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  1. If you really are desperate to catch a walleye 2-3 hours is nothing to travel to find decent fishing.....the secret to walleyes is WORK!
  2. I see them working the points on the west side everyday when im walleye trolling and they do like fast moving cranks!
  3. I fished otisco the last two weekends but the two before that I did very well just north the bouys near shackleton shoals trolling perch color magnum wally divers down 20-24 ft in 35 ft of water gps speed 2.8. The eyes are much bigger in otisco!!
  4. I launch from Otisco Lake Campground and Marina. It is on otisco valley road on the south end, I go there because I can get a slip and a cabin for 4 for the weekend for 160 dollars. Launch is $9 but if you get a $10 slip launch is free if your staying over. They have tent and rv camping also. Ill be headed up friday morn about 430. Ill let you know how I make out.
  5. Nice catch! Im from binghamton also and fish otisco primarily havent braved erie or ontario yet.
  6. Wondered how you made out? I picked up 1 tiger last sunday (40") and 1 wed (38") walleye trolling on the west side on the points between the causeway and ladder point on deep diving sticks.
  7. Ive been doing well on otisco lake for eyes but was thinking of trying the chippewa bay area this weekend any advice? Im set up to troll with boards and downriggers and prefer cranks to harnesses but whatever works!
  8. I made 4 trips to whitney point this year as i live in binghamton, and other than the first trip its been terrible. The first trip produced many walleye but only 2 that barely made 18 inches and several decent bass. Goto Otisco the fishing might be a little slow but the average walleye are 4 lbs. Try the west shore south of ladder point fish about 50 feet and down bout 25. Troll worm harnesses and natural perch colored cranks. I caught 3 nice eyes yesterday and 2 accidental bass. Last week had 2 tigers 38 and 40 inches to go with 3 walleyes.
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