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  1. Was going to hit the lake with braid and dipseys Sunday afternoon? Are the fleas still bad? [ Post made via Android ]
  2. This would matter more to a river fisherman hoping for a slammer... Except females (who are building egg mass), they must loose mass after their stomachs shrivel up to the size of a chapstick and they stop eating... They still have to use alot of energy to carry on and make their run. The salmon that you observe dying early on the run, likley did not feed heavy enough before its run. I would also guess that the longer they stage, the less plump they will be ( a dry and warm late summer / fall would likely result in smaller fish due to longer staging length). I presume their bodies act similar to ours in that fat is used first to make energy and then muscle. You can get a lot of fat out of a salmon fillet... I wouldn't be surprised if the record male (47#) weighted 50# in the lake. Just my 2 cents. Regardless, its pretty impressive the way they bulk up.
  3. Pretty good results considering the tangles you described in your other post.
  4. I agree. I wish I bought a fish hawk instead of a new ff. I did get a great deal on a hb 797 hd di for less than 700. But it doe not help too much in selecting depth. Deep water temp is key. [ Post made via Android ]
  5. Why fish for browns with all the kings around? [ Post made via Android ]
  6. I hear you on keeping things simple. If i ran more than 5 lines on my boat with the guys that go with me, i'd be swimming in lines. I need a bigger boat!
  7. Yeah we ran lines off big boards on Saturday, about 75' from the boat. We got 1 small brown...didn't know it was there til we pulled in the dipsy. My confidence factor was pretty low, especially since most of the salmon i marked were well below the depth i could reach. As my dad says: Thats why they call it fishing, not catching.
  8. Yeah after second thought, i would go deepest at the boat and shallower as i work out. We used cannon medium tension pinch releases. They are likely too strong to release for a 3# brown though... An 001 dipsy will run much deeper than an 82 walker.
  9. What would you say is a fair price for a pair of decent condition manual Cannon uni troll hp or easi troll downriggers. I'm figuring that it'll be hard to find a set with swivel bases. I'm keeping a tight eye on some on Ebay, but i'm not 100% certain whats fair. I was thinking no more than $300 / pair delivered. There is a pair of manual Cannon Marlins that i think i can get with the swivel mounts for $300. I know that electric would be nice, but i'm still young and strapping and i only get out a couple times a month.
  10. When retrieving a dipsy that i cannot get to release (what a pain in the neck), the line is typically twisted around the snubber. I presume that this occurs during the retrieve. Anyone else experience this and concur? Does anyone have a test method to setting the dipsy at the right tension. Seems like with the magnums, they really have to be cranked down...
  11. We fished last Saturday off Oswego for browns. The sun was up quick and it was bright very early. The water had plenty of color, but inshore fishing for browns was pretty slow. We ran a big spread between 30 and 50 FOW. I have limited time to head up to the lake (at most 2 saturdays per month). Am I better off going after something else on a picture perfect day? I experienced this a few times last year, where the fishing became extremely tough as early as 8 a.m even in colored water. Frankly i'd prefer to fish on cloudy and cooler days anyway.
  12. Last Saturday there were alot of Kings in 70-110 FOW and they were pretty tight to the bottom. Thought they were Lakers at the time so I ignored the. When i got home and read the reports i was kicking myself...they were Kings. We did manage 1 in 75 FOW and 35' down. This weekend i'm gunna stack spoons above my mag dipsys.
  13. I'm planning on heading to Oswego on Saturday as well, unless a number of you guys would suggest heading a bot further west...
  14. The gunnels on my boat are only 4" wide and are not flat, so mounting like the boat above is not possible. Can someone post some pics of the 2x10 cross beam mounting option?
  15. i would rank yellow birds as very good in line planers. they are great for dragging sticks and spoons for browns. they run great in the big waves too. [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  16. How do you keep the boards from trying to pass the boat when you reel them in? That is quite annoying?
  17. I just bought a pair through Ebay that I am very happy with for the price. They are from a guy in PA who makes them himself. I paid $100 for a pair and they came spooled with 200# tow line and a 400# clip. His Ebay username is dealsonreels2010. I can send you a pic if you PM me.
  18. Traxtech does have great stuff, but i'm not sure my budget (or my wife) would allow such an expenditure... Its likley inevitable that i'll get a bigger boat in a few years so i hate to dump too much $$ into this one.
  19. i ll take pics from all so i can devise a plan. thx! [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
  20. I think the 2x10 platform is likely the best bet for my setup. can u send me photos of the connections? thx [ Post made via Mobile Device ]
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