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  1. Lol..... use it as a trolling weight??? Readjust the fins?
  2. At this point I would check the integrity of the hull.
  3. Well, I know that coolers are to be locked in cars etc...never thought of changing clothing;) but it makes great sense! Usually I would keep my "bbq" in a garbage bag in a tent. This year I'm taking my 26ft trailer. Just wanted to ask for opinions. I also have a big marine air horn.
  4. 100 ft, bear is starting to charge... What would you pick?
  5. Last year while camping in a tent up north we almost got eaten by a bear with two cubs. same year I said that's it.for camping by myself with a 3 year old in a tent. I will be going there this Friday, what should I take for my protection? I'm not trigger happy and don't hunt. Just shooting cans. If I could avoid shooting one, I would take that route-but safety first. options are: Mossberg 30-06 bolt mag cap 5 Remmington 870, long barrel pump slugs SKS 7.62x39 semi 5 mag cap FMJ Ruger 10-22LR for mosquitoes; ) don't really want to get into a debate, ballistics, shape, powder amount etc.... Pick one.
  6. Its either the fuse or there is a short somewhere and that's why the fuse will not reset. disconnect pump and see if the fuse works first.
  7. http://news.ca.msn.com/local/britishcolumbia/bc-man-reels-in-28-kilogram-chinook-salmon
  8. What kind of boat? Little info on steering? Outboard?
  9. Well guys, i opted for Radial tires. Went to a GoodYear place that is close to my work and spoke to the guy(i have dealt with him few times already) for a few minutes over a coffee and a smoke:) He showed me tires that he had that were identical size to the 5.3-12 Carlisle ones i had on my trailer. They are Goodyear Club tires, size is 155/80/r12. Load rating is 908lbs each so i dont think i will have any issues. My tin boat could ride on one of those:) I just didn't want to go with the Bias tires anymore. Will see how they hold up Cheers!
  10. How long did the marathons last?
  11. LongLine: tnx, never thought of that.
  12. My buddy is a pilot for Air Canada, I met him 10 years ago when I installed granite in his cottage and the boathouse. We have been friends.ever since;) Coming back to fishing topic, we caught about 15 smallmouths, all in 2lb +/- size Again, no fish caught while trolling.
  13. I will be replacing mine.very.soon, probably this week. I will be going with Goodyear Marathons
  14. Well, its a second day and we.caugh an eight inch.smallmouth. Tried lures, flies, worms, jigging. NOTHING! The weather is bad though, 14 degrees, 35km/h wind. My FF was showing 75degrees water surface.temp. Good we hAve.other means of scouting out the fish
  15. not simulator mode for sure;) I know there is Walleye here;)
  16. didn't get a single bite, but..... are these fish?????
  17. I will be fishing Lake Muskoka. I caught a 22lb northern there few years back and a nice sized walleye. Both fish of the dock wirh live bait. Sent from my Lenovo P770 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  18. I will be going away to my friends cottage for the weekend and wonder what I can use out of my "big O" arsenal. It consists of about 70 spoons, some green flies and plugs. What colors would work? I also have about 15 rapala bait sticks. Lake is fairly deep and has pike, trout, walleye etc.. I will be using dipseys
  19. Beautiful Girl, all the best!!!!! Sent from my Lenovo P770 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  20. K Gonefishin: you're full of **** about crestliner. Sent from my Lenovo P770 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  21. Dude, I always hated kids and never wanted to have any. ........ And then came my daughter.... best thing ever that happened to me! Congrats! And as somebody said, they grow too fast:( Sent from my Lenovo P770 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
  22. Cool boat!!!!! Sent from my Lenovo P770 using Lake Ontario United mobile app
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