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  1. They are in their feet early here, 5 doe and a 1st rack so far.
  2. That is incredible! I know that would mean the world to me!
  3. I've already heard more shots tonight then I have all week! Hopefully this rain gets them up early and come this way!
  4. Deer were wall over un the fields already on my way to my property. Changing gears tonight, sitting over a turnip plot that didnt grow all that good. Hopefully there is still something to draw them in.
  5. Woods are dead! Haven't even heard one single shot. Seems to me that the morning movement has come to an end. Might just sleep In from here on out.
  6. Keith, I have them and they are junk! Mine never even got warm ever right out of the box. Dont waste your money!
  7. Congrats to both you and Mal!! That's awsome my man!
  8. Wind made it cold this morning! Had to bail to warm up. Didnt see a single deer this morning, kinda odd. Left everything in the tree and heading back in for the last good sit after I warm up. Good luck guys.
  9. Good to hear that you are ok!! Crazy! I helped a girl with a baby in the car that went off the road the night of the storm. As i was working on getting her out trucks were blowing by us like we weren't even there. A$$ holes! Joe, i did not find the arrow unfortunately. With out snow I never would have found any other sign either. For me the deer blowing at me was the sure signal that he won and I lost.
  10. Bad night for me. Finally get a shot off tonight after countless hours on stand in pure brutal conditions. Pretty sure I hit a branch prior to hitting the deer and I did not see the arrow hit. Once a I shot he wheeled out of there like he was smoked and i thought he was going to go down instead he stops and blows 3 or 4 times. From there I see him just walk away. At this point I have no idea what to think.... did I miss? Waited a bit before getting down and whent to the **** and found hair. Followed his tracks a had spots of blood here and there. Tracked for 300 yards to make sure it wasnt a different deer that was blowing. Want to puke as I can guarantee he is chasing a doe right now!
  11. So the question is...... are they going to be on their feet in the morning now that it is like February?
  12. Drove to where I was going to sit this morning, got dressed whent to grab my bow....... not there! Drove home to get it and decided it must have been for a reason so I'm sitting this one out. Need a break anyway.
  13. Slow as can be here, have not seen a deer yet today. Think it's time to move shortly.
  14. Pic from what Dan posted...... And others I know have watched the big deer topping and breeding does. Which means the does are receptive. The biggest deer always get the first doe. I agree it's a bit earlier then usual but , it is happening.
  15. I believe that we are in the lock down for most big boys right now. Have heard of multiple sightings of big deer breading doe's the last two days. Had a good one at 35 yards locked right with a doe last night but they were in no hurry. My vacation starts Wednesday, and if my assumption is correct, should be perfect timing for the big ones to leave their 1st girlfriends of the season and looking for the next.
  16. I take that back starting Friday.
  17. It's the calm before the storm. After today its going to be a total different ball game. Weather trumps everything hands down. I have avoided hunting up until this point. Starting tomorrow it's full force ahead.
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