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  1. Fire drills are great when your co-captain knows what he is doing. Last time we had one, my buddy drive to close to another bought and caught their big board line... Luckily it broke our line and they were none the wiser.
  2. I'll be staying on Chaumont next week if anyone is looking to do some fishing. Someone knowledgable of the area would be preferred.
  3. Yeah the extended forecast looks like some solid weather. Two years ago when we stayed in Sodus it was the same story, hit and miss reports and then things set up the same time we were vacationing. Ended up catching salmon every time i went out. Only trouble is that I had to steer the boat, fight the fish, and net the fish. Luckily my daughter is big enough to help out now. Starcraftloaded: Were you getting walleye on the lake side or bay side?
  4. I'll definitely be chasing the kings. If its slow I'll look for walleye. Is it a stick or crank bite?
  5. Staying on Chaumont next week and was wondering if anything is happening out of Henderson or Galoo... I'm guessing its a bit early and i might have to stick to walleye.
  6. Very nice. From the St. Lawrence?
  7. Nowadays I only fish where I have a chance to catch a trophy.
  8. I've been told that you have to troll real slow 1.5 mph or so for Oneida walleye. I don't bother with trolling because I have great success jigging but i'm told that trolling deep diving sticks is very popular at Chaumont. Do you have to troll that slow for Ontario walleye? I'll be staying on Chaumont Bay for a week at the end of the month and i'm starting to figure out a game plan. If i drag two small buckets my boat will do 1.8-2.0 mph, but not any slower. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. That's how the ordeal started to unfold. The big boat running towards shore that would not change course forced us to turn into water under 80. Two of my lines were set at that depth. The secondary problem is that the two guys with me have never fought a fish over 5 pounds...
  10. If its out of the east it must not be too rough near Mexico or Oswego???
  11. Slow day. Fished 150 in to 90, dropped 2 including a beast that took us out to 600. Would have been manageable except a boat running perpendicular refused to move at all and told us " I can't steer, get out of the way". Had to pull a uturn with a fish out 500 and 3 dipseys out. Anyway we had all lines in and were able to chase the fish as it ran under two other boats and ended up tangling in lines from the Water Wolf. The guys were real gracious, untangled the line, gave us back our gear and were genuinely a class act. At that point it was 1145 and the sun was poking through so we ended on a good note and hit Rudy's for lunch. Both fish were on spoons, nbk and glow frog. It is refreshing to deal with a charter boat and guys like that. Thanks again!
  12. I forgot my net a couple Aprils ago and lost two 12-14 pound browns and my favorite plugs at the back of the boat.
  13. Woops. Ya meant 300 feet! Your arm would fall off fighting a salmon out 300 yards!!
  14. A bit off topic... I have Magda 20's that I use for browns. A king might take you for a ride on a 20 if you have 300 yards out...unless you have skills I've had trouble with low teens browns out 175.
  15. Don't feel like spending any more dough this year... Was considering saddling up a pair of 6'3" Guide Series musky rods to run my inside dipseys. They are medium heavy action, rated for 40# test and 4 oz lures. Thoughts???
  16. I saw some decent ones in the southern end of Sodus Bay last August. They were chasing my senkos. The day I got there i talked to the guys at the tackle shop and they acted like no one fishes for them and there aren't many around... I also saw several dead 2-3 footers.
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