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  1. Thanks for sharing. We love reading your reports and seeing the pictures. If anyone ask me about going on a charter, I'm definately going to recommend you.
  2. I have brought up this question . Leave the open division for the newbies.
  3. Thank you for the heads up. That's a lot closer than Pulaski.
  4. Why not have some possum and make it a surf and turf.
  5. Captain Rick, we love reading your reports. You're one of the guys who's not afraid to share information. Good luck to you and your team this tournament season.
  6. Then they shouldn't say open division is for the weekend angler if some charter captain and crew with years of experience is going to enter the same division. You're going to match up two guys in a 17 foot boat against a charter captain and a crew of say four guys with a big boat against each other. Let's see the back of the charter boat looks like a dance floor and they have plenty of room to move rods around and out of the way when they have hook ups not mentioning how well the big boat handles the waves. Two guys using six rods or five guys using twelve to fifteen rods. But that's fair, right? I know what you're going to say. Don't enter it. All I'm saying is keep it even. Have a different division for bigger boats. You wonder why a lot of guys don't enter the open division????????
  7. I asked the same question two years ago. It says Open Division is for the weekend recreational angler. Yet there have been charter captains entered in it with charter boats. No one from the ProAm committee would answer my question.
  8. What depth would you run it? I was wondering if I could use it in the spring in shallow water or will it snag or is it more for deep water going for steely's just below the surface.
  9. Thanks guys. I'll use it on my downrigger. What is a mooching reel?
  10. I have an Okuma ten foot classic pro model CPM-10M that has never been used. The line weight is ten to twentyfive pounds and the lure weight says one half to three ounces. It says the word Mooching on it. What does that mean?
  11. Bondouley, Do you use these spoons on a downrigger or planer board. If you use them on a planer or just trailing out the back, do you use them by themselves or do you add a split shot to them to make them sink? They are light weight. Thanks
  12. I'm getting excited reading these post. I have about 14 of those spoons. I bought them about five years ago and have never used them before but I'm going to this year. They say Evil Eye on the inside part of the spoon almost in the middle. Some are small silver ones with orange stripe, some have a black stripe and some of them are black colored metal instead of regular silver colored metal. I have some from about 2 inches long up to about 3 1/2 almost 4 inches. I can't wait to try them out. They are light weight spoons. I didn't know you could catch other species. I thought they were only for spring brown trout in shallow water.
  13. Thanks for the help, now I know what these are.
  14. Thanks for the info. I thought maybe they were rare or worth something cause I've never seen them at the tackle stores.
  15. Anybody ever hear of Swan spoons. Some say Swan 31,Swan 44, some say Victor, New York. They are very light like flutter type spoons. I have some 22 Miller Hamburg, New York Flutter Lite spoons. And other no names but the numbers 43, 81, 34 also Quick Strike 22 and 31 and Thin Doctor 175 and other Doctor spoons with three little red dots. These spoons are all very light. I think they would be good brown trout spoons in the early spring. Anyone familiar with these?
  16. Gee if we had voted for the other guy back in November, we wouldn't be going through this. Guys can get up at 4:00 AM and fish all day or sit in a deer stand but can't take fifteen minutes to go to their polls. I don't know how honest the other guy was but he was going to repeal it.
  17. I have to figure out how to post pictures on this here
  18. I have a lot that do not have any names on them. The ones that do have names are Canadian and US. The ones made in Canada are Williams Warbler, also heavy spoon called a Wizard 77 then there is a US and Canadian patent called a Equalizer I have some weird ones with holes punched in them. Some say Nasty Boy, Heddon Sounder and a lot of the other ones with the holes don't have a name. Most have circular holes in them but one has six rectangle shaped holes in it. There are a few of the other ones Gibbs Gator ,Flutter Chuck Magnum with a devil face on the front, Slammer, Manistee by Luhr Jensen, Copy Cat 7400, Red Eye Lures but heavier than the other ones and a solid spoon with no red bead in the middle. I have some that have a diamond shape stamped in the middle. One spoon is unique because it is silver on top and gold on the bottom about 4" long and where it is separated, it is diagonal and not straight across. I have shorter ones also with the diamond stamped almost in the middle. I have a bunch of spoons that have many diamond shapes stamped throughout the whole spoon. These are different that the ones with the one diamond stamp. They are much lighter. Also G1Shop-1 spoons? I couldn't make out what was stamped on the inside scoop. I found out some of the other ones are called Honey Bees.
  19. Do they still make these? The Reekers are real light and seem like they would be good brown trout spoons. I have a bunch of these in different sizes from 1 1/2" to about 3". The evil eyes are two types of spoons. Some are metal like a regular spoon and others are very light and shaped more rounder and wider at the bottom. Those feel almost like a flutter spoon. The evil eyes have a round faceted bead built into the spoon. What are these good for?
  20. Thanks guys for your help. I was going to get rid of them but now I'm going to hang on to them and try them out. Thanks again.
  21. I was wondering if someone could answer my question. Does anyone know the brand or name of spoons that have a skull and crossbones Some have the numbers 55 and others the number 66. I have a bunch of them from a garage sale.
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