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  1. Is there a price for just the trolling motor....I don't need the batteries, just bought
  2. My dead girlfriend (because it's blue...get it)
  3. Oh, almost forgot. Returned unharmed for another customer on another day
  4. Fished Keuka Sunday for a few hours, mainly perch fishing but caught a whole bag..lakers, pickerel, smallies....including this beauty. I know Keuka has Browns in it but never boated one. Not a bad one to start with. My good friend is the lucky angler!
  5. It takes getting involved and helping the DEC. They are stealing from everyone, that's right...they are stealing from YOU. Each and every one of you. Get a pic, note the time and day, where it happened and any warden worth their salt will snap it up and LOVE the help. Be willing to testify if that is needed. I don't know a lot but I do know that the DEC can't do it themselves, they are few and have limitations (one person, one place at a time). If we do nothing then we condone the activity. Is the DEC perfect, absolutely not, no agency is but each one of us has a part of this earth we love...salmon fishing, perch fishing, trout fishing...whatever it is and unfortunately there are those that exploit our love. It really boils down to two questions: If not us, then who? If not now, when? That's my pitch guys and I may know something about it as well, catching these exploiter is my profession as well but not in NY. Good luck guys and enjoy the outdoors we all love.
  6. One well placed shot below the waterline....a long way back to the dock....more fish structure...jackwagon loses his boat...we win twice!
  7. See my post from yesterday for a starting point. I was there a few days ago and my program put fish in the boat. Good luck.
  8. See my post from yesterday for a starting point if you go to Cayuga. It was one of many tickets for catching fish just a few days ago. Good luck.
  9. Haven't been on in a while but I'm finally back fishing and thought I'd post the last trip to Cayuga. Laker action was pretty good. Zero dipseys back 170 over 50 to 80 feet of water on #3 setting was the ticket. We boated 18 lakers 9 over 8lbs and a Boone and Crocket lamprey...we killed him. All the fish went back. My Dad was tired of reeling by the end of the trip. Here are two of the lot. One question to the sagely folks here. In a few weeks when the lakers get deep, if I catch them deeper and as the water warms does it kill them? I've often wondered if I'm returning fish to the water that will die anyway. Any fish biologist out there with a good answer?
  10. Not to jump on the pile but we caught a bullhead today (8/7) on a stinger spoon in 90 feet of water...Cayuga was rolling today with a few 3 footers. Hoping it lays down and tomorrow am will be better.
  11. A smart man told me once to get more than you think you will need....sheds, garages, trolling motors fall into that category as well. Probably will not find a 12 volt much bigger than 50-55 lb thrust. I have a 80 lb Terrova and it is by far worth the money. It is a 24 volt motor and will easily last all day with the two batteries. It has even got me off Ontario 4 miles out after the big motor failed to run. If you have the space I would definitely go with a 24 (two battery) system but I can spend other people's money pretty easy. Good luck.
  12. Have been away for awhile and looking for some information around Dean's Cove launch. Fleas bad, some starting points, colors etc... I have read many posts while I was wishing I was fishing. Rain or wind I will be fishing the next couple of days. Thanks for the info in advance.
  13. I'm looking to add some new lures to my spread and wondering about some favorites. I have a lot (relativly speaking) of michigan stingers in many colors but looking for some "sleepers" for Seneca, Keuka and Cayuga. I also have some flies in green/white, green/blue, green/silver, blue/silver. I have some Spin Dr.'s in green/silver, blue/silver, straight green. I have done very well with Kevorkian on Cayuga a little later in the year, any blue or green colors in hammered finish on Seneca and Keuka the same as Seneca. I keep hearing about this Seneca Ghost but can't seem to find it (don't know brand). Hoping for some personal favorites and if it doesn't catch fish...that's fishing.
  14. Man...nice fish. I'm still in the perch catching phase but after seeing a load of those I just might have to get the trollin' stuff out!
  15. Drove to Keuka today and fished with a friend in his boat. While I was waiting for him to arrive the guys at the docks in Hammondsport were doing ok, watched a guy in a boat have a triple on lakers. Tried the perch but they are still deep or scattered or wherever. We caught 2 slobs in 35' and 1 about 10 in 18 feet. They sure were finikey today. Below is my picture of all the ones I caught...yep, skunks out! Even though it was cold and a little windy it was great to be out. There were tons of Buffleheads and a few Redheads out as well. Just a nice day to be on the water!
  16. Looks like the salt plant is still there...nice fish
  17. I have a Lowrance HDS 10 with side scan/down scan. It works best in 35' of water and shallower for definition...not that it doesn't work deeper. It gives really good information in deeper water like how big left to right a school of fish or bait is, if looking top down where the fish is (port or starboard side), it widens your scan area etc. best item I've bought in terms of putting more fish in the boat, IMO. That being said, some folks like, some don't. I am still learning all the functions a year later. If you like to bass fish, it will look under docks...at least mine does. Hope this helps.
  18. Folks I'm envious, took a change in position at work for three months, July, August and September, only home Saturday and part of Sunday, so no fishing at all. I have not lost a thing (this year anyway) because I can't fish. Did some fishing early in the year though. Next time I'm going by Seneca, Keuka or Cayuga I'll throw 50 bucks in the water...at least it may feel like I'm fishing!
  19. Just my two cents about gps, maps and sonar....trust the sonar, use the maps as a guide. There is built in error for non military gps and consequently you are not where it says. You will be close but I have seen the error be as much as 120 feet or more one way or the other. navionics is pretty good and will help you ID structure and underwater features which is really what you need. Spend the money on the best sonar unit your money will buy and build on it. It took me over a year but I have a Lowrance HDS 10 and side scan sonar...worth every penny. It has made me a much better fisherman all the way around. I am running a navionics platinum chip and use it to "preview" where I want to fish. Just my program, hope it helps.
  20. Looking for some thoughts on some tackle in my boat that doesn't get used much. If you were fishing Seneca or Cayuga does anyone fish J-plugs or flat fish in any fashion (on dipsey's or flat lining etc.). What about cowbells? They don't get used cause the spoons have worked pretty good and feel proficient with them...F/F are another story...so all sages I am listening.....
  21. I tie all my spoon to swivels...mostly for line twist and quick changes...IMO speed, current, lure size etc. have more to do with lure action than swivels but before I get crucified I admit that it does contribute some but not a lot
  22. Could've let some of that rub off on me on the way by this morning (I was in the Crestliner). Glad to hear you did well. The southern end was polluted with fish on our way through as well.
  23. The closer to the Glen the water temp was in the 58ish range...by the time we got to Glenora it was like 61...the wind was really blowing between like 6am and 9am and the thermocline was all over the place depending on the depth of the water....so sayeth the HDS 10...I don't mind getting skunked but to get up at 0300 and get skunked well, that's another story.
  24. Well, it happens to all of us sometime or another...got skunked today. Left PA at 0330 and got to launch at Watkins at 0515. Fished up the west side, all six rods out from 30-60...nothing. Stinger spoons off dipseys and downriggers. About 0800 wind was getting pretty good so crossed the lake and fished the east side until about 1130...nothing. Switched all my gear to f/f deep (108 Walkers back 280 and riggers to 100, 90, 80, 70...nothing (no big surprise there). Tried a flat fish off a 108 walker diver...nothing. The wind settled down around 1000 and the sun was shining. I added some pics below of all the fish....you guess it...nothing. Did have fun though. Seneca can be a fickle girl sometimes...but that's fishing.
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