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  1. I have looked there, the problem is the bridges are concrete and I did not see any evidence of birds
  2. Wondering if anyone may have an idea where I can buy some pigeons in the Rochester area. I have tried trapping them with very little success up to this point, so now I'm trying anything to get my hands on some. Thanks Matt
  3. Congrats guys with a great finish! Less is more A LOT of times. 1st year for me missing the shootout and it sucks. Kids Baseball trumped it this year, but hopefully back next!
  4. Looking for a " newer" style swivel head for Cannon downrigger without the wheel that the cable always jumps off. Looks like this one. Let me know if you have one laying around. Thanks
  5. 9s are definitely illegal, I was pondering the thought of getting some TSS's but man its unbelievable what they cost. Heading to Virginia in a week in half to start my season early, can't wait!
  6. Yup, that's exactly what I'm going to try. Have read a lot of people having this issue and it's a poorly drilled gas hole. Pretty ridiculous that for what you pay, they still have not fixed this issue! Fingers crossed that's all it is and I can enjoy shooting it for years!
  7. So I pulled the trigger yesterday and bought the A400 Xplor 20 gauge. To be fair I did not clean the gun before taking it out for its first ride. I put 80 rounds through it and 77 DID NOT eject! I was shooting light 7/8 Oz 1200 fps loads. Also have a sore cheek today due to pretty bad cheek slap, which I've never had with any other guns. Just curious if you happened to experience any of these things with your A400's? I am going to stop and grab some different size loads today and clean it really good tonight then give it another shot. Hopefully that's all I need to do here with the amount this gun costs. Other then that it is gorgeous and very balanced!
  8. I just wish I could find one! Has not been easy.
  9. Awsome stuff! It's definitely addicting with a pointer, nothing better. If I can find one..... I think this is it.....
  10. I'm still undecided on getting and auto or O/U. Just keep going back and forth. It's going to be strictly for upland so I'm leaning towards an O/U for weight and easy of carrying. But man there are a couple auto's I've fallen in love with!
  11. I am In search of a Hummingbird Xi 9 20 or Xi 1521 to hook to a Helix 7. Any chance anyone has one they are willing to part with? Thanks Matt
  12. You are correct, they also eat squirrels, rabbits , turkey, pheasant, quail, grouse, small deer ( I've seen it) , invade people's private stock. Oh yea they also invade nests of all of the above and more, so the list never ends on why these things shouldn't be taken.
  13. Leaning somewhat towards the Beretta a400.... any one running one of them?
  14. So this dog I have who will be 1 year old January 15th, has completely changed me and how I choose to spend my spare time. I have become addicted to following him around in the fields and getting him in the duck blind when possible! That being said I'm in the market for a new upland gun! Any recommendations on a good gun? I'm thinking I want something somewhat light in a 20 gauge...... but open to all ideas. Really not looking to drain my bank account but I am willing to put down some cash for something nice!
  15. Pm sent, not sure if it went through though......
  16. JakeyBaby

    Sold / Closed Legacy -The 2021 Season-

    Congrats again man!
  17. Hen Ringneck and Drake Hooded Merganzer Sent from my SM-A716U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. We were able to put a good mixed bag together yesterday and was finally fortunate enough to kill my #1 target bird this year! My first Redhead. I'm looking to get this guy mounted, Amy suggestions on someone who does quality work on birds? Sent from my SM-A716U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  19. I where it to and from , but not while on stand. I will continue you doing this no matter what laws are put into place! Why? I also lease and pay alot of money and do a ton of work every year to enjoy deer season. If I wear my orange while I'm elevated every trespasser that comes on my property can see me much much easier. I like to have them nice and close so there is no escape for them! Some things are just out of control these days, next it will be if you want go hunting it's mandatory you have a vaccine! Let'sgoBrandon! Sent from my SM-A716U using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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