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  1. wow. those kings are getting dark colored. Can't believe they have not started to stack-up yet.
  2. Looks like things are picking up. Great job of the catch.
  3. Maybe I'm a little slow sometimes, but, I have never heard anyone talk about mopping a rig. Can someone explain please?
  4. Is the boat still for sale, and when and where can it be seen?
  5. Still have the boat, and when and where can it be seen?
  6. Do you still have the boat, and when can we see it?
  7. OK everyone, if there was one spoon for steelies you would never leave the dock without, what would that spoon be? As well, what set up would you never leave the dock without for lake trout? Do you use a flasher/dodger when trolling for spring browns, steelies?
  8. This year was nothing like last year, keep an ear out on how things are running and pick a week with good wind ( if the weatherman can get it right though) next year. Looking forward to spring browns.
  9. So bumpy Sat it was no fun. Pulled boat for the winter, back up in the spring for browns and steels.
  10. WayoftheGun, 2.1 to 2.3 is what I shoot for and seems to work best for me.
  11. At this time of year, don't worry about the temp, we fished the marks. Everything we set out was between 50 to 90 down in 85 to 105 fow. Dipsey's seem to be doing the trick, but throw the sink at them.
  12. Sat. was great day on the lake. 4 for 5. 1 on rigger hammer/hammer 90 fow 75 down. 1 on copper SD Mt.dew/white 95 fow. 2 on dipsey 2.5 200 and 225 90 fow SD white w/green dots/yellow. speed, 1.9 - 2.4. We run out to 140 fow, marked a few but stayed in 85-105 where we marked the most fish. Marked lots of bait as well. Stacking up for sure, next few weeks should be even better.
  13. a couple weeks ago the weather jerk called for 1-2's, ended up being 4-6's.
  14. Bo dan den, it should be a good weekend, hopefully a smokin weekend, will be up there Friday & Sat.
  15. Weatherman has been wrong several times in the past month. I think he likes to see people stack up like fish and not head out.
  16. How has the afternoon and evening bits been, or looking for next week?
  17. P3434, that fish is looking fairly bark, but a nice fish though.
  18. Nice Mr. Clean Won't be back up until 29th for 4 days. Sat. was just to rough for us.
  19. freespirit1, how in the world did you fish Sat. Rough going out there. Not for me in 4-6's. Was at Mexico point boat launch @ 5:30 and only seen one person unload boat, the rest said "not today".
  20. NO fishing yesterday, calling for 1-2's and ended up being 4-6's. Most people at Mexico never even took the boat of the trailer.
  21. I got a question for everyone. When tying flies or spoons to the back of flashers, how far back should they be? I was told about 24" from the flasher, but this seems a little far. Your thoughts? Also, I was told it is not a good idea to use a flasher on the copper, is that true?
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