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  1. Probably will only be able to photograph after that! This state is a joke
  2. Good luck all on stand, hopefully they get here before the rain settles in.
  3. Congrats! Consistently getting it done with both Deer and Turkeys!
  4. Lol, I wanted to take that same pic but I had a doe right under me the whole time so couldn't reach for my phone. Sure was pretty. Just the one doe so far.
  5. I was in your shoes on the 6th man! It sucks hardcore!! We searched every square inch of property i was able to, with no luck. Unfortunately I was not able to get a dog to help, but very busy time of year for those few guys that choose to track over hunt. Takes a lot to get back out there but we have no choice! The next few days are when the BIG boys are their feet big time searching for their next does! As wierd as it sounds i wish I was going to work in the morning with my bow tag wrapped around the deer i shot's rack,, but instead I will be in a tree swaying and freezing on another all day sit , but this is what we wait for all year! If this hasn't happened to everyone, well they just plain out haven't been doing this hard and long enough!
  6. I would agree, more then likely dead as we speak, but it certainly doesn't hurt to wait especially with shoulder involved. They will bleed a ton for the first 100- 150 yards with a shoulder shot and end up being fine. If he's dead, he will still be dead in a couple hours!
  7. I had a Brittany that was a great dog. He was by far no dog that would compete, but we never pushed him to be that kind of dog. He did well in the field and I even tried duck hunting him a little, but he didn't care for that at all. Great family dog with a lot of energy. Didnt bark unless he had too, at the time we had a Golden Retriever that he lived extremely well with.
  8. So your saying..... that this not a good choice?
  9. Was curious if anyone owns or has owned a German Wirehaired Pointer? We are floating the idea around of adding a dog to our family. These guys really stand out to me because they seem to very versatile in the hunting world. I'm looking to have a dog i can train to track blood for personal use, duck hunt, shed hunt and maybe even some up land bird hunting. They are awesome looking and hard workers by the sounds of it. Down side from what I have researched a little, is they are very hyper and can be aggressive to strangers. Not sure that all of them fall into that category but then again maybe they do?
  10. No need to apologize! You guys are awesome and my hats off to you. I'm honestly considering buying a dog and training to track. Again thanks for the time and the helpful info.
  11. Wow!!!! Sounds absolutely awesome, and beautiful pictures! Congrats on the Muleys!
  12. Congrats!! I talked to you yesterday and thanks again for all your helpful info. I am currently working on getting some guys together to start more grid searching, was unable to get someone with a dog to come out.
  13. I was off starting last Thursday and hit hard but for some reason its been just down right slow for me. Friday morning passed on a nice 3 year old 8, but thats really the gist of it. Sat all day yesterday and was tortured by the gnats ALL day to the point I decided to cancel the next few days of vacation and move them to when the temps settle back down the end of next week. I know they will still move during the rut but those damn gnats made me feel like I was on Naked and Afraid!! No bueno. Keep on them guys!
  14. Crazy! I stayed in the cabin next door to that one 2 weeks ago! It is a great spot and tons of state land all over in that area.
  15. Kids a trooper hanging in the rain!!
  16. Joe, if he's showing up 15 minutes after dark, I would push in somewhere between where he may be bedding and where you are getting pics. A deer can cover a lot of ground in 15 minutes! Believe me, I know the feeling as I just went through this and I don't regret holding out and not getting that target deer.
  17. So cool there is people out there like you! It's a must have In this sport unfortunately, really wish you were closer incase I needed you guys, because it happens to everyone one! Good luck this season tracking!
  18. My son is now 11 and ready to really start shooting and next season he will be able to hit the woods. I'm in search of a youth bow for him. Was wondering what some have used in the past and the pros and cons of different youth bows on the market. He seems to be growing quite a bit year by year, so maybe get him one that has a lot of adjustments or stay away from that style? Any info would be good info, thanks!
  19. Congrats Tommy! Hell of deer and Always getting it done!
  20. Congrats Eli!!! Definitely a moment that will never be forgotten. Cant wait until next season when my son and I can do the same!
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