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  1. I have a CVA and have used powerbelts with triple 7 and 209 primers for many years, have shot (killed) many deer with them and have not lost one to date , I think the farthest a deer has gone before going down is about 50 yards, the only down side I have with them is that I have yet to find a blood trail so there have been some anxious moments. I have considered trying some other types because of the lack of a blood trail but I'm a chicken when it comes to changing something that works. All guns shoot ammo different so try different ammo combinations and use what is most accurate in yours as they will all work if you put the shot in the right place.
  2. I'm glad that I have not run into any charter boat captains like that out of Oak orchard as they seem like real good guys, If that situation had happened to me I would have been back at the dock waiting with a DEC officer for sure! there is no reason for that type of thing to go on and I'm afraid that if it goes un-reported that this idiot will continue to do this type of thing. I'm also thinking that if he keeps it up that he might just run into someone who is a little bigger and badder back at the dock who will straighten his ass out. LooseEeye's advice of fishing out of the pack is good advice!
  3. I was out last Saturday 385 feet of water using mag dipsy's on a 2 setting 220 out with spin doctor's and fly's only caught 2 kings one 28lbs and one 32lbs, fished from 10:30 to 3:00pm so not a lot of action but they were nice fish and we were happy. Oh and we were using 20lb mono.
  4. About 5 years ago I completely stripped out the interior of my boat, carpet, floors, seats, wiring, console, everything... I replaced the main floor and casting decks with 3/4 inch marine plywood (also 3 coats of water proofing) I also used all stainless screws to attach the floor. I purchased the highest grade marine carpet that I could find and attached it to the wood floor with a commercial grade rubber cement. I did the project over the winter as it did take a lot of time cutting and fitting the carpet around the seat boxes, livewells, console, lids etc... my project still looks like new after 5 years. One trick that I did learn was when cutting the carpet use a new blade every cut or 2 and make sure that you cut through on the first cut, by doing this the carpet will not unravel at the edges and save you time and money, I would think linolium might be slippery when wet but I'm not sure. I bought a new cover for the boat from Bass Pro 4 years ago and its holding up well, I store it inside all winter but it sits outside with the cover on it from April until November I think it cost around 150.00. As far as your motor goes I can tell you that I had a 1972 Chrysler 55 hp many years ago that ran like a top, I sold that boat and motor to a guy in Albion NY 18 years ago and he is still running it today. Good luck with your project! any questions that you may have give me a shout . 585-354-4075 or reply on this site.
  5. Wind south 10 mph turning north west waves 1 foot or less with some patchy fog early, I'm sorry can't give you an updated fishing report as I have not been out in over a week, the last time that I was out I caught fish in the 85 to 120 ft range, I fished the bottom and caught a bunch of Lakers (some real nice ones) on black & silver magnum spoons. as you know things may have changed since then. Good luck!
  6. Went out Saturday from 7:00am to 1:30pm and I fished & fished & fished but got skunked 0 notta nothing zippo and just when I thought that I had it all figured out! I thought well I will just go out and turkey hunt on Sunday morning instead of going out on the water again and torturing my self again but when I got up this morning I thought I would give it another shot and I am really glad that I did because I had more fun than any 1 man should have! I started out straight north to 150ft and worked out to 220 and nothing so I headed back in and started marking fish at 140 so I worked the water between 120 and 140 feet 90 to 128 down just west of the point and the fun began with a 16lb brown then a12lb brown a 17lb laker then 5 more fish in the same area, then while trolling into port 65 feet of water on the bottom a 24 lb Laker to finish the day. Black and silver spoons worked best for me though I caught a couple on a green glow frog. Total for the day was ..... 4 browns, 4 lakers and 1 small king
  7. First time out this year, Started out about 6:30am and fished 6-12 feet of water with stick baits, to my surprise I could not catch a fish on them so about 9:00 I switched to spoons and hooked up right away on a small brown, then the action got hot and ended up going 7 for 8. I used a magnum size Savant green and silver to catch 5 of them and a Carbon 13 on the other 2. No real big ones all in the 2-6 lb range but it was fun for sure. Caught them all off the down riggers down 5 ft and about 100 ft back. Water temp was between 40 & 43.5, caught some on the inside and outside edge of the mud line and some in the clear water, did not seem to matter which direction I trolled and speed was between 2.3 and 2.8 ( was off the water by 10:45)
  8. I have used the west marine batteries in the past and they worked fine but I have found the Interstate batteries to be the best they seen to hold the charge longer and last longer. My buddies use them in their boats also and they say the same thing.
  9. Nice fish buddy, way to go!
  10. That is a beauty! Congratulations!
  11. pikeopay


    Nice Buck! we did an antelope hunt with the same guide and had a great time, 4 of us got one and the 5th guy missed. Congratulations on your trophy he is a beauty!
  12. pikeopay

    Life is good!

    Artic Caribou
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    Fun Fishing

    At the Oak!
  14. pikeopay

    Brown Trout

    At the Oak!
  15. finnlander, I use stren mono 17-20lb and I do catch browns, coho's, & steelies with the some Laker's and King's using the methods I posted to you in my 1st reply to your post.
  16. finnlander, I fish out of Oak Orchard and troll with my 17.5 tracker boat (40hp) and fish anywhere from 50ft to 5ft of water in early spring through about the 1st week in june, I flat line with 2 lines generally 60 to100 feet back depending on the clarity of the water and do the same with my 2 down riggers (I will fish the downriggers 8ft to the bottom if Im in that 20ft to 50ft range), I try to fish a mud line if possible and kind of zig zag in and out of it. I like to fish with stickbaits the Bomber 15A's in different colors and Dream Weaver spoons (Mag size) Purple and green worked great for me last season though my biggest brown 18lb 6oz last season came on a wonder bread Bomber, Believe me I'm no expert and a lot of it is trial and error but that is part of the fun. I have been out there on days when I caught as many fish as a charter boat and days when I can't catch a fish while other boats are killing them but thats fishhing. Oh 1 more thing my trolling speed is between 2.0 & 2.5 Good Luck !
  17. Thanks again Capt! I look forward to your reports everyday its much appreciated!
  18. I have been fishing just a little east of the point in 80 -150 ft of water 50 to 90 feet down off my downriggers using 4 or 4.5 inch spoons, I have been using green alwife, black & purple and black & silver colors, I don't usually give out any advice because I'm no expert thats for sure but maybe this will get you started. Good luck!
  19. Great report thanks and nice fish! Sorry about your truck, I will be looking out for the scumbag also, I fish out of Oak Orchard most of the time maybe he'll show up there.
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