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  1. Tomorrow is the first day in the saddle (literally). Cant wait! Even my 5 year old is shooting like a pro out of it! Good luck this season everyone.
  2. I have a 4 or 5 on my lease and they are very productive when everything is dried up. The property is generally pretty wet when there is consistent rain. I just took a couple area that usually held the water the longest and dug 8ft - 10ft in diameter and 3ft - 4ft deep and they hold water all year long. The places to put them for me has been in between bedding and feeding in the woods. The first thing they want when they get out of their beds is water if it is available. They also can be very productive during the rut as the bucks are running hard, they are no different then us when over exerting ourselves, must have water!
  3. I have to agree, i would not consider this as "catfished". Believe I get how much losing hunting ground SUCKS!! I have been leasing the same property for 10 years now. I do ALL the work and pay for ALL that is needed from food plots to clearing trails and mowing or hanging posted signs. With all that, there has been for sale signs up the land to be sold! So some time in the near future I will be out, so again I feel your pain. But at the end of the day the new land owner has one goal right now just as any of us would, keep names and keep people off. Way to much goes into this sport to have one person come in that doesn't belong there that thinks they do to ruin an opportunity of a lifetime. That's my take.
  4. Yes, I have the Predator platform from Tethrd.
  5. Anyone else here hunting out of a saddle? This is going to be my first year and I absolutely cant wait. Definitely going to make for a different and fun season!
  6. Keith, you are correct and that's the route I am taking, I gotta guy . Just not sure which jacket to go with based on temps around here.
  7. Congrats on the 1st buck of the year, NH is no easy task!
  8. Guys who are using sitka here in the NY area, do you prefer the Stratus or Fanatic jacket? I am going with Stratus Bibs to protect my back side more since I will be in a Saddle this year. Just cant decide on the jacket.
  9. Anyone know if Dicks Sporting Goods has Sitka gear? I'm going to order bibs and a jacket but really want to try them on before ordering.
  10. Snowmobilers dont have anything to worry about, might get one weekend of ride able snow a season nowadays and that's not until late February- March. Plus I'm pretty sure it states that it would not affect the opening of trails. As for the rest of it, I like the late season, do away with the long gun season during the rut.
  11. Beckman bn2634c with 6ft - 9ft handle..... Fish USA finally has them in stock!
  12. I have mine going pretty good now that we have finally gotten some rain. I have just under a acre of soy beans fenced off, 2 acres of corn and a couple plots with clover and Chicory.
  13. I would say someone must have removed it for some reason. I too have a 2006 Pro Kicker Big Foot and the primer line runs to the bottum of the carb.
  14. Was wondering what one would do or have to do if they were fishing for Walleyes at night like a lot of Walleye guys do? Catch a fish at 10:00 o'clock for example, you can not weigh the fish correct? Only after 12:00 am is fish legal to Weigh?
  15. Pay out to the 20th place...... MAYBE 5 walleye will be entered...... leaves 15 empty payouts...... means more money in their bank!
  16. Looking to buy a Minn Kota with I pilot! Any one that knows of one or someone selling one? Thanks in advance!
  17. Looking for a starboard side Windshield for a Tracker Targa. Hopefully someone here could possibly have a lead to where I can find one off a used boat. Any help or info on something would greatly be appreciated!! Thanks A Lot!
  18. I'm pretty sure they were baught out by Pline a year or so ago. Crazy how hard it is to get just a net!
  19. You are not kidding! Think I'm going to go with the BN2634c but cant find one anywhere with the 4-7' handle.
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