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  1. is it similar to this rack? http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-Spinning-Floor-Rod-Rack/product/10215368/ where are you located? if its similar and If your somewhere(CNY) I can pick it up I will take it... Dan
  2. Happy Birthday Frank!!! and pap too...
  3. Prayers for your wife and family
  4. Looking for a prop or a pair(LH and RH), PM me thanks Dan
  5. We had a great time too, what a great event for a great cause. A big thanks to Chad and everyone involved in organizing the tournement and party after. Dan
  6. Glad you're ok Glenn, i checked the video section but no video yet... Keep a cold beer in hand... Dan
  7. Jerry Welcome to LOU, you will find a ton of freat info here... Dan
  8. Wrights is open, i dont think they sell Licenses. Larry has been open quite a bit but he doesnt sell licenses. Best bet would be Walmart in Oswego
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