no longer works they are willing to sell? Thanks
  3. Chukars are 3 weeks old now and I have a dozen fully mature birds left.
  4. The birds I have are alive. I do not butcher them to sell. I would assume that is total different licenses and insurance.
  5. I have day old Chukars now available, and will be taking orders for day old Ringnecks if there is interest. Thanks Matt
  6. I will take the compressor Brian.
  7. Big Jon Planner Mast . This mast is stripped because I put the pully's and cranks on my old boat $40
  8. Starting Monday 4/15 I will also have Day Old Chukars available!
  9. Taking orders on Day old Pheasant chicks. Quantities are based on first come first served as I only have 9 hens laying. Prefer to not to ship due to the crazy cost. PM for more details. Thanks Matt
  10. I now also have Ringneck Pheasant Eggs for sale $3.25 each. I only have 9 hens at this point so quantity is first come first serve in the order they are requested. Please pm if interested. Thanks Matt
  11. Always open in Ohio
  12. Love it! Wish I was heading to Ohio myself! Love that area.
  13. Stock is running out quickly, anyone looking for birds act now.
  14. As of today i will also have Pheasant and Chukar eggs!
  15. Not sure how many guys run bird dogs, but i have flight conditioned Chukar and Bobwhites for sale for training, if anyone is interested. Not to mention they are great eating! Pm me for more details.
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