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  1. My daughter (15) shot a nice longbeard at first light this morning. My middle son (16) did all the calling. Great morning, sent a pic to Legacy, hoping he will post it for me.
  2. Can't beat that! Go get em. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  3. Good luck to all going out with their kids in the morning. Always a fun morning. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  4. Sure, no reason not to. Depending on the depth your working and your lead lengths adding a little weight will put that lure in a different spot than one without.
  5. Slide divers are the only dipsys I run. Good supply at gander mountain. As far as I'm concerned slide divers are to dipsys what spin drs are to dodgers, the perfect replacement. Sent from my iPhone using Lake Ontario United
  6. twenty years ago my mom and dad were cod fishing stellwagen bank. Jigging with 36oz norwegian jigs and my dad caught "bottom". Bottom started to move. Ended up with a 136lb Halibut. Had a hell of a time getting it in the boat. Used to love the early season fishing growing up in Mass. Big cod, Wolffish, Mackeral etc. Fond memories.
  7. Cant wait! Going to be a great season. Going to throw the last breast from last year in the smoker this weekend.
  8. Overall Im not sure about all the changes, I liked the original format. Chances of a boat out of Sandy catching a winning spring king are very small. Find it hard to believe that prize structure affects the amount of entries. "gee I have never signed up before, but now that lakers and bows dont count Im in!" ???????? Either way Im looking forward to the Derby and hope to take some of his money. Hope other Sandy boats fair well also. Going to have to chase the early bight, not having a weigh station for ten miles in either direction kind of ruins the evening trips.
  9. Steve and Ed have had some crazy success with lakers. To his credit, Brian has as well.
  10. Is it possible that the Laker exclusion is because they live so long and are one of few that naturally reproduce in the lake? Kings die by year five, end of story. Lakers can live to a hundred from what I have read. Killing off too many lakers over the slot limit cant have a positive impact on the fishery. As far as Chilsons rules, its his derby. Kind of like a buffet, find something you like. There are some big carp in the lake also, second cousin to the lake trout just a little harder to catch LOL
  11. Id troll north south 180 to 300 riggers 70 80 90 100 dipsys @250 and 300 mostly spin Dr's
  12. Your going to get many different opinions to your question They will all be right and they will all be wrong. Although different people will prefer different temps, put me down for 50 degrees.
  13. Great tourney, run really well due to the hard work and time these guys put in. It's a class act and was a Fun day. It was hard to pick the teams success by their faces at the awards ceremony, everyone I saw was smiling and enjoying time with family and good friends. Can't put a price on that Thanks all for a fun time.
  14. Was a nice day, and yes Congrats to jay trish and Andy, you guys make it look easy.
  15. Keep your eyes on the surface temp map (located on the left side of the home page on this site) periodically the lake "flips" and it puts cold water on shore during the summer months. When that happens a lot of the fish head for warmer water offshore however some, mostly browns, will congregate in shallow water. When this happens you can definately catch some off the piers.
  16. as long as water temps dont exceed 60 degrees you should be able to pick up browns at first and last light with spoons and plugs. 8 lb line is fine and the local piers like hamlin beach or the oak are a good bet. Later in the year, mid september it will pick up.
  17. thank you, have been working too much, getting out friday am. Looking forward to it. looks like im going to do the brown trout thing.
  18. I would only do that if I was looking for lakers for summer kings that havent started to stage 48-50
  19. How far back, what color,how fast,what direction,.............................yikes
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