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  1. Water is still crazy low. I would think Union Springs would be a no go.
  2. I bought mine off of Gunbroker. If you look around you should be able to find the T3 for much less than that.
  3. Mark, Those should do very well in Owasco and Cayuga! You are a very patient soul. Don't blame you on the 15# leader!
  4. I've got a set and they work great. They aren't fancy by any means but they work very well. If you are interested in having them be removable; I mounted cannon deck plates to my gunwales and just drilled the bases of the rod trees to match the holes of the cannon plates, that way when I don't want them on the boat they are easy to take off.
  5. I have the synthetic. Its very light and the action is ultra smooth. I am hoping to take it to Mississippi in 2 weeks to test it out on some hogs. The only negative I have found so far is that the cartridge space in the clip is shorter that the actual throat space in the barrel, meaning that I lengthened out some hand loads that would fit in the barrel fine but the wouldn't fit in the clip. But to be fair it isn't a high priced rifle.
  6. If you ever read anything by David Petzal he says that the 7-08 is the best deer round on the market. It is very versatile with infinite options. I have one in a Tikka T3 and like it very much. I have very good luck with the 120 gr. Barnes TTSX (Thanks DVD) as well as 140 gr Nosler Partition with 42 gr of 4064.
  7. Pirates Escape? Homage to both of you.
  8. The pictures they have at the park registration desk of ice fisherman in the marina are insane. I really couldn't believe how many people were packed in there.
  9. I did some hinge cutting and trimming yesterday as well. Come on spring.
  10. Watching the dog work and having 4 kids under 8 in the blind were the highlights for me.
  11. Matt, Where did you get your pup?
  12. I ran into an older gentleman at the launch in Barcelona a couple years ago that told me he won it in 1983 with a 43# king. That's a beast!