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  1. I use a .270 savage and I have used it for white tail, mule deer, bear, antelope & caribou with 100% success, it is flat shooting and very accurate. My hunting buddies use a 30.06 and have had the same success so go with whichever one feels most comfortable for you. Good luck and have fun!
  2. Hi, what do want to get for it? I’m not sure what it’s worth and I don’t want to insult you by offering some low dollar amount. Thanks Greg - you can call or text me any time. 585-354-4075
  3. Great job Jeremy, That's a great fish! Not a good feeling when the boat dies out there glad you were able to get it going.
  4. I love the story and the picture because I had the same thing happen with my daughter 18 years ago and was about the same age as your daughter, she still loves to fish and still brags about that 18lb king which we have hanging on our wall, congratulations to you and your daughter I know it will be a lifetime memory that you will both treasure.
  5. We did not weigh either fish, I wish that we had but wanted to get both back into the water asap.
  6. Went out for the first time this year with my buddy who has not fished the lake in about 20 years so we had no big expectations, we went out to about 120 just west and did nothing then headed east and fished about the same depth and caught 1 Laker down 35 on a chrome and pink Bomber about 8lbs then had one rigger fire but lost the fish. On a whim thought I would try moving in to 60-80 ft about 1 mile west of the creek, caught the laker down 62 over 80 on a bloody nose spoon and the King 42 down over 80 on a Watermelon spoon. (see pics attached) Caught these fish just before the wind picked up out of the NE. Went 3 for 4 and had a ball!
  7. I have dropped the price to 3400.00 with the trailer, I have to sell it because I'm moving and have no where to keep it, if your interested you can call me or text at 585-354-4075 thank you Greg
  8. I had that happen on my boat, the warden did not ask who owned the boat, he wanted to know who hooked it and reeled it in and that is who got the ticket. The fish was 1/8 inch short (walleye) we told him to throw it back but........ yours was a great answer
  9. ArcticCat 2003 450 4X4 Automatic with only 771 miles 3400.00, runs great no issues or problems, this machine has great ground clearance perfect for hunting, work or just riding, it comes complete with a new battery, weather / trailering cover, Koplin storage box, gun rack and saddle bag storage. It comes with a nice trailer, that has a rear drop down gate for easy loading & unloading, new wheels and tires along with a wheel stand I will throw in the ratchet straps and bungy cords. You can reply on this site, call or text 585-354-4075 ask for Greg.
  10. Way to go Captain Rick! nice to see someone out there catching fish already.
  11. I just received the 6 spoons I ordered and they are perfect! can't wait to try them out! I love the paint job & colors, thanks Bob!
  12. Use 3/4 inch marine ply wood, put 3 coats of water seal on both sides and the edges, put the carpet down with good contact cement. Remember to use a sharp razorblade when cutting the carpet making sure that you cut the carpet with 1 cut each time (this is very important) so the carpet does not unravel, I use only 1 or 2 cuts with the blade before going to a new one. Good luck!
  13. pikeopay

    Perfect Morning

    It won't be long now!
  14. I have been in that situation its happening to a lot of people these days unfortunately. You can count me in for 100.00
  15. I have a CVA and have used powerbelts with triple 7 and 209 primers for many years, have shot (killed) many deer with them and have not lost one to date , I think the farthest a deer has gone before going down is about 50 yards, the only down side I have with them is that I have yet to find a blood trail so there have been some anxious moments. I have considered trying some other types because of the lack of a blood trail but I'm a chicken when it comes to changing something that works. All guns shoot ammo different so try different ammo combinations and use what is most accurate in yours as they will all work if you put the shot in the right place.
  16. I'm glad that I have not run into any charter boat captains like that out of Oak orchard as they seem like real good guys, If that situation had happened to me I would have been back at the dock waiting with a DEC officer for sure! there is no reason for that type of thing to go on and I'm afraid that if it goes un-reported that this idiot will continue to do this type of thing. I'm also thinking that if he keeps it up that he might just run into someone who is a little bigger and badder back at the dock who will straighten his ass out. LooseEeye's advice of fishing out of the pack is good advice!
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