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  1. All of the dirty water is west / southwest heading towards Oswego, at least that was the case on Friday.
  2. Ditto. But we caught a 10 pound brown in the bright sun Friday afternoon.
  3. Slow as expected. Very sunny and beautiful, but nice to be on the water. Caught one 10 pounder near nine Mile Point in 28 feet of water. If you want dirty water you should probably go to Oswego. Based on the wind direction I think that's where all the dirty water in Mexico Bay is from.
  4. I've never used any and had great success. Then again i don't used jointed ralalas and they definately need help getting down. If you use storm and bomber sticks i don't think you need to worry about it. Its also one more way to create a tangle during deployment. Just my 2 cents.
  5. You should always be prepared to keep em when you pull them up from deep and cold water. "Jax" idea sounds great if you have a crew to help manage that system.
  6. 3 storm or bomber sticks in firetiger 3 smithwicks in clown
  7. What species are you fishing for? I use 80 or 100# homemade fluorocarbon leaders for Pike. Its invisible and tough and you can make any length you want. I've caught plenty over 40" with no damage to the leaders. Forget about it for bluefish though. They can bite through steel.
  8. I almost always go atleast 1/2 mile west/southwest before dropping a line.
  9. Do you mean the launch at Wrights Landing or the drift boat launch under the river bridge?
  10. I think your post from last year might be the one I was trying to recall. Looks like Mexico is a no go for this weekend because of launch conditions...
  11. My buddy said Mexico launch has several inches of ice and snow and the outlet to the lake is icy. Guess ill find something else to do.
  12. Since I plan to hit the lake this weekend for browns I figured I would ask what is the coldest water that you have trolled and had decent success... Last year I recall some guys hitting them good a couple weeks after the super bowl out near the oak.
  13. I thought Wright's Landing did not open until April? Anyone else plan to get out this weekend? Is it a safe assumption that the gate is open at Little Salmon / Mexico Point? Last I checked the water was mid 40's but it dropped to mid 30's due to all the north wind. Think we'll have a bucket of minnows handy if the fish are too sluggish for trolling speed...
  14. I want to get out this Saturday or Sunday for browns, but I'm not sure what is accessible. I don't care if the docks are in as long as I can get in the water. Is the lower end of Salmon River, Little Salmon River, Oswego River, etc. still frozen? My buddy is taking a drive up tomorrow afternoon to look, but I figured I would try and save him a trip if anyone has intel.
  15. I couldnt go slow enough before i started pulling big boards. I use to hang a 5 gallon bucket over each side 3/4 of the way up the boat off of the cleats. I drilled a lot of 5/8" holes in the bottoms and up the sides half way. Works great for cheap. I've seen a lot of charters do it. I've heard a lot of complaints about bags plus they are pricey. My big boards actually slow my boat down at least half a MPH...
  16. Ditto on the accudepths. I think even my cheap okuma magdas have better drag system.
  17. Wild fish wild places or something like that. [ Post made via Android ]
  18. Watching a show where guys are fishing for Lakers with a squid connected directly to a flasher with no space between... Ever been tried on great lakes? [ Post made via Android ]
  19. Triton 351 with triple 300's. Saw a Guy on LIS fishing by himself for stripers while watching the Yankees game. When it took off it sounded like a jet. It was named the Millennium Falcon. [ Post made via Android ]
  20. I did a calculation and figured it would take 30 trillion gallons to bring lake Ontario back up two feet. [ Post made via Android ]
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