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  1. ty guys for the help. i was thinking the same.
  2. ok the other day i came in from fishing and i was parked in the yard and my gf said i left something on in the boat. i went out to look and found my motor was trimming up by its self. so i set it back to lock position. hour later was doing the same thing again. its a Yamaha 250 vx outboard. any help would be great. have a guy looking at it and he cant find anything wrong.
  3. blingbones

    13.9LB Walleye

    awesome fish congrats
  4. better then we did. went out of oswego yesterday and marked fish from 120 to 300 fow, never hit a fish till till 7 pm just outside the harbor.
  5. shes very cute and now she has a new best friend. good luck
  6. welcome aboard as im new to been fishing in oswego doing pretty good on browns and lakers a few steelheed. been fishing around 100 to 150 fow. went 9 for 13.
  7. i have that stuff that's the same size diameter as the 30
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