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  1. I bought a couple 12lbers from him they work great.
  2. These things are pretty cool especially in the clear water at lake Ontario. The only bad thing is it also shows you how many fish followed your presentation and turned away LOL.
  3. Last Thursday was the last day we were able to get out, we found them around 650, riggers were down 120 using the same lure spread. Caught fish everyday we went out! See everyone in the spring, be safe out there! Tight lines.
  4. Got a late start this morning, waited till the rain passed by wave action wasn't too bad but the wind had changed direction, took a little while but we finally tracked them down, 550 was our best depth withe the same mix of lures.
  5. Had another nice day out of Fairhaven got out late and started in 550 got 1 king 18lbs around 600 down 120 on the rigger SWR using a moonshine blue jackal, a little while later the same rigger fired and we got the second king 13 1/5. We had a hit on a twinky rig on the dipsey out 320 nobody home, we turned west and trolled down hill at 650 and added 2 smaller kings on the 300 copper with the dancing anchovy. Turned back around retracing and had 2 more come unbuttoned before we pulled the lines and headed in.
  6. Working hard bringing in a king on the 450 copper.
  7. Had another good day out of Anchor Marina in Fairhaven. We started in 250 and headed out to 700. Got a limit of Steelhead and Kings. The Moonshine Dancing Anchovie on the 300 and 450 Coppers. Had our lines down in the 45 degree around 110 down. Missed/lost at least another 10 fish. My buddy Bill fought a beast for 10 - 15 mins around 650' deep when it cam unbuttoned.
  8. Went out of Anchor Resort and Marina this morning while the waves were managable. We headed out to around 200 and trolled back downhill, no takers we swung around and trolled out to around 300 and hit 1 King 13.5 on the 450 Copper with a magnum moonshine rv dancing anchovie. Had a few other releases then we swung back around and picked up a skippy. Off the water around 11:00.
  9. I saw him in May headed back to the dock past Anchor marine so he is still around.
  10. From what I heard at the Niagara Show in Jan the owner decided to shut down and didn't have any plans to sell. Bummer
  11. Snubber goes between the diver and the lure should you choose to run one. You could also use soft steel stretchable fluorocarbon or monofilament in your lbs test choice. Either with give you a little stretch should a big fish decide to play.
  12. Get some snap weights to add to the front to get deeper.
  13. Just picked up a couple of the chinook divers at the Niagara Show can't wait to try them out.
  14. So after a little research we determined that the hot spoon was the Moonshine RV dancing Anchovy, the little Kings seems to bite anything but the big ones preferred something blue.
  15. Fishing out of Anchor Resort and Marina, my friend Bill and I are having a great week with keepers each day as well as a bunch of throwing backs. Our best water has been 210 - 300 west out of the chute. Best lure is the magnum blue moonshine mongolian beef, several other blue spoons have worked as well. Best rod was the 300 copper with a 3 oz snap weight on the front down the chute. Riggers helped with spoons back 60 -70 down between 70 - 85 feet. Biggest fish was 24 3/4, new peronal best but my wife still holds the record with a 33 lbs king. Tight lines! Dave
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