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  1. Did try mining this past weekend on my 300 32lb blood run. End up adding a torpedo weight pulling a spoon and ended up getting a few in the 80-90 foot range. Last year I ran 540' of 45 lb copper that I used years ago for jerking copper with gteat success.. I want to know where I can buy the 60 lb copper in 450' and what reel I would use. I see the dive chart listed under blood run, but not for sale. I am primarily looking for a july, August, September setup on my home waters targeting 100-130 range.
  2. 175 opti and it burns some oil. I would buy a 4 stroke if I had the choice
  3. Will give it a try bloodrun! I have tried out the spin glo's on my home waters with riggers and have had limited success, but have had great success with the 32 pound super copper 50' of fluorocarbon 30 lb leader and a 5' section of smaller fluorocarbon to a spoon. I do jig the rod every so often to entice followers and it produces. I grew up jerking copper and your wire blows away the 45 pound copper I used to use
  4. Per the blood run pro tips, how much leader to the spin & glow from copper?
  5. I was fortunate to water test my old boat with the marine mechanic when I repowered. We ended up changing mounting holes as we had planning issues and there was lots of torque on thg e wheel. I bet your listing is caused by torque from the wrong height and you can not sense it because of the hydraulic steering. As far as your top speed you are getting robbed. I have 700 ponds more weight on a 20' plate aluminum hull, 18 deg,kicker,rocket launcher all the bells and whistles pushed by a 175 opti max with five guys at 42 mph on a good day.
  6. I bought a fully rigged 09 alumaweld intruder from this site last year. Being fully rigged with pro kicker & TRL1 all I had to due is add my electronics, downrigger weights and tackle and I was fishing. Use the site search tempest and be ready to run with money in hand to get what you want.
  7. Depends on if you fish in the waters than contain yankee's fans. Or if you fish in waters that typically contain redsocks fans...lol
  8. Great looking rig! I bought an 09 alumaweld intruder off LOU classifieds last year and couldn't be happier.
  9. Rick, Thanks for the quick shipping! Lure pads worked out Great! Really like the two sided ones for stick baits as they fit nice behind my seats. Even if I don't catch fish I got one pimped out rig
  10. The boat I last year had the glp delete and it is a great peace of equipment
  11. Back in the 80's I outfitted my 12 foot row boat with a 2×10 screwed between the transom and sidewall at the stern. Had a cannon east troll mounted and it caught fish. Looking back I came close to swimming a few times trolling in a small shallow boat. Boat I was a dumb poor tenager..
  12. I have an hds5 gen 1 that was doing the same thing. Put the latest update in and it works great. It is now networked with a gen 3 hds7 to share waypoints.
  13. Downrigger weights Live in glens falls and can pick up locally
  14. Thanks for the reply Andre, To bad I can't share the map between the two units. Is this the unit I should be looking at, or should I go another direction?
  15. Currently have a generation 1 Lowrance HDS5 with 2009 navionics hotmaps premium card. Looking to add HDS-7 and network the two units. Am I looking in the right direction for a good setup?
  16. My set of 12 and 14 came in the mail today! All I can say is WOW Put me on the contact list when you make more next winter!
  17. If you are going that far...you might include some road kill skunk, arse hole and all
  18. Going to see this boat and wanted to know fair cash price 05 191 starcraft islander well cared for I/o (no autopilot) 9,9 mecury kicker with troll control rocket launcher single axel trailer thanks for your help.
  19. Bought a set from Tom and they work great!
  20. I got a set of half keels and wanted to know if i use the factory holes for mounting the half keel. When i use the factory holes on the second keel they are not paralel to each other. Looks like i need to drill a new front hole? The keels in the pick below appear to be parallel. Thanks for any help.
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